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  1. After turning heads and dividing opinions with the launch of the Grail and its "hover bar" in 2018, Canyon have added a new, more adventure oriented gravel bike dubbed the Grizl. The Grizl builds on the successful formula of the Grail in sticking closely to a geometry mix that Canyon found works well, but amps up the accommodation for burlier tyres - up to 50mm on 700C wheels with 45mm fitted out of the box. The Grizl also brings mounting options on the fork legs, top tube, the usual bottle cage mounts, another below the top tube and a traditional handlebar setup. You should not be short of options when it comes to stowing extra gear, snacks or spares. View full article
  2. We had the opportunity to get a first look at the Grizl on a few rides ahead of the launch to share some initial impressions. While not having the time to do an all out gravel adventure that the Grizl is built for, we did some exploring closer to home to test the capabilities and comfort of the new gravel addition from Canyon. Specification highlights: Our test model is the Canyon Grizl CF SL 8 which comes equipped with two-by Shimano GRX 800, DT Swiss G 1800 wheels, Schwalbe G-One 45mm rubber, Canyon's VCLS 2.0 seatpost and an alloy bar and stem. Weighing in at 9.3kg. At the time of publishing this model would set you back R 71,290 all-in. The combination of more tyre volume and the unique flexy VCLS seatpost do wonders to soak up the bumps. It offers a remarkably smooth and comfortable ride feel. On even the bumpiest rocky or eroded fire roads we encountered, there was no teeth chattering road buzz. In the spirit of “under biking” we threw it up and down a few mid grade single track trails for a bit of fun. It’s still a gravel bike after all so attention to line choice is critical, but the Grizl with the 45mm rubber does well to soak up the odd bump and is an absolute blast through flowy sections. The 160mm brakes are helpful in slowing things down when needed and the bike will support 180mm rotors if you want some extra stopping power when fully loaded. On the tarmac transitions or even an occasional roadie stint, the Grizl does well to maintain some solid road bike composure. Handling is a little more sluggish than an out and out road racer, but it seems to enjoy smoother surfaces just as much as the dirt. Overall the Canyon Grizl ticks all the right boxes when it comes to versatility and adventure. Plenty of mounting options, and a dependable no-nonsense setup with ample tyre clearance. It is a joy to ride and sports its own spark of personality in the unique colour ways on offer. Whether you're after an adventure ready gravel bike or just a versatile any road bike this one is worth a good look. See the press release from Canyon below for some extra detail and insight into the Grizl origin story. Press Release Much has been said of Gravel over recent years - defining, interpreting, trying to put a finger on just what ‘it’ is. But one thing's for sure. Gravel is fully established. And it's here to stay. The Grail In 2018 we entered the Gravel market with the Grail. This is the bike that broke the internet thanks to its iconic Double Decker Cockpit, embodying a typically Canyon approach to a new world of riding. The Grail is a benchmark Gravel bike for how it combines compliance and efficiency. Using carbon’s material properties, we achieve great comfort without resorting to mechanical suspension at both the cockpit and rear end. This is also what makes the Grail one of the lightest Gravel bikes on the market to this day. Our experience with the Grail shows its strengths lie in blurring the lines between on-road efficiency and off-road capability. For those rides with a 50:50 balance between dirt and pavement, the Grail is the perfect tool. Kit it out with fenders and it’s the ideal ride for all-conditions, all-terrain cruising at any time of year. Put simply, the Grail rips. Expanding Gravel With the Grail now well established on the scene, we asked ourselves, what else do modern Gravel riders need? One area we identified was modularity – giving riders the ability to customise their setup to how they want to ride, be that for bike packing, racing, or everyday fooling around, we wanted to give people the choice. On top of that we saw the progression in Gravel riding with riders tackling more technical terrain and getting their kicks from what the cool kids call “underbiking.” We tried it. It was fun. So, could we justify developing a second Gravel family to complement the Grail? Hell yes. Unleashing the Grizl The Grizl is our interpretation of a do-anything, go-anywhere, all-you-might-ever-need Gravel bike. With everything covered for unforgettable rides, from big days out to week-long trips, the Grizl brings tough Swiss Army Knife functionality to our proven performance DNA. The result is a Gravel bike that’s fast across mixed terrain, at home on the rough stuff, and ready for real adventure. Here’s how we made it. One Wheel Size. No Flip Flops. We’ve always