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  1. Nice insightful bit of post race interview from Hatherly here; https://fb.watch/6_oRQn9oGP/
  2. Reality is that he hasn't actually done anything illegal ito usage, just reshared their social content. Isn't even really advertising a trip "hopefuly" isn't even an indication of planning. There's literally no association between the two, implied or otherwise. So I don't see why GMBN would bother with this. Anyway, quite likely GMBN are aware of this thread though. Well they are.
  3. One of sport administration's worst failures and a complete betrayal of care to the athlete. I'm certain this played a large role in Rissved's break from the sport.
  4. If there is an outstanding criminal investigation of fraud, surely threatening legal action for defamation is kinda counter intuitive ... ?
  5. Not really an opinion shared by most. They aren’t “all the kids” it’s family, and riders spend very little time with them during the season and none during the event for at least four weeks. If you as a sponsor have the attitude of I pay your salary so dance monkey and zero respect or understand/value of family. Then I’d say shove your salary, as a sports fan seeing your brand, then I’d say squeeze your product somewhere as clearly the values and ethics don’t align.
  6. A good piece in 06 July by Jose Been - https://cyclingtips.com/2021/07/tdf-rumor-mill-peter-sagan-will-join-team-totalenergies/?fbclid=IwAR1AxHuJm1kFAGqwnvdJsSW9ffIbuBouf5_ZoeHzuRK5UgMq4j_XIo4O0pM
  7. As you know, they are an optional accessory. Long as he remembers the majesty of your pipes!
  8. Want me to send it to you .....
  9. @Hairy on a Davidson are you triggered? ARE YOU! .... it's only a bmw fat bob
  10. That's why they come with tassles on the bars, motion indicators.
  11. There are a lot of emerging economies have the ability and resources. It's about building on those and it's slowly happening. SA as an emerging economy is well ahead of a number of 1st world nations in UCI standings. Bravo. Hence "very few"
  12. That looked blady painful 😁
  13. Very few riders if any actually feature at their first tour. This is a fact. Nic's journey to le Tour is pretty remarkable considering his background comparing it to other regions isn't really a fair or accurate representation. Africa as a continent has some complex history and regional dynamics to overcome, I don't see them being held to a lower standard nor being treated as second tier athletes. By the same token it's a pretty lazy generalisation by saying "western media" especially since many of the outlets are actually coming round to the reportage on riders like Nic. He also captured the support of many a fan on that stage, there's some amazing visuals from the Grubers with spectators running alongside Nic and encouraging him on. Nobody is celebrating mediocrity but rather encouraging progress towards a broader cycling scene. Does the messaging often come over as contrived, sure it does but for the most part it is moving forward. It's a long game. And if we're going to infer idealogical attitudes we can bring up a number of teams with questionable sponsorships.
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