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  1. The thing is - i ran a 9spd for the 4 years without a spacer. Now with the 11spd casette on, there seems not to be space for the last cog. Not sure how to add photos to this post.
  2. I built a set of MTB wheels at CWC in 2016 (650b Stans ZTR Crest, Cannondale Rush) with Hope Pro2 Evo rear hub. Was very specific on the hub being 11 spd compatible, which the guys at CWC confirmed. Almost 4 years down the line and got my final pieces of the 11spd conversion kit (the cassette) and the hub looks like it cannot support the cassette. The cassette is a 11-42 Sunrace 11spd. The hub - as I've said - Hope Pro2 Evo, is 34.8mm from back shoulder to the end of the hub. I assume that I need to replace the freehub with an 11spd compatible item? Can somebody confirm the length of the 11spd freehub? Will try and add pictures
  3. Fair comment, but in the last 2 ITU events they have provided, so didnt pack it in when travelling down to the event...
  4. Ok, so picked up my kit for 2018 ITU this afternoon. First of all, no nice draw-string wet bag and I also didnt receive a waist band for number - only some safety pins. Is this correct? Are we expected to have to pin our numbers on to our suits in T1 - surely not wear them under a wet-suit. And is T2 now including the sport of removing your safety pins (on your back) and repositioning them on your front? I'm confused - or did you other guys receive waist bands in the kit? Besides for this, a safe and enjoyable event to all. I'm off to make meself a waist band in a hotel room...
  5. I assume that your rims need to be specifically tubeless specific - and that there aren't reliable/safe methods to convert conventional rims to a tubeless spec. So the change is a relatively expensive one. Just bought a set of Scirocco 35s which aren't tubeless, so was just wondering...
  6. Hi, firstly if the cassette looks 'wobbly' this would indicate a bent free-hub or a loose cassette. I would suggest to remove the rear wheel, check if the cassette lock sprocket is tight, then spin the cassette to check that the hub is true. For rear derraileur set-up there 4 main aspects: bottom set-screw, top set-screw, B-tension screw & cable tension. If the chain is reaching the bottom and top sprockets without jumping into the frame/wheel the set-screws are probably correct. If you do not have sufficient cable tension, the shifting will be erratic and slow. The problem could also be that the outer housing is not long enough to cater for the movement if the swing-arm and that is why suspension movement could be affecting inner cable tension and derraileur movement. I would suggest doing an internet / you-tube search on rear derraileur set-up - it's very easy even for the mechanically challenged! Good luck!
  7. Event Name: Coronation Double Century 2017 When: 25 November 2017 Where: Swellendam, Western Cape Category: Road The Coronation Double Century is an annual, 202 kilometre team cycle race that is limited to 250 teams, and takes place on 25 November 2017. Participating teams can again look forward to starting and finishing in the picturesque town of Swellendam in the Western Cape. The familiar route will also see competing teams complete the most challenging climbs (the Tradouw Pass and Op de Tradouw) within the first 60 kilometres of the race. From Swellendam, cyclists follow the R324 through Suurbraak and over Tradouw Pass towards Barrydale. A left turn onto the R62 leads them to the challenging 7 kilometre Op de Tradouw stretch, before making their way to Montagu. The route then snakes through Cogmanskloof towards Ashton and Robertson, before winding left onto the R317 towards Bonnievale, and finishing in Swellendam. The cycling equivalent of an ultra-marathon, the Coronation Double Century is more than just a cycle race and all about camaraderie and team spirit. Above all, it is a hard race and participants need to have put in the necessary training to finish in comfort. Teams must reach the finish by 16h30 and there will be cut-off points along the route. Go to Event Page
  8. Thanks, agreed, interesting site...
  9. How do I find this BogusOne magic everyone is so keen on?
  10. Yes, I know, not so hard, by excuses are poor; stripped the Criterium down with the intention of building it on a 10spd groupset, when a carbon Cannondale came up for sale at a good price and I never looked back. Now i need to give her some attention again. 3:0 nostalgia... lucky i didn't start running it down yet!
  11. One of the reasons why I went to a more modern Cannondale was to fit a >10 speed groupset with modern stem, hub, bottom bracket and handelebar metrics to a 30 year old frame - it's not so easy! But i value the opinions - so far 2:0 to nostalgia...
  12. Help - am getting around to a restoration on my '88 Cannondale SR600 Criterium. This is a frame I rode between 1996 and 2007 and naturally have a personal bond with this ride. My dilemma? Do i keep the (rare) blue with yellow graphics and do a sympathetic restoration around the existing decals and graphics... OR a full back-to-aluminium spray/polish, with new decals, etc...? Has a Sakae alumium fork with 8-spd Ultegra tri-colour groupset All opinions will be greatly appreciated!
  13. Yes, this happened close to the pools. Granted, it gets difficult to control the public around the race course; we just need to realise that you cannot accept that you are on a closed race course - you need to keep your eyes open the whole time.
  14. Thank you Dullscapel! Regarding the results, they are evidently out, but I am not sure where to find them on the web.
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