been firm believers that if you create a bike to run both 700C tyres and wider 650B setups, then you’ve probably cut a corner somewhere when it comes to geometry. Instead, our approach is to offer the right wheel size to the right rider. Alongside offering seven frame sizes for one of the broadest ranges on the scene, smaller riders (frame sizes 2XS and XS) benefit from fit and handling proportional to their body size with a 650B setup, while the rest of the size range accommodates 700C. 650B for larger riders? Not for us. Any mountain biker can tell you of the debates that have raged on the topic of wheel size over the years, some former friends still don’t talk to this day – it was that bad. After the dust settled one truth remained – larger wheels are faster and roll better. Fact. What about running wider tyres that lead people to run 650B in the first place? We’ll come to that. More Cushion. More Pushin’. If there’s one component that has fuelled the Gravel revolution, it’s advances in tyre technology. Freed from the shackles of calliper brakes, we now have a broader range of widths and tread patterns available than ever. Our logic with the Grizl was simple: the wider your tyres, the more you can get away with when you take the wrong turn onto a black trail. All Grizl models come equipped with 45 mm rubber as standard mounted on tubeless-ready rims. But that’s only half the story – the Grizl will comfortably accommodate big 50 mm tyres mounted on 700C rims (650B only on 2XS and XS) for those wanting to go wider still. For year-round adventuring, fender clearance is guaranteed with a 45 mm setup so you can enjoy the miles even when the weather doesn’t play along. The advantages of added tyre volume are more traction and cushioning when riding over rough terrain, so you can let off the brakes down loose descents. Extra volume also comes into its own for heavier riders, or for anyone riding with packs that add weight to the overall system, providing a greater pressure window to find the balance between comfort, rolling resistance, and not bottoming out against the rim. Yes, there is a slight weight penalty and pay-off in rolling resistance on smoother surfaces compared to a 40 mm tyre found on the Grail, but what the Grizl loses in on-road efficiency it makes up for in off-road capability – this is a bike that wants to get off the beaten track. Mounts You Need. None You Don't. More mounting options is a good thing, but too many and bikes start to look like some voodoo doll nightmare with rivets for needles. With the Grizl we set out to strike a balance with the right number of practical mounts people would actually use. For this, we focussed on the fork with three mounting points for cages and small packs, or extra water bottles. Each leg can carry up to three kilos, and in case you need reminding, it’s handily printed on the side. In the main frame triangle, we added top tube mounts for a more stable interface for top tube bags, cutting out the need for straps, plus we added a third bottle cage mount beneath the down tube (not on SLX models) for tools, spares, or just for more hydration when you’re seven hours into that three-hour ride your buddy planned. Knowing from experience that bolts can go AWOL at the worst possible moments, we’ve subtly printed all the technical specs and recommended torque settings for when you reach the next hardware store. It’s the little things in life. Integrated Clamp & VCLS They say you should never change a winning system, and the combination of our integrated seatpost clamp twinned with flexible 27.2 mm carbon VCLS seatposts provides some of the best rear compliance in the business. This proven system, comprising a simple synthetic insert and set screw construction, securely clamps the post 110 mm below the top of the seat tube to increase bending length, and with it the amount of seatpost deflection over rough terrain. There’s no added mechanical complexity, and it even saves around 15 g over conventional collar clamp systems. Select Grizl models also feature our signature S15 VCLS 2.0 seatposts, with their standout leaf spring construction and floating saddle clamp, ensuring consistent saddle tilt, for even more seated comfort. Add the Grizl’s higher volume tyres into the mix and you get a system that allows you to stay planted and get the power down over rocks and roots while other riders are getting bounced out the saddle. That saves you energy, which is never a bad thing. Proven Gravel Geometry What set the Grail apart (beyond that cockpit) when we launched it was its incredibly balanced geometry. Here was a bike with the mild manners needed to cope with rough and technical terrain, yet didn’t feel sluggish stringing together apexes down twisting tarmac descents. So why change it on the Grizl? Just like the Grail, the Grizl boasts an extended wheelbase, 40mm longer than our Endurace models for added stability and additional clearance for bigger tyres. Complimenting this stability, the Grizl runs shorter stems than our road models, paired with wider bars (80mm and 440mm on size M respectively) for better responsiveness at the controls. Stack and Reach figures also remain unchanged, making the riding position on the Grizl marginally longer and lower than on our Endurace lines, but not as aggressive as on the Ultimate. Solid Construction The Grizl is built to handle off-road punishment by meeting our 1CX testing protocols that go beyond the requirements of standard road bikes. But to make a robust bike you shouldn’t have to sacrifice making a lightweight bike – riding fully loaded or not, every gram saved helps us along the way. Topping out our Grizl line-up, the Grizl CF SLX employs more advanced materials and layup techniques to create a complete frame weight, including paint and small parts, of just 950 g – that puts many dedicated road platforms to shame. In full build, including load-bearing forks and hardy aluminium bar and stem combos, our Grizl CF SLX models tip the scales just above the 8.5 kg mark. Ragging around off-road is fun as it is, but it’s more funner when you have a lightweight setup. Another standout feature on the Grizl is the dropped driveside chainstay construction to allow broader tyre clearance without disrupting the chainrings. This incredibly sleek section of carbon is not only structurally enforced to handle drivetrain forces, but still manages to house internal cable and line routing to the rear derailleur. Gravel Progression It’s an exciting time on the Gravel scene right now. New components are popping up all the time inspired by all kinds of use cases and ride styles; there’s more choice for how you want to build your bike than ever. Because the Grizl is a bike with principles, we ensured modern Gravel riders have the options they require to run the setups they want, which is why we took care of the following: Dropper Post Compatibility For more confidence down technical trails, there’s internal routing through the down tube and seat tube so you can run a dropper if you want. The USA-specific Grizl CF SL 8 1-By even has an 80 mm dropper post equipped as standard. 1-By & 2-By Gearing Options There’s no definitive answer to the 1-by vs. 2-by debate – because both work and when it comes down to it, it’s a matter of taste. The Grizl works with both. Bigger Disc Rotors If you’re riding fully loaded, especially across hilly terrain, you can really benefit from the extra power and control of larger disc rotors. The Grizl comes with 160mm rotors as standard on most sizes, but will also accept 180 mm rotors when needed. Apidura x Canyon Collaboration Packs Whether you’re out for a sunset blast or a longer escapade, the days of trying to stuff everything into sagging jersey pockets are thankfully over. Performance bikepacking gear provides a more convenient and practical way to carry all the spares, nutrition, clothing and other bits we could possibly need close-to-hand on rides long or short. Founded in 2013, Apidura is a pioneer of ultralight, rackless packing systems and has built a strong reputation for lasting quality using technical materials and precision crafting techniques. It’s with good reason Apidura packs can be found on the bikes of many of the world’s best ultra-distance riders, alongside discerning bikepackers the world over. The Apidura x Canyon Collaboration was established to develop a set of packs for the Grizl that can be used for any ride, not just those once-a-year week-long escapes. The Apidura x Canyon Packs are as ready for adventure and as performance oriented as the Grizl. Drawing inspiration from Apidura’s Race and Backcountry Series, the packs are lightweight, waterproof and rugged enough to tackle anything from the hour-long spin before work to a 200-mile gravel race. The range consists of: A 5 Litre Saddle Pack Two sizes of Frame Pack (2.4 Litre for frames 2XS-L, 4 Litre for frames XL-2XL) A 1 Litre Bolt-On Top Tube Pack The set is made from Apidura’s proprietary and ultralight Hexalon material, with a completely waterproof welded construction. Abrasion-resistant panels and mud-proof zips provide enhanced durability and internal lash tabs keep contents secure and rattle free no matter the terrain. The system is tailored to the Grizl for optimal fit and minimal obstruction while riding. Pricing (May 2021) FAQs WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE GRIZL AND THE GRAIL? Both are gravel bikes. The Grail is optimized for smoother off-road surfaces and the Grizl better suited to rougher terrain. The Grail is more efficient on-road but slightly less capable than the Grizl off it, while the Grizl is more comfortable on the rough stuff but not as fast on the smooth. CAN I FIT WIDER TIRES IF I MOUNT 650B WHEELS? No. On frame sizes S-2XL, we optimized the Grizl’s geometry and handling around 700C wheels. When developing the frame, 50 mm was the maximum width we set out to achieve. Even at 650B the maximum width is still 50 mm. So there is no benefit of switching to smaller wheels. HOW MUCH EXTRA CLEARANCE IS THERE IF I FIT 50 MM TIRES? The Grizl can house 50 mm tires with an additional 6 mm of clearance on each side. We do not recommend using bigger tires. This will reduce clearance and can result in paint or even frame damage if mud or grit carried by the tires contact the frame. CAN I UPGRADE THE BRAKES IN ANY WAY? The Grizl comes with 160 mm discs in all sizes. If you want more braking power and control, you can mount 180 mm rotors. 