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  1. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/753439295272205/
  2. Giant, the world leader in cycling technology, has introduced a new lineup of its award-winning, Maestro Suspension-equipped Anthem and Trance off-road bikes. Developed and tested with pro riders from the Giant Factory Off-Road Team, both platforms feature new geometry, lighter frame weights, and key updates to their suspension systems. The 2017 XtC Advanced +/29 range and the Fathom range feature a number of cutting-edge innovations to improve the XC and trail riding experience for a variety of riders and almost any off-road adventure. Click here to view the article
  3. 2017 Anthem and TranceAt the heart of the new design with both the Anthem and Trance bikes is an updated Maestro rear suspension setup that employs a new trunnion shock mount and a new composite upper rocker arm made with Giant’s Advanced Forged Composite Technology—a new high-pressure molding process that results in a lighter, stiffer and stronger performance compared to aluminium. The 2017 Anthem and Trance bikes feature updated Maestro suspension with a new trunnion mount shock setup. The result is increased pedaling and braking efficiency as well as a lower centre of gravity and shorter chainstays for better handling, climbing and agility. These technologies combine to produce a lower leverage ratio for increased pedaling and braking efficiency as well as a lower centre of gravity for better control. The new suspension updates also allowed engineers to create shorter chainstays on both the Anthem and Trance for improved climbing and agility on off-road terrain. The composite upper rocker arm on the new Anthem and Trance bikes is made with Advanced Forged Composite Technology, a new innovation from Giant that’s used to produce complex shaped carbon fibre components that are lighter, stiffer and stronger than aluminium ones. Here’s a look at what’s new with the Anthem and Trance ranges this year: 2017 Anthem Giant Factory Off-Road Team rider Carl Decker, a five-time winner of the Downieville All Mountain World Championships in the U.S., tests a prototype version of the new Anthem Advanced.The totally reengineered Anthem range was developed and tested over the past two years in a collaborative effort between Giant engineers, product managers and pro racers. Longtime Giant Factory Off-Road Team rider Carl Decker has been part of the Anthem’s evolution for more than a decade. The input of the five-time winner of the Downieville All-Mountain World Championships helped the development team target new performance goals for the latest Anthem. The new Anthem Advanced is built around a lightweight composite frame with 110mm of rear travel in an updated Maestro suspension setup. This Anthem Advanced 1 model comes in composite and yellow. “Having the opportunity to ride all eight previous iterations of the Anthem that Giant has produced, I have a solid feel for how the product has developed over time,” Decker said. “And also where I’d like to see it go in the future. With the trend of XC racecourses getting longer and rougher, what we have come up with this year is the perfect tool I need to win.” The quick and agile Anthem is updated this year with new geometry on its ALUXX SL aluminium frame. The 2017 Anthem 2 model comes in deep blue. In addition to the Maestro Suspension updates, the 2017 Anthem features an all-new frame design with 110mm of rear suspension travel and 120mm up front, plus the superior all-around performance of 27.5-inch wheels. The toptube is now 10mm longer, which helps create better handling with a “long and low” rider position that increases efficiency and boosts rider control. This new Anthem Advanced SX 1 features a lightweight composite frame that delivers 110mm of updated Maestro rear suspension and 130mm of front suspension, plus Boost hub technology for stiffer wheels and added tire clearance. The longer toptube is complemented by a slightly slacker head angle (0.5 degrees) from the previous Anthem, which further boosts stability on fast, technical descents. And the rear section of the new Anthem frameset features more compact chainstays (5mm shorter rear-centre measurement), which improves climbing efficiency and control on technical terrain. All of the Anthem bikes also include Boost technology, wider hub spacing (110mm front/148mm rear) that produces stiffer wheels for added control, plus more tire clearance and an improved chainline for optimal drivetrain performance. The Anthem SX model combines 110mm of updated Maestro rear suspension with 130mm of travel up front for added control on rugged terrain. The 2017 Anthem SX 2 comes in red. The new Anthem range includes four series, giving riders a choice of frame materials—either Advanced-grade composite or ALUXX SL aluminium. And the “SX” models include a longer travel fork with a more robust components build for more aggressive XC or trail riding. 