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  1. I like the engineering in their bikes. Congrats on another award
  2. Dalton's law on partitial pressures could be used with air situations although it is intended for gas mixtures that do not have a gas constant. Since air is a known mixture and the ratio of oxygen to nitrogen and argon does not vary significantly within the livable band of the atmosphere, Boyles law works just fine. But using dalton does sound more impressive
  3. When you examine the area Under the Hr curves and Power curves you will see that the HR curve actually shows the Work done quite effectlively for post ride analysis. Where the short coming is that the change in HR to load lags where the power meter is shows the change according to the smoothing profile you select which inevitably will be quicker than for HR. For this reason some people think its more accurate or delivers better results. Where i find the POWer meter helps is during certain types of interval repeats where the fatigue is more easily spotted as your power curve will start to trend lower quicker. its for this reason that I actually do most of my intervals on an indoor trainer with a power meter. On the road as a pacing tool its not nearly as effectiveand compares to an HR or power calculator bike computer. On the road its really nice to have because of terrain variability. Where its really effective on the orad is when using the same stretch of road for hill repeats or repetive intervals where the rest period is very short (2-4min). Otherwise, its just a nice flashy toy that dazzles other cyclists into wheelsucking your perceived superiority.
  4. can we lock this thread till everyone has read up on Boyles Law?
  5. doesn't sound like she's too fond of you... I'd sleep with an eye open next time she comes to visit. When she arrives at your place does she say thing like: "oh Myles honey, I'm so surprised to see you!"? or "Oh Myles my son my son, so wonderful you're still alive and healthy!"...? watch that one with eagle eyes I tell you
  6. If you're considering a system with a compressible fluid then some sort of gas constant is required. Its not as simple as p=F/A but for purpose of illustrating the concept its fine. There will be more force available hence why a larger volume can support the same weight at a lower pressure
  7. geeez 10 days hey....!? That should be a weight lss motivating factor. get out and ride more and the time passes by by quicker
  8. so much for the 29er being better suited to fast rolling courses. Just up the chainring size Nino
  9. where they came has got NOTHING to do with the FACT they shouldn't have been there (the Tokai Mast access raod) in the first place Traversing from an open area to a closed one does not make it right. I know its Monday, and cold so maybe you're taking a little while to get going
  10. Understanding is that Tokai arboretum and plantation is closed till further notice. Hence if you got to the tar road going to the mast you've encroached on the closed area, no matter where you started from
  11. I won't be buying it from cool heat. Crc here comes my money
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