140 mm rotors are not compatible. IS THE FRAME ONE-BY COMPATIBLE? Yes, all frames are one-by and two-by compatible. IS THE FRAME DI2 COMPATIBLE? Only the SLX version (R083-01) is Di2 compatible. This frame has a battery mount inside the downtube and front derailleur cable exit in the seat tube. This is why SLX frames don’t have a third bottle cage mount underneath the down tube. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE IN GEOMETRY BETWEEN THE GRAIL AND THE GRIZL? We apply the same geometry concept to both bikes. In terms of handling, both the Grail and Grizl have significantly longer wheelbases than the Endurace road bike, 40mm on a size M, for extra stability on rough surfaces. To keep the steering responsive, we offset this with 20 mm shorter stems than on our road models, while 20 mm wider bars increase leverage for steering input, and ensure more balance when things get bumpy.
  3. Hi Hubbers, I would like to state from the outset that this is not a scathing review of Canyon nor is this intended to sway you from making a purchase. Rather, I'd like this to be an informative post that you can take into consideration when making your bike purchase. I speak here, purely, on the Aeroad model from Canyon. A little background... I purchased my Canyon April-May this year. I was absolutely blown away by their prices and components, not just on the Aeroad but on ALL of their bikes. Including the 30% tax and duty charge (15% each), the Aeroad at my door came to a rough R78K. This was the 8.0 Model with Reynolds full carbon wheels and Ultegra Di2. Finding anything close to this locally would have set me back +100K! So it seemed a no-brainer to buy the Aeroad. I am happy to explain the import process but thats not the point of this post. All in all bike arrived relatively hassle free. I loved the bike! looked great, rode even better! After the second or 3rd ride I noticed a small hairline crack in my top tube, just forward of the seat-post. I emailed Canyon with images. They made me cut the old frame in half and sent me a new frame free of charge. No import duty or tax. All canyon's responsibility - I was very impressed. Had the bike rebuilt and continued my riding. A couple of weeks later I noticed another crack very similar to the first - in the same place. I was devastated and contacted Canyon again and with very little questions asked they replaced my frame in a similar manner as the first time around. Again I was amazed at the service I received. Bike was rebuilt again. About a month ago I was going down Sandton Drive (A regular road on a regular route here in Johannesburg) I got into an aero-tuck as I, and everyone else does when getting to this part of our regular course. The road surface is a normal (for South Africa) tarred road. I was in the aero-tuck on the top tube half way down the descent and heard my frame crack underneath me as i went over a rougher surface of the road... Suddenly everything came together and I realised what happened to the last 2 frames! This is where my email string picks up... I am 86kg. 1.83m... (relevance to follow) Hi ***. My Canyon Aeroad frame has cracked on the top tube again! This is now the 3rd time this has happened. I was descending on the top tube this morning and I heard it crack. This is very frustrating and now the 3rd time this has happened. I understand the top tube is not as strong as the other parts of the frame but surely it should not crack? You have world tour riders on the same frame and they spend a lot of time on the top tube. I did not expect this when I bought this bicycle. It’s very disappointing. This is now the 3rd time and I am frustrated and I am starting to run out of patience with this issue. I also have to pay every time for my bike to be be stripped and rebuilt when you send a new frame. I spent a lot of money on a ‘top line’ aero bike and if I can’t optimize my aero position by sitting on the top tube when I’m descending then what’s the point? Please get back to me as soon as possible. See images attached. Regards Service Center | Canyon Bicycles GmbH via z9vvaoxyfx1jnn.0y-lcabuac.eu11.bnc.salesforce.com to meHi ***, thank you for your email. First of all I would like to apologise for our late response. Thank you also for freely admitting, that you have been sitting on your top tube whilst riding, as this is not covered under our warranty or guarantee, as this is not considered a normal use for a bicycle. Under normal riding conditions only very minor forces are led through the top tube which is why it is not designed to withstand considerably larger forces like a riders body weight. Whilst it is of course very tempting to mimic what pro riders are doing it should