2017 Trance From XC to enduro, competition to epic adventure rides, Giant Factory Off-Road Team rider Adam Craig is an all-around trail rider. The new Trance range delivers the off-road performance and versatility Adam loves, all in one super capable machine.To update the Trance, the Giant development team turned to another veteran rider from the Giant Factory Off-Road Team, enduro racer Adam Craig. The former XC Olympian competes in a variety of off-road disciplines and over the last couple years has focused on aggressive trail riding and enduro racing. Just as off-road riding and racing has continued through an era of rapid progression, so have the demands on bikes and gear, Craig said. “The definition of a trail bike continues to evolve, and to me that means a single bike that can handle a huge variety of terrain,” Craig said. “It has to be able to climb well and have huge capabilities on the descents. I’m looking for that one bike that can pretty much handle every kind of trail. With the adjustments to its geometry and the new suspension tweaks, this new Trance gets us even closer to that perfect do-it-all trail machine.” The 2017 Trance Advanced 0 model features the new Giant TRX 0 WheelSystem with Dynamic Balanced Lacing technology, which delivers best-in-class braking stiffness and performance for added control on the trail. Updated to offer 140mm of rear suspension travel and 150mm up front, with the superior all-around performance of 27.5 wheels, the new Trance is engineered to offer more confidence and control, especially on technical trails. Each of the lightweight frames—engineered with either Advanced-grade composite or ALUXX SL aluminium depending on the model—features new “long and low” geometry and the updated Maestro suspension system including the new trunnion mount and Advanced Forged Composite upper rocker arm. As with the Anthem, the toptube of the new Trance is now 10mm longer, which helps give it the “long and low” positioning that gives trail riders like Craig a more ideal rider position for efficiency and control. The bottom bracket of the new Trance is now 5mm lower than the previous generation, which gives it a lower centre of gravity and better stability at high speeds. And a more compact rear end (5mm shorter rear-centre measurement) provides a boost on climbs and a quicker, more agile feel on technical terrain. This 2017 Trance is built on a lightweight ALUXX SL aluminium frame with updated Maestro suspension and new geometry including a longer toptube, lower bottom bracket and shorter rear end for added efficiency and control on the trail. The Trance 2 model is shown here. Each of the new Trance models also includes Boost technology, wider hub spacing (110mm front/148mm rear) that produces stiffer wheels for added control, plus more tire clearance and an improved chainline for optimal drivetrain performance. The new Trance range includes two series. The Trance Advanced is built on an Advanced-grade composite mainframe, and the Trance features an ALUXX SL aluminium frame. XtC Advanced and FathomThe XtC Advanced +/29 range and the Fathom range feature a number of cutting-edge innovations to improve the XC and trail riding experience for a variety of riders and almost any off-road adventure. 2017 XtC Advanced +/29 Range Adam Craig, a known singlespeed enthusiast and pro rider for the Giant Factory Off-Road Team, helped develop the new XtC Advanced + SS model. Adam is seen here field-testing his prototype SS.From professional World Cup XC racers to trail-riding enthusiasts, Giant’s XtC hardtail bicycles have brought cutting-edge performance and trail riding confidence to a wide variety of off-road riders for the past two decades. The latest range of XtC Advanced +/29 bikes contains the most innovative and radically versatile hardtail bikes that Giant has ever produced. The new range contains three series: XtC Advanced +, XtC Advanced 29, and XtC Advanced + SS. Each is built on and Advanced-grade composite frameset that offers unlimited adventure with an ability to easily convert between 27.5+ or 29er wheels, and as a single-speed. Each also features the latest Boost technology wide hub spacing for stiffer wheels, added tire clearance, and ultimate control in rugged terrain. The XtC Advanced + pairs a lightweight composite frame featuring Boost technology hub spacing with Giant 27.5+ wheels to produce smooth control on the most adventurous terrain. The XtC Advanced + model comes with 27.5+ wheels, making it perfect for adventurous singletrack riding. The lightweight composite frameset is complemented by a 27.2 seatpost, designed to increase compliance for a smooth and confident ride. It can quickly and easily be converted to a more XC-oriented 29er, or even a more playful singlespeed setup. The XtC Advanced 29 comes with the larger