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  1. Ah, makes sense ... Looks like it's just a different colourway to Sarrou's. Both have SID/Brain branding and look like they could be 120mm
  2. Ey? It's as clear as day. Going through all the images from day 1 the brain is visible on the bike in a few images. You perhaps mean that they're not running the internal setup and routing?
  3. Loving the ebike coverage, even the equipment bags are paired down compared to when they had those 3D things. Chest and helmet cam with onboard stabilisation, brilliant. Love the commentary option, agree about the link feed, but I'm sure it's something they'll work out. Today's stage they had some good clear comms with Stefan when he was with the Lill/Strauss pairing. Perhaps due to being closer to the race village. I saw on one of the CE feeds they mentioned they're utilising Vodacom 4G for much of the bandwidth and signal coverage. A couple of the TV/photographers (myself included) used to hate the ebike camera as we'd often capture them in footage and that bloody 360 camera sticks out like a sore thumb. Especially in stills, drove me mental.
  4. I remember that year, we'd missed that section in the media ride to get ahead of the group another colleague and his moto rider rerouted riders away from the hives. Actually impressed at Epic's media setup, especially this year. It's a high end ecosystem and integration. Besides all the logistics around working with all the external media across all platforms, they also have their own internal team of permanent and contract media staff. To co-ordinate helicopters, OB, ebike with camera/audio, route motos and then produce both a live and highlights package on deadline is damn impressive. And on top of that with 4G and Youtube/FB as a viewing platform. All on top of a number photographic and digital media services.
  5. Commentators and social feed said stomach cramps.
  6. We don't know if it was a tummy bug or an issue with something he ate or drank. Let's not be drama mongers.
  7. Same, although I didn't check the stock Lubretta lube tbh. Just stuck with my regular stuff, Smoove. Will get another two to keep a wet lube in, truthfully this is just so that I can label them as Aweh Moist and Nie Moist.
  8. Still processing this, community has had a *** couple of weeks. Dwayne Senior and Oakpics did beautiful memorial pieces. https://www.facebook.com/dwaynesenior/posts/10159531478752317?comment_id=10159531970772317&notif_id=1634578617141158&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic&ref=notif https://fb.watch/8KbtK4NFmZ/
  9. Not entirely true, Cape Epic audience figures and media metric are some of the highest globally. Yesterday's prologue currently exceeds 70k, today's stage 1 has just over 40k. Plus theres the international broadcaster stats from around the world and highlights packages. CE publish these regularly and all sponsors receive a comprehensive measurement report. Also we're comparing two different organisations and discipline's here.
  10. Bought two, one for home and another that sits in a go bag. Topped them both up with my regular lube. No complaints and a useful timesaver in the morning, especially if forgetting to lube up the night before.
  11. Pretty much in most aspects, but dead is relative. It's still a tyre size found on plenty kids, youth and smaller size bikes. Interestingly there's been a resurgence of 26r over the last year as people have been pulling out their old bikes from storage. This has led to some manufacturers/brands increasing percentage on stock.
  12. Some critical remarks by the CT Freewheeling podcast crew on this recently.
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