always be considered, that on the one hand they are usually much more experienced regarding bike handling and many do not actually sit on the top tube but rather hover over it keeping tension in the legs. Also when winning a stage nets you 11000 € risking an expensive frame in the process is usually worth it. Regarding the circumstances we can only offer you a new frame under our crash replacement program. (a small discount on a frame only) Kind regards, *** Servicecenter <>Tue 21 Aug, 10:47 (6 days ago) to ServiceHi ***,Thank you for your reply. I, however, can not accept this response. I found your email brash and somewhat offensive. If this is the way you talk to your customers and your target market then my perceptions of Canyon are way off. Firstly I am a Cat 1 rider. This is one level under a domestic pro here in South Africa. I know how to ride a bicycle. Comparing me to a pro and suggesting I have damaged my frame due to a lack of skill or knowledge is offensive. I also find it hard to believe that on long descents riders would choose take tension in his legs the whole time. But that's just my opinion and I'm not a pro so what would I know... right? I rode a Giant before this, had it for 2 years, sat on the top tube all the time and never experienced this issue. I have friends on Cannondale, Specialized, BMC, Trek (all of which make aero frames) - who descend on their top tubes and they have never had issues. I thought of Canyon to be part of the top brand manufacturers but if your bicycle frames break easily like this then I'm starting to doubt my assumptions. If you (Canyon) know the Aeroad to be so very weak in this area then why is it not communicated clearly to potential buyers? Why is there not a disclaimer upon checkout or even better a 'DO NOT SIT' sticker on the top tube? I could only imagine the drop in sales if this 'fault' in your design was communicated clearly. I spent a lot of time and energy searching for a new bicycle. I could have chosen anything but the look and 'value' of the canyon settled my choice. If this 'cracking' is par for the course with the Aeroad frame then I am really starting to regret my bike choice. On top of this I paid 30% duty and tax to bring the bike in. I could have easily bought something locally and if it was communicated to me that my top tube will break that is exactly what I would have done. Its not as easy for us in South Africa to get bikes from you than it is for people in Europe and I went through the effort and admin because I perceived your quality to be up there with the best. You referred to the fact that pro's earn 11000 euro for a stage win so breaking a frame is worth it. This seems, to me, to confirm the fact that your frames crack like this regularly. If this is the quality standard that you strive for at Canyon then this is very disappointing. I am very saddened by all of this. I loved my Aeroad, I really did. This reply from youl has left a bitter taste in my mouth and if anyone asked me my opinion about the Aeroad I would have to be honest and say; "Yeah its a nice bike but your top tube will break if you sit on it". For a direct-to-customer business model I was absolutely shocked at this response. This could really impact your sales. I ride with a huge group of people here in South Africa - a mix of pro's and amateurs, managers and directors, team owners and sponsors - they have all been through this with me and have seen the response I have received and they too have been amazed. After hearing good things from Canyon I'm sure some of them will be having second thoughts. If this top tube crack is not as regular as you have made it out to be and it is a factory fault or a carbon mold fault, then I want a new frame. If this is as regular as your email reply suggests then I am out of suggestions and dont know what to do and I'd hope that you have an answer for me. I dont want to have to go to social media and forums about this for advice. I hope to receive a reply from you in which you actually have your main target market and customers interests in mind. Regards Service Center | Canyon Bicycles GmbH via uyetr4x8vodhu.0y-lcabuac.eu17.bnc.salesforce.com to meDear ***, thank you for your email from the 21st of August 2018. We apologise, if you considered the answer from our Servicecenter as brash. It is not our intention to treat our customers rude. But as my colleagues from the Technical Support informed you already, in the present case we only can offer you our Crash Replacement Service, because such an issue is not covered under our warranty / guarantee. Since the sending of your bike for check to our Canyon workshop in Germany seems not to be a viable option for you, we can give you the addresses of two service partners in South Africa, which you can contact regarding that issue. Shop Name: John O Connor Cycles Address: 3, Aquarius Building, Rothesay Pl, Mouille Point, Cape Town, 8005, Südafrika Phone: +27 21 434 7741 Website www.joccycles.co.za/ Shop Name: BMT Bike Shop Address: Black Horse Centre, C/o Dorp and Market