diameter 29-inch wheels, making it a true jack-of-all-trades for XC racing or fast trail riding. Top-end models in this series also benefit from Giant’s all-new XCR WheelSystem with Dynamic Balance Lacing (DBL) technology, which delivers greater efficiency and pinpoint control. The platform can also be converted to 27.5+ or a singlespeed setup. The XtC Advanced 29 is aimed at faster XC racing and riding with its 29-inch wheels, and can be easily converted to a 27.5+ setup for more adventurous trail riding. The XtC Advanced 29 1 model, with Giant’s all-new XCR WheelSystem, is shown here. The XtC Advanced + SS is purpose-built for singlespeed purists. With its lightweight composite frame, Boost hub spacing and smooth, compliant ride, it’s a playful singletrack machine that, like the others, can take on multiple personalities. It’s easy to convert this model to a geared 27.5 + bike or a 29er. Blending oversized 27.5+ wheels and tires with a singlespeed drivetrain, the XtC Advanced + SS is a fun and super capable trail machine for off-road purists. It easily converts to a geared drivetrain or 29-inch wheels for XC racing or riding. Giant Factory Off-Road Team riders Carl Decker and Adam Craig contributed to the development of the new XtC Advanced +/29 bikes. Both riders have a long history with the XtC range—for XC racing, training and everyday trail riding. Craig, a longtime singlespeed enthusiast, helped dial in the singlespeed model, and Decker races hardtail XC bikes often throughout the course of a season. “I’ve always been a big fan of the XtC,” Decker said. “Now that it has multiple personalities, it’s more useful and fun than ever. With its ability to switch between 27.5+, 29 and even singlespeed, it’s truly a one-bike solution to all kinds of hardtail fun.” 2017 Fathom Range This all-new hardtail range consists of the Fathom and the Fathom 29—two bikes that share the same name and many similar technologies, but feature distinctive off-road personalities. With its 29-inch wheels and XC-tuned geometry, the Fathom 29 offers XC riders a perfect combination of speed and stability. The Fathom blends hardtail efficiency with a trail-bike spirit. A lightweight ALUXX SL aluminium frame with 27.5-inch wheels and rugged components offers the aspiring trail rider the perfect blend of agility, efficiency and control. It features trail-tuned geometry in the form of a 67-degree head angle that, when paired with a plush 120mm suspension fork, adds confidence and stability in challenging terrain. The Fathom 29 features larger diameter 29-inch wheels and XC-tuned geometry that’s designed for optimal off-road handling with a 100mm suspension fork and XC-oriented components. The Fathom 29 0 model is shown here. The Fathom 29 is also crafted with lightweight ALUXX SL-grade aluminium, but optimized for larger diameter wheels that emphasize speed and stability. The XC-tuned geometry is centered on a 69-degree headtube angle that’s built to optimize its 100mm suspension fork, giving aspiring XC riders and racers a fast and confident ride. Giant Senior Global Off-Road Category Manager Kevin Dana said the Fathom and Fathom 29 are each purpose-built and designed for a specific kind of rider. With its lightweight ALUXX SL aluminium frame and trail-tuned geometry designed for a 120mm suspension fork, the all-new Fathom helps riders tackle rugged trails with confidence and control. The Fathom 1 model is shown here. “It’s time the enthusiast off-roader reap the trickle-down benefits of our high-end 27.5 and 29 models,” Dana said. “Whether they choose the Fathom or the Fathom 29, they can be assured they’re riding a purpose-built, high-value machine that is custom tailored to their riding style.” New Off-Road WheelSystems Both the Anthem and Trance ranges also feature new purpose-built Giant WheelSystems. The most notable technology in the new WheelSystems is called Dynamic Balanced Lacing (DBL), which employs innovative spoke tensioning to optimize wheel stiffness and strength when the wheel is in its dynamic state. DBL wheels place more leverage on the “pulling” spokes, less on the “pushing” spokes. When the wheel is static, the opposing spokes have different levels of tension. When a rider applies pedaling force, spoke tension balances out to produce a stiffer, more efficient wheel. XCR WheelSystem. XCT WheelSystem. Select Anthem models come with XCR WheelSystems, built with carbon materials and 28mm wide Tubeless Compatible rims that are specially designed for XC riding and racing. The front wheel is engineered with DBL Disc technology, which delivers best-in-class braking stiffness and performance for added control on the trail. TRX WheelSystem. Top Trance models come with TRX WheelSystems, which feature many of the same technologies as the XCR models, but with a wider 33mm rim profile to optimize traction and control in more rugged trail riding conditions.
