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  1. Live interview at African Icons event; https://www.facebook.com/share/v/hAHMzmYdzerW4tLK/?mibextid=WC7FNe
  2. Good enough brand, Western Cape based and they're quite transparent about the open mould process for the frames. But that contributes to the better pricing and having looked them over the framesets are of decent quality. Was originally started off by two mates as a side hustle/passion project, more recently post covid the brand was bought by someone else and they upped the offering with custom painjobs. Apparently there is also a gravel bike in the pipeline.
  3. Aahh ok, even me 🙈 … but I’ve not touched a road event in anger in ages either. Agree with what you say about the SAS board as well, and the newer ones are a much improved sizing too. Which could work just as well on the seatpost I’m sure.
  4. Try these; Leenert.VanDerMerwe@garmin.com 0861 427 646
  5. Have you tried their direct office line? (011) 251-9999
  6. Seen/done similar with an offcut of innertube or heat-shrink. Looks neat and can be forgotten about.
  7. Hot soapy water and a good scrub, always worked for me.
  8. Sad that it should take something like this 😕
  9. Yes exactly, and with generic prices varying. One can still come in relatively cost effective with better options for gearing, particularly for MS. One is not locked into any brand’s cassettes either. Which leaving out XD. Using Deore as an example, yes the older ones are just over 1k, while the newer MS compatible Deore is nearly double. But with a ten tooth and still relatively cost effective across the board. Which ultimately is the balance what Droo was driving at I think by suggesting MS, not to speak on his behalf.
  10. Eh? No it does not has to be. XT isn’t one piece. Deore is as cost effective as anything else, as is NX/SX non series. Sunrace cassettes, etc.
  11. Both online and lbs. Shops I’ve been to have. Ie Sunrace. Point is there are options available.
  12. Not true, there’s a range of generic options available for both microspline and XD.
  13. Here's another spanner, Curve Kevin. Columbus tubing and an absolute joy to ride. Kev Benky represents them here. Alternatively you could go for local bespoke build with Mercer and your customer would have a bike for life.
  14. Unfortunately no MTB options as yet, although they are busy with the release of a gravel option.
  15. Those do look good, something a bit different. As far as the Silverback goes, I was also going to point to that as an option. Another consideration is the Trek Pro Cal
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