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Found 19 results

  1. Hi All What is the best to wear as a base layer under cycling top for winter cycling. I sweet a lot, normally end up with a soaked top on the climbs and then cold on the down hill section followed by 2 weeks off with a chest cold. any advice.
  2. Hi there. We are doing market research for our NEW CYCLING APPAREL BRAND called "Salt Move". We will be making cycling couture for Men and Women and would like some feedback on what you guys prefer to wear. Please see the Monkey Survey link below with only 4 multiple choice questions. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HB2ZR35 Your feedback is much appreciated!
  3. Hi Hubbers, Does anyone know who the current supplier or retailer is for Northwave. Shoes / socks /apparel ect. Any bike shops that stock their products and is there a demand for Northwave in South Africa? Your thoughts?
  4. I'm transitioning more and more into the trail / enduro (if you could call anything Enduro in GP) side of riding, and as a result I'm looking at getting some new kit to offer me a bit more protection from flora and my weekly meetings the ground (I love me a good front-wheel washout!). I'm currently using: Old bib shortFitted lycra road/XC type shirtNormal casual cargo short over bib While this doesn't work too bad, there are a few annoyances with this setup. The cargo short gets soaked with sweat pretty quickly that doesn't want to evaporate and rides down continuously as I transition between sitting and standing. Also, the toight XC shirt looks a bit dof with the baggy short and is pretty flimsy (easily gets caught on branches / shrubbery and offers no protection). Now, I've been scouring online shops and bike shops, but can't justify spending R1200+ on a short and shirt that I wear once / twice a week (****, I can't justify it even if I wore it every bloody day), that is most likely going to get damaged / dirt stained pretty quickly. Any suggestions on cheap alternatives to "proper" mtb kit? I've got a few pairs of bibs that I'm happy to wear with a second layer of clothing on top, so don't need to really worry about shorts being padded. Open to suggestions / opinions. TL:DR How do you look like this: With a budget of this:
  5. Aurora

    Maap Clothing

    Hi All, I am looking at getting some of this kit as I love the way it looks but am unable to test fit any to see if they are as good as they look. Anybody have any reviews?
  6. FCH


