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  1. Not a DOC ride, but I rode with DOC quite regularly to prepare for this one.
  2. Willow Express. https://willowexpress.co.za/
  3. I bought a 100% sunglass frame 6 months ago for use while driving and cycling, been very impressed, I mountain bike at least every weekend and the frame is holding up very well, no visible scratches or damage at all 6 months later, and they feel very durable. I picked the frame up at a bargain price of R900 on Takealot 6 months ago. Cheapest I can find it for now is R1685: https://www.acesports.co.za/products/100-type-s-sunglasses I had them fitted with Yellow tinted lenses and I think they're pretty awesome. The other models I considered in 100% range were the Daze: https://www.acesports.co.za/products/100-daze-sunglasses And the centric: https://www.acesports.co.za/products/100-centric-sunglasses The lenses costed me around R500, but I have a family connection thats an optom. Not sure why the picture is being added to the post upside-down... sorry.
  4. Rode from Rietvlei to a resort on the Vaal River (Deneysville area) on Saturday and rode back on Sunday with a group of really awesome guys. 108km's on Saturday an 91kms on Sunday. What a bloody awesome weekend.
  5. Got here a bit late... 7 years, wonder if this ever materialised, I'm also down the road from Deneysville, in Veekraal
  6. Yeah, so this is what I normally do, except this time, after I sprayed my bike and with the degreaser, and started hosing the bike, we started losing our water pressure due to major water outage in our region, so didn't have enough water to rinse the bike properly.
  7. Not Mr Min per se, but a Furniture Polish seems to have done the trick. Thanks for all the advice.
  8. No, its sort of an all purpose degreaser I'm trying out... I'll try the Mr Min and Polish
  9. Hi Hubbers, Any advice on what I could use to remove this white residue from the paint on my bike. Not sure what's caused it. When I wipe it with a chamois it looks clean but as soon as it dries the residue can be seen again. I'm pretty sure its all over my bike, but its only clearly visible on the black parts.
  10. Doesn't really seem to be a trade in, quote states that my watch is unrepairable, and there is a 0% Discount on the the replacement... so looks like they're just quoting me a on a new Fenix 6 Pro.
  11. Just got a quote of from Garmin for R9,658.85... to replace it with a fenix 6 Pro... WTF?
  12. Yeah, sorry, was lazy go go back and check who it was after I already typed my message. That's not good news... you should send it back.
  13. Had to take my Fenix 3 to Garmin today, watch was switching off everytime I pressed any of the buttons, and the altimeter seemed to have stopped working, wasn't too concerned about the altimeter but the switching off was a problem. Wanted to check here if anybody knows the what the current replacement costs are, I saw it was initially R2k and then I saw someone posted it costed R3k for the replacement.
  14. Yeah, well not directly takealot, items are outsourced from other vendors. Sunnies supplied by 'Pure Endurance Solutions' and the Gloves supplied by 'MC Auto. Takelaot was still cheaper than buying directly from the suppliers though. I bought the gloves with eBucks.
  15. Got me some 100% goodies from takealot. Finally got me a pair of cycling prescription sunnies after many, many years of wanting one.
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