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  1. Andrew used the word "fatally injured" in his tweet?
  2. ...thanks for posting, took me away from work to another place for a few minutes,...
  3. Never heard of Bryton before, but now, thanks to Garmin, I think I will check them out!
  4. Great ride...thanks to all involved! One of the "Must Do" races!
  5. ----Original Message----- From: Michael Sent: Saturday, February 19, 2011 6:52 PM To: info@roosjevandekaap.com Subject: Roosje van de Kaap: Roosje van de Kaap Enquiry Good evening, I have been informed that cyclists are not welcome at your establishment, can you confirm this. Thank you ----The reply----- No, never said such thing! Where do you get that kind of information? And don't you think that's a bit strange question? Kind regards / Met vriendelike groete, Freerk and Helpi Brandsma Roosje van de Kaap www.RoosjevandeKaap.com
  6. I have just e-mailed Freerk and asked him to confirm that cyclists are not welcome at his establishment. I await his reply with great interest. I will report back...
  7. You got a price for after the special ends?
  8. I'm in KK but honey is in RR and I ride with her so I will see you there!!!
  9. MichaelH


    Honey used to complain about her saddles (MTB and roadbike) after every ride. Then she got a On-One Big Nose saddle (R170) from Kiwi (Planet X), and I never heard another word on the matter!!! For her - subject closed!
  10. ...and? Has the group ride reconvened for 2011?
  11. ...oh, no! It just goes on and on... RIP Carla, fellow rider. The United States’ best-ever female collegiate cyclist is not an American. But someday she might be. South Africa’s Carla Swart, 21, just capped off a mind-boggling collegiate campaign, taking an unprecedented 11 national (both individual and team) titles in road, mountain bike, cyclocross and track. Grabbing that many jerseys in a single year is a feat that no collegiate racer - man or woman - has yet accomplished in the history of the National Collegiate Cycling Association.
  12. ...straight from the experts at my LBS (a well-known outlet!)
  13. ...by the way, I was told that you can't just do a simple inspection of the fork. Once you have opened things up you have to replace everything...you can't just put the old stuff back! Is this true?
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