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  1. Exploring trails I have not been on, ending on private property luckily I was not shot, could probably see we were lost 😂
  2. It's just one of those things you can ask what you want if you get your price is a different story. But if anyone is keen I have a full custom 910 Scale for R50k 😂🤣
  3. Never mind the used or new (though I have not seen new Shimano brakes with green pads) but that screw in the first image looks to be stripped...
  4. I wouldn't know I wasn't there but don't see a reason he would lie about it.
  5. He bought the current 2021 and got a good deal I think. Still a great looking bike.
  6. A friend just bought a Spark on my recommendation and he saw the new one on the floor for R170k.
  7. Post a wanted ad it will be your best bet.
  8. I like it! It's time for something new. Don't think the bike mechanics will love it so much but tough cookie 😁
  9. That's not much not compared to a R45k 1x10 26er 🤪 but hey at least you can buy the frame separately wonder for how much 🤪🤣
  10. If you're Scott came with Fox suspension most likely it was already more travel. Buddy of mine has the new 930 supposed to have 130mm up front and I had a 940 think 2019 and both have/had 140mm travel.(stantions measured more but fox never uses all of it). Best thing I did was ad 20mm to my Scale (after the dropper) . Climbing is faster on technical trails, never feels like lifting and world of fun when you point it down. Longer travel = being able running if softer, more plush, comfort, grip and confidence. If you are a 50kg racing snake adding travel might not be for you, but if
  11. Weather was just perfect 👌🏻 trails where great the clay jeep track was snot and running a semi slick did not inspire confidence 😂
  12. There's loads of ad's these days where they seem to ad the depreciation instead of subtracting it. 🤣 I've seen used bikes for 5-10k more than what I paid for similar bikes new just a few years ago. 🤪
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