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  1. Baie hartseer. Elke nou en dan verloor ons vriende. Sterkte aan Carla se familie en vriende. Ry mooi.
  2. I can get a nice deal on a full SRAM XO build kit. American classic wheels, Truvativ h/bar, stem, cranks & seatpost, Avid J7 brakes.
  3. The Reynolds Canyon comes in aluminium.
  4. I've seen a XLM built to 7003 grams..... http://www.light-bikes.com/bikegallery/BikeListing.asp?id=732 I would like to get it to stay below 9000g - the rest can easily come off MY frame! I like the Specialized Body Geometry saddles - on a hardtail it saves you plenty pain. Most of the components I've decided on, just not the wheels. SRAM XX (group) RockShox sid (can be paired within the XX group) RaceFace Next SL Seat post & flat bar, Deus XC stem. Just the wheels......Crank Bro's, DT, Mavic,Reynolds? I like those Reynolds wheels......
  5. Pretty isn't it! BaieSukkel2009-07-30 10:12:59
  6. So, if you can get your hands on a ti hardtail frame, what do you strap onto it? XTR group? SRAM XX? RockShox? Fox? Raceface? Ritchey? Mavic crossmax? Bontrager? XTR? Selle? Fizik? Specialized? I'm leaning towards waiting for the SRAM XX, take a RockShox sid, raceface bar,stem & post, Specialized saddle, and put it all on Mavic crossmax wheels.
  7. Nice couch. Goes well with the curtains. Bester is my LBS. They are VERY good. P.S. Nice bike as well.
  8. Died? News to me!! I thought he died in 1988! Some alien then took over his mutilated body and pretended to be MJ!
  9. Been there done that. (90+ down Botha ave.) Did 85km/h last week on my GT Av 2. Without a truck! Passed a couple of cars braking (it was a 60 zone). Have a BIG downhill gear to help get there! (was on tar though.....I know it's wrong....but.....) Can I get a fine if doing more than 60 on a MTB in a 60 zone? mmmmm
  10. Increased number of parts on a bike results in decreased reliability. That's why a single-speed hardtail is such a tough bastard.
  11. Please don't fine these shops! That willonly lead to Joe Public having to pay even more when shopping there, to make up for the losses due to fines. No. Since they wanted to fix prices, that should be their punnishment. Fix ALL the prices in their shops for two years - NO price increase allowed! Even if the wholesale prices do. Even if they have overhead increases. They will then have the chance to rebuild their customer confidence, since they will have the lowest prices in town!
  12. This is how things work in SA. You have a couple of wholesalers, and some retailers. If, like the bread companies, you're in control of the entire market at wholesale level - you try to screw the consumer directly. If, however, you control a large part of a section of the retail market, you get together with some other major players and TELL the wholesaler what you want. If the RRP is raised and the LBS don't sell at that RRP, they simply will not get any stock from the wholesaler. The major players can however sell below the new inflated RRP because the wholesaler can not afford to lose their accounts. This happens with bikes, spares, shoes, clothing, foods, furniture, cars, etc. etc. (What's the real price of a pair of running shoes?) To fine them will not help. They simply do more of the same to cover their losses. The public must vote with their feet. Do not buy if it's a ripp-off! And tell them about it! We live in a global market place, the local retailer must compete with others all over the world, or shut down. - But on the other hand. If you've done much to help the local people, like providing jobs in your bread factory or promoting events that have earned you more sales, then you've earned the right to fix prices and screw the consumer. No? -
  13. All laws are subject to the Constitution. By voting, the individual charges the state to uphold the Constitution. The ministers of Law&Order, Defence and Justice are charged in turn to manage the Police, Defence force and Courts to the same effect. However. If the Constitution and the law is not upheld, RESPONSABILITY STILL STAYS WITH THE INDIVIDUAL. The individual is in fact tasked with upholding the Constitution and as such must enforce the law if no one else does. This is not taking the law in your own hands. It is enforcing the law, neglected by others.
  14. I've been a long standing fan of team Hoyt. They've completed about 1000 triathlons, including 6 Ironman distance! What's amazing is to see them launch behind everyone in the swim and then finish before A LOT of people! It's always an inspiration to watch one of the videos. Just do a search on Youtube for "Team Hoyt".
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