    Hey guys, been trawling through a few sports shops of late; and noticed that socks are getting thicker and thicker. Even within the running sock section, everything seems to be thick weaved; with all sorts of fancy extra sections and extra furry patches! Now I have pretty wide feet up front, finding half numbers for shoes in SA is not all that simple, so now you end up with a shoe that nearly fits perfectly.... Untill you put on those socks. Pressure spots all over. Any suggestions on where or who still makes just standard thinly weaved sports socks (yes I know they will probably not last as long, but my dog is not discriminating between which socks she destroys anyway)
  7. Some advice please - I am considering purchasing some custom cycling gear for myself, staff and customers and would like to know who you (all) consider to be the best quality local supplier (price is not necessarily a factor). Also, I am a big guy so am particularly interested in a decent bib (currently using Pearl Izumi and Specialized).
  8. Good day from Cape Town I am a proud owner of a Silverback bike and would like to know if any of you guys would know where I can get my hands on a Silverback jersey in the Cape Town Area please! I would love to get my hands on one, I was told that only team riders get them by a cycling shop here, yesterday a guy passed me wearing one If the case is that only team riders get them, I'll need to up my game Hope you guys can shed some light on this topic. Thanks in advance...
  9. Hi everyone I got given a Cannondale Blend bib as used by the old racing team before they became USN. Its an awesome bib with great fit and chamois. I want to get more but I have no idea who produced these or where I can get hold of more. Even if they are not branded. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. Ftech introduces their new socks These socks have been described as not only "very comfortable and breathable" but also "durable". Price: R100 a pair Two colour schemes: Black or white To purchase your own you can visit the Events Online Store: http://onlineshop.asgevents.co.za/shirt/ftech-socks/
  11. I had no idea how to title this. as mentioned, this shiny "silky" material that pro riders shirts seem to made of, is there a specific name for it? or do different brands make/have their own? I'd like some shirts made and if possible, use said material, but I have no clue what to tell cycling clothing manufacturers what I'm looking for
  12. I know buy cycles used to have a few bit a couple of years ago but I'm wondering who is the importers or if anyone has seen any Decca kit in CT or even SA at the moment.
  13. Two and a half years ago, my brother introduced me to cycling. Since then the sport has changed my life for the better in so many ways. One day, while riding the awesome Tygerberg Trails in the Hills of Durbanville, I decided to establish a clothing brand that all my friends and fellow riders could relate to. Click here to view the article
  14. Since I can remember, I've had a passion to design and expressing my creative side. It all started by cutting out hand-drawn stencils. Using spray and fabric paint I applied stencils onto canvases and blank T's I never used to wear. Friends raved about my designs, so I decided to have some of them printed and they started to selling. Keeping it clean, simple and effective, inspired by the people who ride for the sake of it, the idea of Dirt Apparel was born. I decided to take my time doing research, testing products and improving them. Dirt Apparel was kept off the grid for two years. I eventually sourced the perfect fabric, perfected the fit, perfected the printing method and colour schemes all to ensure quality and durability. Being 110% satisfied with everything, I launched Dirt Apparel on the day our Daughter was born, 1st of July 2014. The brand has shown amazing growth thanks to all the support from the public and our sellers. We strive to produce and supply the finest and freshest cycling apparel and casual wear out there. Whether you're into simple MTW, downhill MTB, Cross-Country, Enduro, Freeride, BMX, Fixed wheel or Road cycling, we hope you find something you like. Our Apparel is aimed at anyone that owns a bicycle. All of our products are made 100% in South Africa. We're going to be adding new designs regularly so please keep a look-out on the Dirt Apparel page and website. Check us out on: Instagram: @dirtapparel Twitter: @dirtapparelZA Facebook: facebook.com/dirtapparel Website: www.dirtapparel.co.za (currently undergoing construction) Email: dirtapparelstore@gmail.com The Dirt Apparel range is currently available from the following stores: http://www.sportsworld.co.za/ pinned.co.za Garden Route Trail Park Cafe (Knsyna)
  15. Went shopping for gloves this weekend and thought that a nice day-glow colour for the gloves will also help when giving hand signals in the traffic. In 3 cycle shops could not find anything but a little red or blue but mostly the gloves are black with grey and whitetops. Do you get such items or is it a fashion thing with the colour range changing every year.
  16. This festive season, give a gift that means a little bit more. Gifts from Me to Me, Him to Her, Her to Him and from Santa with Love.
  17. ASG EVENTS ARE CLEARING STOCK - ALL ITEMS MUST GO!!! Limited stock available Shipping excluded No exchanges / refunds on these sale items Available while stocks last Made by Ftech in Italy (see size chart) Latest Stock update: (17/06/2014) 1 x LARGE CAMPUS 2 CAMPUS JERSEY 1 x SMALL HIGH5 WALKERVILLE JERSEY 4 x SMALL BESTMED JOCK JERSEY *Please note: available only while stock last we don’t guarantee any stock NB! For info & to order, contact Wandra(wandra@asgworld.co.za)
  18. This offer starts NOW and ends Monday 28 April 2014 at 22h00. *replies posted Monday at 22:00 and later will not be accepted as it has to be placed BEFORE 22:00 To buy....reply with your size via PM! These offers are available from NOW until Monday 21 April 2014 at 22:00 T&C's - The 1st hubbers to reply will qualify for that specific item at the stipulated price. Each deal is limited to stock availability (as indicated below or on the item itself), therefore if there are for example 5 available, the 1st 5 hubbers to reply for that specific item will be able to purchase it - Buyers will be contacted after receiving PM. - Shipping excluded - Merchandise will be re-sold if no payment received within 24 hours after message received - Posts that have been "edited" will be voided immediately (please re-post should you have edited your post) - No refunds / returns / exchanges on sale items
  19. Hi All! I'm a fine art student at the University of Pretoria and also a cyclist! We are currently doing a project on silkscreen printmaking. I have chosen to use textiles as a medium. It is quite a lengthy and sometimes complicated process, but in the end the prints always look fabulous!I've done some designs on my computer that I can then print on any size white t-shirt or tank top and would like to know if people will be interested in buying silkscreen t-shirts. I thought this might be a nice way to make a few bucks to pay off my new bike .The nice thing about these shirts will be that there will only be a few made and the inks that are used are of very high quality. I have printed some t-shirts for myself and my boyfriend already which have came out great.Please have a look at the designs at let me know if you think that this is something you will be interested in buying or if this is a horrible failed attempt . Also if you like them, which designs do you prefer? I will be asking around R120 for ladies shirts and R150 for mens, which includes postage in South-Africa. I'm only doing black and white prints as color inks tend to get really expensive.
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