Street, Stellenbosch, 7600, Südafrika Phone: +27 21 887 3417 Website bmtsa.co.za/ Kind regards, *** Customer Relationship Management ______________________________________ I was absolutely shocked at their reply to my very lengthy email. They didn't answer any of my questions. I understand they would never admit that there is a problem with their frame but I fear that their silence regarding my email does just this. It seems to me that manufacturers are trying to save weight anywhere they can with these new age aero frames and they end up compromising their bikes so much that they sit on such a fine line between beneficial and detrimental I would love to hear your guys thoughts and opinions and if anyone has experienced issues like this with their Canyon or even with other bikes. Again I dont want to be scathing but If I had this information at hand when I was making a decision I most likely would not have bought the Aeroad and I hope that potential buyers would appreciate the information. Thanks for taking the time to read this post Cheers
  4. On Tuesday, 2 March, at one of the opening classic races "Le Samyn", a part of the handlebar of our Alpecin-Fenix pro Mathieu van der Poel (NED) quite obviously broke off during the race. Experts from the Canyon development and quality management departments immediately began analysis and testing to understand the cause of this incident. The affected cockpits (CP0018 and CP0015) are only installed on the current Aeroad models CF SLX and CFR. The Aeroad CF SL model is not in any way affected by this issue. Click here to view the article
  5. "Mathieu fortunately did not fall. We want to ensure with absolute certainty that no one comes to harm before we have fully understood the root cause" says Roman Arnold, founder of Canyon Bicycles. Canyon is therefore informing all affected Aeroad customers and asking them to stop using their bike for the time being. "We are doing everything we can to equip the affected Aeroad models as quickly as possible with a cockpit that meets both our and our customers' demands for total quality and safety," emphasises Armin Landgraf, CEO of Canyon Bicycles. It has also already been decided that all professional teams will switch to alternative bikes with immediate effect. Until further notice, the pro sport athletes will be using the previous model of Aeroad or the current Ultimate.
  6. Since its launch in July 2014, the previous Aeroad delivered an unprecedented combination of aerodynamics, comfort, stiffness, lightness - all built around an aggressive geometry. In short, it was one of the most complete road bikes ever made. And yet, the new Aeroad's performance figures eclipse it in every way. It's up to 74 watts faster. Up to 170 g lighter. Up to 14% stiffer. And all that with absolutely no drawbacks when it comes to the bike's celebrated levels of comfort. These outstanding results were achieved over a highly intensive three-year development period, during which our development departments worked in close collaboration with external partners, such as the aerodynamics experts at Swiss Side. However, it was never our goal to build the fastest bike in the wind tunnel — but to create a bike that was better overall and in every way. And the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our pro riders such as Mathieu van der Poel, Alejandro Valverde, Warren Barguil and Lisa Klein is testament to our success. The Aeroad CF SLX and — for the first time! - Aeroad CFR come with the revolutionary, all-new CP0018 Aerocockpit, which features 15 mm of height adjustability without the need to alter the steerer tube length. This lets the rider raise up or slam the cockpit as many times as needed through the season, depending on riding scenario — training or racing, in groups or solo. In addition, the CP0018 is also width-adjustable up to 20 mm wider or narrower from the standard width as delivered. This unique feature, in addition to bike fit benefits, offers another advantage: to pack the new Aeroad ready for travel, the two cockpit ends can simply be folded down with no need to remove the handlebar. All three versions - CF SL, CF SLX, and CFR - will feature the newly developed SP0046 seatpost, which is even more aerodynamic and just as comfortable as its predecessor. What's more, with their state-of-the-art design, the Aeroad CF SLX and CFR also have completely integrated cables and wires, with the CF SL featuring the tried-and-tested cockpit from the Aeroad RO50. The Aeroad CF SL also offers frame size-specific wheel sizing: sizes 2XS and the CF SL-exclusive 3XS roll on 650B wheels, so smaller riders also benefit from the Aeroad's same outstanding riding dynamics. The Aeroad CF SLX and CFR feature 700C wheels across all sizes, up to the largest size, 2XL. And thanks to chainstays that are 5 mm shorter, and a combination of a 25 mm front and 28 mm rear tyre, the new Aeroad is even more agile. In terms of geometry, all three Aeroad platforms are identical. Visit Canyon.com for all the Aeroad model details, specifications, and pricing.
