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  1. Hi, i have a few 5mm spacers you can have. Plastic, Carbon and aluminum you can take the whole box of goodies some seat clamps also. Chocolate or Smarties will do.
  2. I have 2x Mavic 1.8mm and a few 2mm you are welcome to have them if it will work for you. I would not use the plastic BB spacer as they tend to crack.
  3. Yea 46°c realy not fun at all. Awesome venue and trails will be back next year.
  4. A little rain for tomorrow would be nice. It is rather warm in this part of the world.
  5. Hi, not sure what prize will be up for grabs with the new sponsor ( Was Cash in the past). Highest point's will be taken from your best 4 results of 6 event's. Ride 4 out of 6 and you will get a free T-shirt (Trail Meraki) and discounted entry fee for all events to follow.
  6. My plan is to do all 6 Trailseeker event's this year. Flights booked from JHB for next week and also for September.
  7. I see the MX guys like to coat the stanchion's on MX bikes. It reduces friction and heat not to mention it just looks cool.
  8. Has anyone tried a PVD coating or ceracote? is this available in SA?
  9. The length of the hose should/does not influence the quality of braking. A damaged or poor quality hose can causes the hose to expand thus creating extra volume for fluid in the hose giving spongy feeling.
  10. I just purchased flights from JHB to Cape Town return for Trailseeker at month end. R495 return for a bike box when purchase online goes on the plane with me. R700 return if you buy at checking in counter. Limit upto 32kg as per attached screen shot from Safair.
  11. You can also list the bike in the stolen bike database. https://bikehub.co.za/stolen-bikes
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