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  1. Just a question why not have Mercer build you a custom gravel frame? His frames are artwork, he's a local so no stress about customs and one hell of a nice guy. Just a thought, because at around the same price I would rather have something special than something anyone could have just taken off the shelf.
  2. I bought one of those frames from cwc a couple of years back for R4k new (I think they still have one left) they can be good looking little bikes. The 15kg is most likely a mistake because he said it super light or maybe he is just very strong that it feels light ๐Ÿ˜‚
  3. I love these frames they just look so good to me ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป
  4. Best way to go for lunch. Added bonus can't get pulled over for drinking and cycling ๐Ÿ˜‚
  5. New in the header, used in the description and ready for the bin going by the photos with that dent and damaged on top.
  6. It was a awesome route but definitely not for the faint hearted ๐Ÿ˜
  7. Happy with my achievement, longest I have ever done and the wind was brutal.
  8. I liked the idea of a trail HT, I wanted something I could play with down the trails no matter the colour of the sign and still enjoy a 100km+ ride. So I built a down-country HT, 120mm fork, 150mm dropper, Flow mk3 wheels, 2.6 tyre up front and 2.35 at the back (doing the race to sea 100miler today the reason for the 2.2 at the moment). Love this bike fun and cheap to run! I sold my previous build for a new trail dual suspension and was so disappointed. The second or two I made down the trails did not matter because it took so much more effort to get to the top, I could not enjoy it as much.
  9. Thanks guys for helping making up my mind real quickly. Was looking at that frame as a fun project but it sounds like anything but fun with offset wheel and special crank...
  10. Those are nice wheels. The s1 range with the eyelids around the spokes don't crack like some of the mk3 stans rims do. Also if you have one of the newer 940 Scale's it should be carbon so a good wheelset will make a big difference.
  11. Skill trumps travel any day of the week. I have seen loads of duals break pivots, frames and destroying wheels on jumps and drops. Though duals might make some people feel invisible because they are not feeling what their bike is going through on the trails, so when they run out of bike is usually just a little past when they ran out of talent and your rear goes like a rabbits nose.
  12. Did you pay with Bikehub pay? Then they could have given you your money back and you send the bike back.
  13. Looks like the paint cracked where the aluminium is moulded into the Carbon.
  14. Hi In terms of the gears I found the difference from Deore to XTR is mainly the weight. Some small changes like from XT you can drop 2 gears at a time. So Deore would be a good starter. Forks if you are starting I would say as long as it's a air fork. Nothing wrong with Suntour air forks. Get something that is going to make you want to ride.
  15. OK so if the fork says 27.5 and it's non boost (so not plus size) so what's the chances a 29er with average 2.25 tyre would fit?
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