  4. The new 2018 Anthem can be viewed at the Giant Durbanville store. Unfortunately, other than being able to take these pictures, and a quick inspection of the bike, we do not have any official details on the new Anthem. There are obvious changes to the geometry with the bike looking slacker and longer. Our crude attempt at measuring the head angle puts it 1.5 degrees slacker than the previous platform at around 70 degrees. The chainstays are significantly shorter at 440 mm with a noticeably longer top tube length. The head tube also appears to be shorter with a lower stack height. The all-new rocker link is a single carbon piece and is adapted for a metric shock with trunnion mounting. The rear travel is said to be 90 mm while the front fork is set to 100 mm. The axle sizing is Boost 110 front and 148 rear with both ends using a stealth thru axle system. There is provision to mount a side swing direct mount front derailleur on the seat tube to run the bike in a double chainring configuration. There is internal cable routing with integrated protection on the drive side chainstay and a rubber protector on the underside of the seatstay. The new Anthem fits a 27.2 mm seatpost. The Anthem 2 specification The model pictured is the aluminium Anthem 2. The Large sized bike weighed 13.2 kilograms with Shimano SPD pedals and bottle cage attached.It comes kitted with a Fox Performance SC fork and DPS shock, and a Shimano SLX 1x11 drivetrain (11-42 cassette and 32T chainring) while the brakes are Shimano Deore. The wheels are from Giant with the labelling displaying a width of 29 mm (we're unsure whether this is the internal or external measure). The rims are wrapped with a pair of Racing Ralph tyres. Both the wheels and tyres are tubeless ready. The handlebars are generous at 780 mm and are attached to an 80 mm stem on the Large model. The saddle and grips as pictured are not the original equipment and different models will appear on the final specification of the Anthem 2. The official launch of the new Giant Anthem is expected near the end of April.
  5. Hi all, I'm currently looking at buying a new entry level dual suspension MTB and would appreciate some advice on which would be best, or if there are any other suggestions that you would recommend. The bikes I'm considering buying are: 1. 2016 Giant Anthem X 29er at R30k (https://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-us/bikes/model/anthem.x.29er/22201/84034/#specifications) 2. 2017 Merida One Twenty XT at R33k (http://www.merida-bikes.com/en_int/bikes/full-suspension/trail/2017/one-twenty-xt-edition-6381.html) Edit: Another option is a 2016 Cannondale Rush 1 at R25k (http://www.treadmtb.co.za/bikes-cannondale-rush-29-1/) Thanks!
  6. Hey Guys Gone over the whole Trance/Anthem thing way too many times. Ride on local trails around Southern Suburbs, Cape Town. Table Mountain and hopefully if Tokai opens this year there too. I'm still learning but like riding single track, more aggressive time of style and like speed. Would like to start riding out near Stellenbosch and other trails in the Western Cape. Riding a hardtail 1999 old school Trek at the moment and looking at either the Trance 27.5 2 or the Anthem 27.5 SX. The price of both seems to be in the same bracket. I'm pretty convinced the Trance is what I want. Have not test ridden either but will in the near future. My Question: The type of trails in the Southern Suburbs, Western Cape and surroundings from what i have ridden to the clips I watch on Youtube seem to be more XC type flowing single track, jeep tracks, small jumps if any. Would the Anthem not be more suited to the trails around here than the Trance? I don't race but would like to do some of the more chilled out ones in future for fun. Want to do the Argus but will buy a cheaper road bike for that when the time comes. Besides a short ride to the gym or shops this bike will be used mostly off-road on trails. Excited to learn how to wheelie, manual, jump a bit, small drop off's, bunny hop those things in riding I find more exciting then shooting up a hill to beat a record. Saying that I don't like a massive heavy bike that feels like a tank on the up's either but from what I have read the Trance is good up hill too. Any feedback based on the local trails. Trying not to convince myself I need more bike than I do. I'm one that watches a few Redbull Rampage clips and ends up riding a DH bike to gym on road haha Thanks guys
  7. Hi, I'm still riding a 5 year old Spez Epic Comp Carbon and now looking for something new. The 2016 models coming out now are above my budget, so after doing quite a bit of research, I've narrowed my search down to two bikes that's still available in 2015 models at quite good prices: The Scott Spark 930 or Giant Anthem Advanced Carbon (650b or 29). Would love to hear some opinions here. Does anyone have experience of both? I do mostly trail riding with the occasional longer distances and races like W2W, Houw Hoek, K2C, etc. I tried a friend's Scott 930 recently and loved it. Will also be taking out a demo of the Athem 650b this weekend to see how it compares.
