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  1. Pulled up behind a oke on a Harley that was revving it at the lights, complete with American flag, piss pot helmet etc. I grabbed a bunch or revs on my my Big Bang R1, the Harley went mysteriously silent and even moved over when the lights went green.
  2. I bought one of those 10 000 piece puzzles. It's going well so far.
  3. It must be material failure. I ride GX, I clean my chain maybe once a week, maybe. I have done 1400km on this chain, still within spec.
  4. GS 800 standard screen? it tends to generate a lot of turbulence/wind noise depending on your height.
  5. 2010 Big bang check the youtube clip I posted. She sounds pretty nice
  6. My mate got himself in a bind, asked if I would buy his bike, I said, with pleasure. This is the end result https://youtu.be/hiqjltNz6uM
  7. You are a Honda fan. Have a look at the CRV.
  8. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Vettel is in danger of becoming obselete very quickly at Ferrari. He has shown numerous last year and now this year that he cannot handle the pressure from Hamster. Ferrari may regret asking Le Clerc to hold station behind Vettel in Oz.
  10. I think that is why Honda went in and called it a aerodynamic aid, instant ban. Same device different wording, legal. They're just trying to show the silliness of the decision He took off like a scalded rat, no ice scoop fitted.
  11. Looks Like my McLarens are on the up.
  12. Hi I will be in Queenstown 8th March. Happy to help
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