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  1. I am looking forward to my first TB this year! Sadly I don't have a lift back from Jeffreys for myself, my bike and stuff back to Cape Town. If there is anyone who might have a spot open please let me know!
  2. Hi guys, thank you all for the response, Olympic cycles have said they will let me know if their supplier has stock, I'll contact them again tomorrow and definitely give Cycle Tecnix a call! Enjoy your cycling! Be safe
  3. Good day from Cape Town I am a proud owner of a Silverback bike and would like to know if any of you guys would know where I can get my hands on a Silverback jersey in the Cape Town Area please! I would love to get my hands on one, I was told that only team riders get them by a cycling shop here, yesterday a guy passed me wearing one If the case is that only team riders get them, I'll need to up my game Hope you guys can shed some light on this topic. Thanks in advance...
  4. Good day from Cape Town my fellow cycling enthusiasts! I moved to Cape Town some 4 months ago from Bloemfontein and all I can say is WOW! Best move ever! I'm into XC Mountain Biking and loving it! Keep shredding those trails! Cheers
  5. Sadly only 27.5, for now hopefully, I too only saw that after I made this post, my bad, it probably means the Crossmark II has been released recently. I did contact them with regards to 29ers. I will keep you posted!
  6. Hi Guys, does anyone have an idea when the Maxxis Crossmark 2 (http://www.maxxis.com/catalog/tire-505-121-crossmark-ii) will hit South African shores, or has it already, and I am just looking in the wrong places? I love my Crossmark tires and would love to give the new Crossmark 2's a go! Thanks ST
  7. Barhugger thank you for your reply! That link is the website I used in the first place to set up my saddle height the confusion began with wikihow when I wanted to see how and when to adjust my seat forward or backward and whether it should be level etc.
  8. Hi Guys, Could any of you please shed some light on how to set up the height of a mountain bike seat? I have taken the measurement of my inner leg. I am a bit confused, one website suggest you multiply your inseam measurement by 1.09 to get the measurement to adjust your seat height too, another website suggest you take 10cm off of what you have measured and that is your correct seat height. Thank you in advance!!
  9. Thank you No Hare, Dazshell!! I took everything back to where I bought it today, they tested it, opened the battery pack and yes the wiring came off on the little pc board! They soldered it, secured it properly! I couldn't wait to go test it this evening and yes it works fine now!
  10. Hi guys, I got myself a Speed Master 1000 Lumen light a while back and I am very happy with it! For some or other reason I connected the battery to the light without using it, as far as I know it was charged, I usually disconnect everything when not in use. This afternoon I mounted the light with the battery to my bike, tested the light it didn't work, I fiddled with connection tested it again and it worked with the button green meaning the battery is full. I went out, by the time I needed the headlight it was dead. I got home totally baffled. I kept trying the light, its still not working, I connected the battery to the charger to see if its gone flat, the light on the charger is not even illuminated, no red light does this mean my battery is shot? Could it have gone flat beyond recovery while connected to the headlight without me using the light? I was thinking of leaving it connected to the charger to see if the light will eventually illuminate from red to green. Any help will be appreciated, Thank you
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