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  1. Cool - I'm probably going to camp there. Looking forward to it!
  2. I'm not affiliated with this race but it looks like a cool one and I've entered. I hope they get enough entries on the 64km to make it viable, so I'm putting this here: http://thehillschallenge.co.za/
  3. Hey hubbers! There is a young guy of 16 years whose parents work on a neighbouring farm to ours near Villiersdorp. He is really keen on mtb and we gave him a second hand mtb for his birthday last year. Its not the latest and greatest, but it enables him to ride decently. Last week his front wheel buckled completely, so I am trying to find a replacement. So does anyone have a 29" rim brake front wheel that is looking for a home?
  4. Giving my first triathlon a go this weekend at the ultra- only doing the sprint... my goal is to just survive the swim
  5. Is there a section of gravel between Gouda and Riebeek?
  6. no matter how I answer this I lose... Just wait while I go edit that rating quickly
  7. Not that I am aware of, sorry for misleading post - commenting based on highlights and clips on youtube
  8. Wow... MvdP... who needs a lead out when you can drop power like that! Enjoy watching this race, beautiful scenery.. but it looks tough - cold and exposed on the road.
  9. When last did a rider win the yellow and white jerseys?
  10. Yip - here we go... I'm hoping JA can just hold on
  11. Yes- Ineos not looking as commanding as usual. In the past they would have send a number of super domestiques to the front to ride the group into the ground until there were only a few left and then Thomas would have attacked. Them not doing it in this way might be an indication that Thomas isn't feeling so strong and would be the one to suffer from this approach or the domestiques themselves are not up to it. The "poor" show we have seen from this far reminds me of when Froome won the Giro... I just have a feeling that they have eyed the last three stages as days on which massive time gains could be made and are biding their time...
  12. But Dylan van Baarle is also in the Wellens group up the road. With him that makes four riders on Galibier... actually looks pretty good for them.
  13. I’m scratching my head about allaphilipe- why does he not target the yellow jersey?
  14. This... After what Froome did to Yates last year I think he will have learnt to save as much as possible for the last week... Personally - I hope Roglic can do it, but a bit sad he isn't doing it at the TDF and giving Thomas and Froome a good challenge.
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