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  1. OK Mampara .... sentence fixed!!
  2. I know this topic was discussed previously on the hub, but I have to raise it again! Travelling this morning on the R59 and saw a number of cyclists cycling on the R59 in particular the section between Swartkoppies and Engen garage. Whilst travelling a number of metor cop cars (cars ranging from GTI's, STI's, Caddy VW panel vans etc.) came past me at very high speeds and at times went onto the yellow shoulder to past trucks as other cars were passing these trucks in the fast lane; my fear was what if these metro cops hit a cyclist in the yellow lane at speeds around 200km/h? Cyclists, don't be a statistic by cycling on these highways!
  3. reason for this poll? sign of bad blood, envy or just bad RSA cycling representation on the international circuit???
  4. Crack, it is the same person/business ...
  5. Both site domain names belong to the same owners/administrators. You guys can check domain lookups of RSA at http://co.za ......
  6. What an expert comment!!! You mean Contador had to chase Menchov and Sanchez to tell them to wait??? You missing the plot as always!!! And remember his name is Contador NOT Ulrich .... Did anyone wait for LA on the cobbles when he had a puncture??
  7. That's not nice Bontie, seeing that you had a broken Bianchi too!!! How's the wheels, still turning????
  8. U obviously had to work through a LBS as I know J&J does not deal directly with the consumer?
  9. I am sure at TdF there would be pre/after race, bicycle inspection ...
  10. Slowbee ... ever had a look at http://www.cyclenation.co.za/??
  11. Agree with you .... I do not have energy on thehub to prove I have a strong attitude ...rather let the other person be the strong one!!!
  12. snah2 ... I have to agree with you; I only get onto thehub and viewing the classified section; reason is there are a certain element on this hub that believe thehub belongs to them and ONLY their viewpoint count, so why argue with those type of mentality ..... i just stay clear of the topics where those people are involved in!!!
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