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  1. PRIMOZ! PRIMOZ! PRIMOZ! PRIMOZ! PRIMOZ! PRIMOZ! PRIMOZ! PRIMOZ! PRIMOZ! PRIMOZ! And Tommy D!!!! Come on the old man! Beauty. What a race
  2. I hope its been discussed at length already, but as a sports fan, let alone cycling fan, I feel I need to add to the melee. That was ... without doubt ... the worst commentary ... in the history of sport. Its like those two had no names on hand, they'd never seen nor heard nor recognized these riders (except that ballbag Yates), its like they had no timing - which nor did we for most of the time, its like they had no history, no data, no f*ing idea at all.
  3. ... would probably be one of the best triathletes of all time. (read in a different font if you like but its not far off)
  4. Richard Murray disapproves of your knee-injury-saddle-tilt theory ????. (His old bike, yes I know)
  5. Check out the Petzl Actik too. They have a rechargeable battery (extra couple hundred bucks though) you plug straight into a usb which is handy, and easy, and lasts a good time. Its a rock solid product. Edit: In fact the Tikka is smaller and cheaper, and will prob suit early/late couple hour darkness stuff better
  6. This might be a thread resurrection record
  7. Wow, well I'm sorry you had to come back (sort of joking..) Ja I've been confused about if these were Western Cape, but I was sure the ones from a few months back with the lakes and mountains certainly weren't.
  8. I need some backstory here... Are you actually living in Todi? What do you do there, its such a teeny town.
  9. Ja you right, by then he's 30 and when thirty-something is mentioned you just sound over the hill. I should know by now after complaining about the young rider jersey this is becoming a younger persons game. fair. Also, I don't know that many 21 yr olds, my pro-cycling knowledge is being exposed as a mere arm-chair commentator, hahaha Rog I know isn't young either and when he bows out I was more thinking about TJV, Sepp stood out, I don't want Wout to change what he's doing, and then (pre-Vin) it left me wondering who will step up. Foss nah, who else
  10. Not right now. Thats obvious. But if GC was the carrot he needed, future tense, he could put in work to improve. At 26 I hope he's not fully past his sell-by date yet.
  11. if you read the rest of the sentence - 'but needed a little bit more time I thought.' that means time to work on the areas outside of his strong suit.
  12. I was excited for Sepp Kuss to become a decent GC alternative to Rog, he can certainly climb with the best of them but needed a little bit more time I thought. (truth be told I don't think I had ever heard of Vin before this tour...) Now though, I reckon for as long as Rog is around he must 'resign' himself to being a kickass work-horse for Rog and/or Vin. Maybe shelf his GC hopes for a bit (assuming that is the case obv). Vin has clearly shown he has the goods in all departments. And in good quantity too. To (out)perform for 3 weeks straight is no mistake. (now if only they'd go back to Bianchi... all would be well)
  13. You're on your own with that one
  14. Well done bro, what a stunning tour for you and your crew
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