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  1. I dont like the fact that this game allows you to change your team on a daily basis. It sounds like serious admin that I do not have time for. But it is what makes your game unique, all the best to whoever is taking part
  2. Anyone know whether one of the custom cycle paint companies can do one of these ? Also quite a few incidents in the USA. Source: http://bit.ly/VDIlN9 Behold The Safest Bike On The Road Knowing he can’t do anything about making drivers more safe around bikes, cycling safety advocate Josh Zisson decided to focus on making the bikes themselves safer. Check out his invention--sturdily built and brightly reflective. 9 Comments inShare Biking is great for your health. Unless you get hit by a car. And unfortunately, there are lots of cars and biking remains less than completely safe. There were 630 fatalities and 51,000 injuries due to collisions between bikes and motor vehicles in the U.S. in 2009 and many large cities--Los Angeles and New York, to name two--are still struggling to create bike-friendly streets. Until that happens, however, we can make biking marginally safer by making safer bikes. That challenge inspired Josh Zisson, a lawyer and cycling safety advocate, to build what he calls “the safest bike on the road.” http://www.fastcoexist.com/multisite_files/coexist/imagecache/inline-large/inline/2012/12/1681126-inline-bsb-reflective-02.jpg Editor’s Note Zisson is also the creator of the excellent Bike Accident Report Cards, which we covered here. A year in the making, it is “sort of a European-style ‘city bike,’” says Zisson. “The upright posture is comfortable, and it’s great for navigating through traffic.” It has enclosed drum brakes that work in any weather, and an internally geared rear hub instead of a derailleur, which allows the rider to switch gears at a dead stop. It’s also got puncture resistant tires, a chain guard, and fenders. But Zisson says that the bike’s visibility is what sets it apart. Not only does the bike have an LED headlight and “daytime running lights,” powered by a dynamo hub in the front wheel, it also has a special rear light that gets brighter when the bike slows down--a brake light, in essence. And for good measure, almost the entire bike is covered in a unique coating. Any light that hits the bike gets reflected right back at its source. http://www.fastcoexist.com/multisite_files/coexist/imagecache/inline-large/inline/2012/12/1681126-inline-img-9470.jpg Zisson enlisted a variety of companies and craftsmen to help. The handmade frame came from Ted Wojcik Custom Bicycles in New Hampshire, the saddle came from Selle Anatomica, and Portland Design Works provided the basket and handlebar grips. Most of the remaining parts came from Hub Bicycle in Cambridge, who also assembled the bike. The custom head badge came from a jewelry maker in Philadelphia. It weighs around 30 pounds, which is heftier than most bikes, but Zisson says it’s worth it. “For instance, the benefits of the internally geared hub more than compensate for the added weight compared to a derailleur.” Zisson has been so interested in the reflective coating, in fact, that he’s taken a job with the company that makes it, Halo Coatings, to help them find new markets. What might those markets be? Well, bikeshare companies, maybe. “I was recently contacted by someone at Alta Bicycle Share [which operates in Washington, D.C. and Boston], and they’re interested in getting Halo’s coating on all of their bikes,” Zisson says. Sounds like the capital’s public bikes might start looking a little more like this.
  3. Nope you would not but I am talking hypothetically in the context of a doping cheat.
  4. Nope you would not but I am talking hypothetically in the context of a doping cheat.
  5. It is as safe as taking cough medicine if you follow the recommended protocol. The people in the early 90's did not know what they were doing. In fact it is probably one of the safest drugs out there in terms of long term side effects compared to steroids. What is dodgy is where you sourced it from and how it was stored before you started using it. This is all very well documented on the Internet.
  6. Did it dissapear via an ATM transaction? If so, did you have a debit or any other card linked to your credit card?
  7. If you used your card at an ATM it most probably got copied by a high tech skimming device. Some of these devices look so authentic that it is nearly impossible to notice the difference. The new ones are inserted into the ATM's and is unnoticable. My cards (one credit and one debit) recently got cloned in a short period of time and the bank is refusing to pay out the second time it happened, even although the modus operandi was the same. The bank sent me some badly written letter alluding to the fact that I may have exposed my PIN which I found was quite interesting considering what I do for a living. To say the least, I am in the process of taking legal action against them. Else, I would second Moridin that your PC may be infected, there are a few malicious malware variants circling around targeting South Africans specifically and then there is the ones that target anyone and everyone.
  8. More info here => http://bit.ly/JHoUwU
  9. True, Oman's history is not in their cities.
  10. I am not in disagreement but my opinion is that through discussing landmarks etc. during the race would be very informative to the overseas market. I have learnt a lot about France through listening to Phil and Paul commenting on France's heritage during the TDF. As an overseas viewer I appreciate that and noted a few places down that I want to go visit when I visit France. Also it would be great to start a culture of people coming out and supporting cycle races on popular city roads. Somewhere you have to start creating the culture. I see what they were trying to achieve, it did not work out but I do believe it is possible. Anything is possible :-)
  11. I thought he had a valid point. You cannot showcase South Africa without including Johannesburg's rich heritage if your goals are to promote South Africa. No doubt it was more challenging than they anticipated. Next year give the metro cops doughnuts and make sure they are at the intersections to ensure road closure. It will make a BIG difference!
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