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  1. Really surprised at how lekker the bike rides with these gravel tyres. Slapped them on for the CTCT, need every little bit of help with pulling the buggies.
  2. 20mm up or down changes the geometry with less than a degree. You could use a negative stem or take out a spacer if you feel the front getting light on steep climb. This said I will not add more than 20MM. Given the range of light 34/35mm forks that's what I would replace it with. Something like a Fox 34sc or RS Sid 35.
  3. Hard but fun day on the bike. Getting used to pulling the cart for the Cycle Tour.
  4. I think it could just be pushing to hard to keep up with the bigger geared bikes. Could also be why it's easier to keep up on the hill's as they have to work harder. Gravel bike is never really going to be able to sit with road bikes, you have most likely more weight and rolling resistance and not big enough gearing. I don't think it's your fitness but if you want to mix it up with those people it would be best to have similar equipment.
  5. Powerlift, that stuff cleans any and everything off your paving. Sold at Brights hardware and some others as well.
  6. First time out at Lourensford and it was great. Thanks to the 2 gents who took us on the first lap and to the group we joined for the second run. At first I thought the R250 entry was steep but after being there I will gladly pay it again 👌🏻 we did around 50km in total and didn't even do 40% of what's available. Some proper climbing but hey you need to go up for the fun down.
  7. I have taken out a couple of dents in the past. Have the rim flat on a piece of hard rubber or wood, then take a piece of plastic (I used a tyre lever) and tap on it with a hammer. Ensure the rim is flat on the surface and the plastic you are using is wider than the dent. Then just m#@r till flat and straight.
  8. I don't care about the speed of your e-mtb. On the trails your speed is determined by your skill, going 40kph with no skills you will move much quicker in the helicopter to hospital, that's if you have medical.
  9. These are always pointless to me because everyone has their reason for thinking they are correct. To me it's simple be considerate on the bike or in a vehicle or be a big box just don't come on here and cry when you get your just desserts.
  10. I have this, it's seems to be working fine. It's for road bikes or maybe 27.5, 29er definitely does not fit. Is it worth a couple of beers? 😜 Let me know if there's someone who has a use for it.
  11. I feel for the people who did the race last weekend especially starting so stupidly late. We did the Flow trail and back up for I can't remember the other ones name now. It was hot up there at 7 already so can only imagine what last weekend must have felt like 🥵 Still it's awesome trails, fun and fast just the way we love them 😁
  12. Waar was dit? Dit lyk awesome en pynlik op dieselfde tyd 😁
  13. Bought nothing new but decided to support my LBS and dropped my bike off for a fork service and asked her to give her some love 👌🏻👌🏻 o wait I did buy something two valve cores 🤣
  14. For a first frame build not bad 👌🏻 did you use a jig to align the rear dropouts? Should be a soft ride, mild steel is pretty flexy. I like the seat stays one above the other it's something different. It does look like a short and high bike but you are tall. Look forward to seeing what you come up with next 👌🏻
  15. I don't know, don't seem to be going any faster with it 🤣
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