  8. Hi, I am fairly new to biking, and, after a lot of research, I think I've narrowed my choices to the Giant Anthem Advanced 29er (R41k - 2015 model) or the Spez Camber Comp Carbon 29er (R41k - 2015 model) i.e. both are the same price. I have also been quoted R47k for the Spez Epic Comp Carbon 29er. I'd be interested to hear from the members which bike they feel offers better rideability and value for money. After reading numerous posts, I know that a lot has to do with personal preference so I plan on riding both, if possible, before purchase. Cheerio.
  9. Hi everyone so I am getting ever-closer to finally buying a dual-suspension, but I would like to hear your opinion on the different Anthem models. My first choice is the 2015 Anthem 29. I love the colours, and the fact that it is a 29er. But they are becoming scarce, and may no longer be available by the time I have my savings together, which is why I need to consider other options. http://www.giantdurbanville.co.za/en-za/bikes/model/anthem.x.29er/19596/78192/ The 2016 Anthem 29 is a problem for me because of the terrible yellow-green stickers. It's an upgrade to the 2015, but gosh, the colours! http://www.giantdurbanville.co.za/en-za/bikes/model/anthem.x.29er/24203/88506/ Then I happened upon this sexy beast: the Anthem 27.5 (2016). It's red, which is my favourite colour. But I am not too sure about the 27.5 wheels. http://www.giantdurbanville.co.za/en-za/bikes/model/anthem.27.5.1/24200/88512/ I do mainly cross-country riding, and would like to use the bike for things like Origin of Trails and Wines2Whales. I am 1.76m tall. Opinions please!
  10. Hi Guys, I'm looking at getting into MTbing, particularly like the idea of stage races (W2W, Sani etc.,). Any advice regarding the following bikes would be greatly appreciated: 1. Momsen Vipa AC 2. Giant Anthem 3. Scott Spark 940 Thanks
  11. The Giant Anthem SX is a slacker, plusher and friendlier variation on Giant's cross-country war horse. Click here to view the article
  12. The Anthem SX's party piece is the 120mm travel fork. The frame is unchanged meaning that the additional length of the fork adapts the geometry of the bike compared to the ordinary 100mm Anthem. The head angle is 1 degree slacker and the wheelbase ever so slightly longer than a standard Anthem. These changes make the Anthem SX a more versatile bike with added comfort and easier handling on the descents. The Anthem SX appears to have been equipped with reliability and performance in mind. The suspension features the Fox Float Performance range instead of the Evolution range found on a number of Giant's bikes (a big plus in my opinion). The gearing and brakes are Shimano SLX with a XT clutch rear derailleur to improve shifting and chain security. Giant's Compact range, including a surprisingly decent dropper seatpost, makes up the cockpit. The Giant wheels are wrapped in Schwalbe tyres, Nobby Nic EVO for some grip up front and Racing Ralph EVO at the back. Altogether a good deal at a recommended retail price of R32,950. We only had time for a brief test ride. Being a small frame, the Anthem SX would have been a BMX for any of The Hub staffers, so we recruited a smaller rider for the task. Her initial impressions of the Anthem SX were positive, finding the bike fun and forgiving on the trails. I like to argue that this style of bike is a far better match for many South African cross-country mountain biker's aspirations and abilities than the harsh race inspired bikes that are currently so popular. What do you think? The 2015 Giant Anthem SX will be available through Giant dealers at the beginning