  7. Press Release In July 2014, Canyon unveiled the Aeroad CF SLX, a bike that would move the aero road bike game on considerably. Until this day, the Aeroad CF SLX has been held as a benchmark for overall aero road bike performance. It united clear aero­ dynamic gains, comfort, stiffness, lightness and an aggressive geometry in ways the competition had yet to succeed in doing. This generation of the Aeroad is arguably one of the most complete road racing bikes ever created. Click here to view the article
  8. Canyon stands for “Pure Cycling”, which Founder & CEO Roman Arnold has kept in firm view since day one of his company: “’Pure Cycling is about giving every rider in the world access to the best bike possible. It’s not just about winning awards for technical innovation, or the outstanding value our direct sales concept offers. Instead, riders who would not normally be able to get their hands on high performance products where they live can come directly to us, and we can give them what they want.” Canyon delivers pre-assembled bikes directly to riders’ homes in their patented Canyon Bike Guard. In just a few steps out of the box, the bike is ready-to-ride. South African mountain biking pro, Erik Kleinhans of Canyon Topeak Factory Racing, has competed on Canyon since 2016. “It’s super exciting that Canyon is now directly available in my home country. I can truly vouch for the performance of their bikes after racing their Exceed CF SLX and Lux CF models around the world the past three seasons. Now we are building for the start of the Absa Cape Epic in mid-March, right on my doorstep, where I hope we can deliver some great results!” Canyon products are distributed around the world and are regularly singled out for recognition by the global cycling press and beyond in general interest media. The brand is famed for its engineering-first approach and devotion to simple, precise and dynamic designs. Recently, Canyon received the prestigious title, “Red Dot: Design Team of the Year,” becoming the first bike brand ever to win the award.
  9. Canyon Bicycles GmbH will expand its portfolio of distributing nations with the addition of South Africa, a country of riding enthusiasts that shows high demand for quality, German-engineered bikes. As pioneers of online direct sales in the bike industry, South African riders will have direct access to the entire Canyon product range of award-winning road, mountain, triathlon, urban, fitness and kids bikes via the company’s website, www.canyon.com. Every order will be handled centrally at Canyon’s Global Service Center in Germany, with bikes then assembled and shipped directly to riders in South Africa from the Canyon Factory in Koblenz. Click here to view the article
  10. For five years in a row it went unbeaten at Kona, carrying Jan Frodeno and Patrick Lange through the bike split in fine fashion on their way to World Championship victory. It featured in a long-distance world record-setting performance, it holds three European titles, and is a two-time 70.3 world champion. A new benchmark But how do you make such a successful bike even faster and better? How do you improve on its incredible aerodynamics? How do you take outstanding details like the bike’s integrated storage and nutrition solutions, and raise them to an even higher level?Thanks to our many years of experience, and the expertise gained through our continuous improvement of the Speedmax CF SLX, we pinpointed early on the key aspects of the bike we needed to optimise. We‘ve been working together in an almost unchanged team for 10 years. Developing the third generation SpeedMax with virtually the same team has taken us another step forward. We were clear, right from the beginning, that we wanted to set a new standard. We’ve never stopped improving our bikes – and between the season’s big races we tested many features together with our top athletes. Wolfgang Kohl – Product Engineer, Speedmax Construction From the beginning of the development process, one thing was clear: we wanted to make the world’s most successful triathlon bike even better. By providing more configuration options, optimised aerodynamics, even more innovative integration solutions and storage spaces with a more refined design, the bike had to provide the athlete every possible performance advantage imaginable. To achieve this goal, we collaborated with more performance partners than ever before – all experts in their field. In total, we worked with 11 different organisations, including renowned names such as ergonomics experts Ergon, Swiss Side for aerodynamics, and Hydrapak for the drinks system. We have also worked hand-in-hand with the Artefakt design agency since the development of the first Speedmax in 2010 – and they had an import- ant influence on the design language of the new Speedmax. The expertise of our partners united with our own years of experience and expertise in carbon engineering and design has resulted in a bike that meets the demands of the most exacting athletes. It