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  1. hulle wag seker vir die anti-doping results om terug te kom.
  2. never leave a trail....esp a wet one
  3. Magda left 6 months ago, citing a "cowboy" problem.
  4. "Cohabitation, also referred to as a common law marriage, living together or a domestic partnership, is not recognised as a legal relationship by South African law. There is, therefore, no law that regulates the rights of parties in a cohabitation relationship. Cohabitation generally refers to people who, regardless of gender, live together without being validly married to each other. In the past, these relationships were called extramarital cohabitation. Put simply, men and women living together do not have the rights and duties married couples have." http://www.divorcelaws.co.za/the-law-on-cohabitation.html
  5. We are being inundated with complete package requests....let's wait till Oct to see what we have left for these smaller solutions...
  6. Please PM me a number - the local paper would like to offer their readers an update, from the cyclists' view, too.
  7. Guys We are running out of accommodation packages for locals.....ple mail info@cyclingacademy.co.za if you still want in.... Going to Eurobike, next week, to sell packages to international cyclo-tourism operators...different pricing structure, of course Carinus
  8. If I was Els, or Evans, or anyone else, close to, or on a bike, I'll shut up and commence running for the hills. Doping f__ks up lives, and they all do it, mos, Messrs Impey? Ask Willie, Van Heerden, Ertjies, tragic what people would do. It is almost time I write about this. But, please commence sueing me for defamation, so long. Btw, am still waiting for What's up Doc to try.
  9. I could swear her eyes are two different sizes. And you know what they say about that?
  10. I am involved with @ridebacktracker - it is being crowdfunded off http://buy.backtracker.io, till August.
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