of next year. 2015 Giant Anthem SX specification FrameALUXX SL-grade aluminum, 4" Maestro suspension SizesXS, S, M, L, XLForkFox Float CTD Performance w/ 15mm thru-axle, OverDrive steerer, 120mm travel ShockFox Float CTD PerformanceHandlebarGiant Contact, Low rise, 31.8mmStemGiant ContactSeatpostGiant Contact SL Switch-R, 30.9mmSaddleGiant Contact, ForwardShiftersShimano SLX Front DerailleurShimano SLXRear DerailleurShimano XT, Shadow+BrakesShimano SLX, Hydraulic disc, [F] 180mm [R] 160mm Brake LeversShimano SLXCassetteShimano HG81 11x36, 10-speedChainKMC X10CranksetShimano SLX, 24/38Bottom BracketShimano, Press fitRimsGiant P-XC2, Double wallHubsGiant Performance Tracker Disc, 32h, [F] 15mm axle, [R] 135x5mm QR SpokesStainless Steel, 14/15gFront TyreSchwalbe Nobby Nic EVO, Tubeless ready, 27.5x2.25, Folding Rear TyreSchwalbe Racing Ralph EVO, Tubeless ready, 27x2.25, Folding Retail PriceR32,950.00
  13. I live in Jhb. Currently ride a trance 2014 X2, if you had 15k to spend would you buy a second hand anthem or upgrade the trance (fork, dropper post, xt groupset)?
  14. Hi All, I've placed an order for the 2015 Giant Anthem Advanced 29er @ R40,500. Could I get it at a better price? http://www.giant-bicycles.com/_generated/_generated_za/bikes/models/images/800/2015/Anthem_X_Advanced_29er_Comp-Blue.jpg Also, could anyone please confirm the exact Fork version. The specs on the Giant website show: "Float CTD Factory Kashima, 100mm travel, 15mm Thru­Axle, OverDrive Tapered Steerer" This doesn't say whether it is the model with or without the trail adjust!? link to Fox fork specs: http://www.ridefox.com/filter.php?m=bike&t=forks&f1=series&v1=Factory&ref=topnav Any help would be appreciated!
  15. These two bikes were stolen from the Spur MTB Classic at the Post House Vineyard, Somerset West/Stellenbosch (28/09/14): 2014 Giant Anthem 1, baby blue with American Classic Race wheelset and X0 derailleur. 2010 Giant Anthem 1, polished aluminium/blue with Raceface crank and X0 derailleur (among other upgrades). If you have any information, please let me know on 082 883 6910. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Giants 27.5.pdf
  16. Not sure if it is the right place to ask... (moderators are welcome to move it to the right section). I have a Giant Anthem 4 which I want to sell / trade for a Giant Talon (27.5) but I am not sure about what price I should ask for it. Here are the specs: Giant Anthem 4 (year: 2011/12, not sure) Wheel Size: 26" Frame: Large Rims: Alex Rims Tires: Maxxis Crossmark Rear shock: Fox Front shock: Rock Shox Full XTR components (except for the crank which is XT) Stem: Ritchey Carbon Back Derailleur: Ritchey Carbon BBB Grips Shimano M520 pedals Regularly serviced at Dirtopia shop (Stellenbosch)
  17. Hi, so I've ordered a Giant Anthem 27.5 1. I ask my LBS not to build the bike as I would like to this on my own. Will I need a torque wrench? How complete is the bike in the box. From what I've seen on the net, I'll just have to put on pedals, the front wheel, the handlebar already has the shifter and brakes on, just need to connect it to the stem, and lube the chain. Will probably also need to adjust pressure and sag in fork and shock.... Am I missing anything?
  18. Being new to mtb I recently got a 2014 Anthem X29er 1 which I absolutely love . I intend getting the Giant dropper post for it but what would be other worthwhile upgrades for it if any. It's SLX throughout with XT rd. Would any upgrades be noticeable to me with my limited experience in mtb ? Your commets will be greatly appreciated
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