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  1. Unfortunately we had to schedule one of the events this weekend to accommodate the school children with the athletics. However there are a couple other events planned as well. Here are the dates: 26 January, 16 February, 2 March (duathlon) and 13 April (duathlon). Feel free to PM if you need any additional information. Cheers, Hennie
  2. It depends on how intense the paint job is. But if my memory serves me right it starts at R1500.00. My bike was quit intense and cost me R1800.00 (Colnago Start)
  3. They are based in Vereniging. They are great people!!
  4. This was quit an intense spray job and they had to remove a couple of dents Cost: Spray R 1800.00 + Dents R 250.00.
  5. Good luck Swift!! I wish could have gone to Italy!!!
  6. It's on Cliff and Lilian running this business so they might take a while to reply to there emails. If you really need to get hold of them phone them on the cellphone...
  7. Man' date=' I am pissing myself. You had my nose up against the screen trying to look into that shadow until I realised. Funny GUY![/quote'] You probably don't sit in a open plan hahahaha
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