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  1. You need the cover replacement kit. Unfortunately Coolheat only has XTR option in stock (don't think it will fit XT) Shimano SLM9100 R/H CASE COVER UNIT I think you would be looking for the Shimano SLM8100 R/H CASE COVER UNIT
  2. Trinity Cycles is Still in Hartbeespoort town (by French Toast) and Cycles2U moved to a shop opposite the entrance to Peacanwood. Both will help out gladly
  3. Eric does the Cheese tours now. He can get some serious speed in that wheel chair 🙂
  4. Victor is running it now since Eric's accident. As @Thug said he you knew the old VG then the new signs are a massive improvement. He is just struggling to keep up with some weed eating. Concentrated on the river section last week and was looking a lot better on Sat.
  5. Sorry to hear you got lost and got punctures. To answer your question how to get to waverider without going along the 'Edge of the field" you can do the following: 1. Ride as if you are going to the concrete strips. When at the very base of the concrete strips instead of going left and up the strips go right and off the end where the strips end, you will see about 5 meters further a single track going left up the hill (basically opp direction to going up the strips". The will take you to single track (purple signs) which will eventually go along the top of the ridge (lands on the right but you are on a ridge). This single track takes you to the start of waverider. Stay off pomphuis at the moment. loads of devil thorns at the moment. Must have collected over 30 in my tires a week ago. To get to baboons, there is 2 ways. You can take what your map calls "Baboon 1". You turn off the district road go through the gate at the guard house, then go all the way up to the greek church. We tend to start the river keeping to the left track and go up to the Greek church via what your map calls "Greek Church 1" and "Greek Church 2". Again go right up to the Greek Church. Once at the Greek Church you have to look for the Red sign that says Baboons. Bit hard to see due to the growth but if you stand at the boma looking towards the dam, the Baboons track is to your left through an gate and up the hill. As you go through the gate keep to the right.
  6. Van Gaalens depends on where you ride will be fine. River is OUT, but the Valley and Meims is ok. Also the Greek Church area is ok. Dumped Rain yesterday but 2 days of sunshine should be ok except the River. Even the District Road yesterday was mud. Hennops, even better for no mud. Just takes 1 day to dry and 95% ok. Ale House is close to both so Pizza and Beer can be on the cards afterwards
  7. At the bottom of the frame there is a QR code and its serial number - This is the correct serial number, but as mine is a sticker it has already started fading from washing after 6 months. You will have to cover it with clear plastic coating like the stuff you use to protect the frame. I could not find any way to register the bike for south africa, and the link sent is for Australia, of which you can't select Gauteng, or Western cape in the drop down, so I doubt it can be used. I do know warranty is done through your LBS and it goes to the below people in South Africa CYTEK CYCLE DISTRIBUTOR CC Headquarters: South Africa Phone: +27-21-8520509 Fax: +27-21-8519562 info@merida.co.za
  8. Swift01

    Attakwas 2022

    Let me know when, You never know I may pop along with a cooler box of cold beers to help with your hydration......
  9. Hi, I have the i-flow with the white blue (T1932) head unit. I am also lucky to have a separate laptop with a full licence running (not connected to the internet anymore), so my trainer is working well during lockdown. Saying that the guys without a licence may want to look into these 2 guys solutions. The FortiousAnt one was quite a nice simply solution that enables you to connect to Zwift. Basically takes the USB cable data from the headunit and converts it to Ant+. You can also run in manual mode with the up down buttons to increase and decrease power. I had success connecting to zwift and did 3 rides. I felt the power calibration was not right though. They have improved it more, but being the older i-flow brake unit, I don't think mine is 100% compatible. They do support the i-magic and Fortious. They are also very helpful if you email them. https://github.com/WouterJD/FortiusANT This guy built a physical unit to run in manual mode or connect to zwift where he also converts the power from the USB cable to ANT+. Really liked his solution, but you have to build it yourself. He used a garmin speed/cadence sensor so it was really just the power that he had to convert to ANT+ http://www.timetriallingforum.co.uk/index.php?/topic/131123-old-tacx-flow-into-smart-trainer/&tab=comments#comment-1871046 Hope this helps breath new life into the old trainers that Tacx is no longer willing to help with.
  10. I have just used them for a claim. Previously they were I-Cycle which were great. I made a small mistake with the new wording when they changed over to compendium. Previously on I-Cycle it was a minimum amount like R750 for excess or 10% of the value of the claim. Now my new claim 2 years later it is now 10% of the claim or of my bike is worth over R30k then min R2000. So my R4090 claim I got R2090. If I have my bike stolen it will be 10% of the value of the Claim and they also state for theft/highjack it will be 10% of claim cumulative to the basic excess. This is a huge change over what I-Cycle used to offer. Currently looking around for a new insurance.
  11. Awesome event made even better with the new timing system. There is a rock 1/3 of the way down SP1 which I now OWN... Can't say I bought some land as I only hit 1 rock. Was told to Ice my cheek by the GF when I got home. I seems putting a cold beer against it was the wrong option Great banter in between stages as per usual. Well done to everyone fast and slow (then there is me, even slower).
  12. Yip that sealant change was me thanx for the help had to walk/jog back up the hill from the end of SP5. Was great cross training ha ha. When I got down SP3 there was 3 bikes after me with punctures. One guys tire looked like a thorn tree after they put all the worms in to seal the tire. I think 4-5 separate holes.
  13. Does that car have back seats
  14. I think it is called SP2. Only done it once but when you do the district road climb and you get to the top where has both ridges on either side, you would branch left to go to SP1 and SP5. If you turned right you go further up the hill and SP2 is at the top but to the left (right is SP4 or something like that). rouxtjie explain better please.........
  15. Not a chance, bringing the intense this weekend...... right tires for the job, can even ride over rocks and barb wire But there like a bear. Kerry wants to ride peppercorns so bring your hiking shoes, smokes and beer money, cause that is quite a climb out on the big travel
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