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  1. Anyone has some experience installing a Polar Power Sensor? I installed the power sensor as per the polar manual, but when I'm testing it, only the red light (Speed) comes on. I tried to use an alternative magnet for the cadence sensor, but no luck. The chain sensor is connected, but no yellow light. I also replaced the battery What am I missing?
  2. Dec 2008. I know it is still a long way, but I need to find out who might be interested, and generally there is always some people who bails on #99, especially sponsors, and then we are screwed. For propper sponsorship, we need to ask way in advance so that they can make it part of their budget planning, and also that they know what they are in for
  3. Any of you know who we can bribe to drive the support vechicle ??? On our last trip down to Cape Town, the support people got pretty fed-up driving for 10days at 30km/h. We'll need someone with nerves of steel. Or a few so that they can take turns riding support
  4. Just a correction on the total distance. It is 2000km if we go via Botswana, not 3000km. Jhb -> Windhoek = 1500km Windhoek -> Swakopmund +- 350km + a few to make it 2000 for the total trip
  5. Myself & a friend wants to put together a cycling trip from Johannesburg to Swakopmund, probably Dec 2008. Ideally we want to go through Botswanaon> and do on average 150km?s per day. 1. First of all I want to know who of you might be interested in taking part in such an event?2. Depending on the numbers, we can try to orginise sponsorships, accomodation, etc. 3. Also, if the interest is big enough, we can always try to orginise a mini-tour The total trip will be about 2000km. We will be riding to Swakopmund, and after that you can spend a few days in Namibia and then fly back Doing the math, it will be 20 days riding. Finer details will be published later. First I want to know who might be interested Levi2007-02-27 03:04:26
  6. Did you see Jaco & Rene on SuperCycling last night?
  7. Thx for the Pics Crux & MWNN. It was indeed a great race My first single breakaway win
  8. Route Map http://images.supersport.co.za/VodacomGoldReefCityRouteMap2006.jpg
  9. Ephedrine has become one of the most popular ?supplements? used by athletes, and the word on the street is that it is a rather powerful stimulant, which can speed up interval workouts, increase strength and also assist with weight-loss. Until recently, not a single scientific study linked ephedrine to improved athletic performance. But now there is research that indicates that ephedrine can boost performance during intense efforts that can last for about 15 minutes. However, this study also indicates that ephedrine works its magic only when it is ingested with caffeine. http://www.leveragecorporation.co.za/content/200435118-001~3.jpgPutting it to the test Scientists at the Defence and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine in North York, Ontario, Canada, asked a number of male cyclists to take part in a rugged, exercise-cycle workout. Ephedrine, when taken alone, failed to increase performance time. Likewise, caffeine taken alone failed to improve performance, compared to placebo... However, ephedrine combined with caffeine proved to be a powerful ergogenic concoction. Average performance time increased by about 39% with ephedrine plus caffeine, compared to placebo, and all subjects improved their performances with ephedrine and caffeine together. The ephedrine-caffeine combination may thus be a fairly potent stimulant of nervous-system function and may also spur other physiological processes, including muscle contractility. Of course, ephedrine is a banned drug, so you run the risk of being both disqualified from your race and suspended from competition indefinitely if you use it. It should also be noted that some individuals have severe reactions to ephedrine, ranging from nervousness and irritability to irregular heart rhythms, convulsions, and even death. http://www.leveragecorporation.co.za/content/200426995-001~1.jpgWhat happened to caffeine? Why didn't caffeine boost exercise performance, since a number of other studies have shown it to be an ergogenic substance? For one thing, the participants in the Ontario study were regular caffeine users, so perhaps they were less sensitive to caffeine than irregular users would be. The subjects were also not in a high state of fitness, and there is some evidence that caffeine works better in highly-trained athletes, compared to average people. Caffeine - taken in moderate amounts - is a legal ?performance booster?. Taking too much of the stuff will get you banned, but as it turns out, the amount needed for banishment actually hurts performances, while lesser quantities increase athletic capacity. Should you try ephedrine - or mix ephedrine with caffeine - prior to your rugged workouts or race efforts? Not a chance! Ephedrine plus caffeine would probably be an ergogenic combination for many athletes, but ephedrine produces too many side effects to be used safely, and the amount required to produce an effect is definitely illegal. Source: Jim Bledsoe, pponline.co.uk
  10. 6uur klink goed. Dan kom ons nie eers sononder by die huis nie
  11. Johann Pretorius 08-07-1977 TCS Clean
  12. No man. Got a bit distracted and Posted the reply after you've send your reply. I was responding to epoh's post
  13. Sounds like a marvelous idea
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