has all the attributes required to excel in modern triathlon racing, such as super-efficient aerodynamics, easy adjustability, and a high level of integration. Speed & Control Aerodynamics Swiss Side is one of the world’s leading authorities in aerodynamics, calling on many years of experience in F1. The Speedmax underwent the most comprehensive aerodynamic development process of any bike ever at Swiss Side’s facilities. A key challenge is to optimise aerodynamics while also maintaining the bike’s stiffness-to-weight ratio. Thanks to the constant dialogue between Swiss Side and Canyon engineers, these performance factors are balanced on the new bike – achieving the best overall system performance. An example of this was replacing the external nutrition and storage system with a fully integrated solution. In general, the Speedmax disc’s high integration levels create top aerodynamic values, making this bike even faster than its predecessor. In the wind tunnel, we measured the following watt savings compared to the previous Speedmax: For the bike alone: a saving of 8.9 w For the bike with ferdi (dummy): a saving of 8.0 w With professional athletes, we achieved savings of 9–10 watts A highly intensive CFD development process: a total of 456 CFD test runs and 97 validation runs in the wind tunnel made a decisive contribution to the creation and form of the current Speedmax. Disc Brakes Here at Canyon, we take the time we need to do things properly. When it came to building a disc triathlon bike, we weren’t prepared to make any compromises. Our aim was to create the best triathlon bike of its time. That’s why all our Speedmax platforms feature disc models with the signature Canyon ride feel, and the extra control that only disc brakes can provide. It’s not that disc brakes give you more braking power. It’s that they provide more control through more precise braking modulation. Equipped with disc brakes, the Speedmax is now at the cutting edge of cycling technology. Riding Dynamics Three factors are essential when it comes to creating optimal riding dynamics: a low total weight, the right weight distribution, and minimal sidewind sensitivity. To keep the total weight within an acceptable range despite the additional weight of the disc brakes, we had to make the frameset – including all storage and hydration solutions – lighter. Achieving optimal weight distribution was even more important than reducing the bike’s total weight. We repositioned the toolkit and water hydration bladder to bring the centre of gravity down much lower, to minimize the torque created by the mass of the bike. This makes the handling more agile. One challenge we faced when improving the aerodynamics was keeping crosswind sensitivity as low as possible while making the best possible use of the sailing effect. We achieved this by integrating the Bento Box and the hydration system into the frame, reducing the surface area of the handlebars and fork. We equip all XS size Speedmax bikes with 650B wheels, so smaller riders can also benefit from the bike’s outstanding riding dynamics. Fit & Comfort High levels of adjustability The latest-generation Speedmax takes things to a new level when it comes to the flexibility of its setup options.Such a wide range of positions has never been possible before. As body positioning possibilities are limited on triathlon bikes, getting the perfect cockpit setting is crucial. The Speedmax comes with all the parts riders need to achieve their perfect riding position for maximum efficiency. The athlete or a bike fitter can dial in the various adjustment options themselves without needing help from a mechanic. Speedmax fitting kit. Comfort Triathletes often have to stay in the same position on the bike for hours. This means that comfort is crucial and has a direct effect on performance. In cooperation with the ergonomic experts at Ergon, we have considerably improved levels of comfort at all contact points between rider and bike.A new geometry concept gives all riders – from beginners to pros – a wider range of adjustment, so they can reach their ideal, most comfortable position. Due to the bike’s high adjustability levels, every rider can find their individual position for an even more comfortable riding experience. The bike’s armpads and grips, developed together with Ergon, offer top levels of grip and comfort. Combined with the bike’s high degree of adjustability, they guarantee huge comfort over the longest of distances. For Canyon, the concept of comfort also includes creating the most hassle-free experience possible when living with the bike. Thanks to our many years of experience as a partner of the world’s most successful triathletes, we know that athletes need a bike they can transport easily to races. Even from the bike’s development phase, we paid to making the bike as easy to transport as possible. There is also a specially designed bike bag available for the Speedmax, which lets the owner transport the bike easily. This embodies a further aspect of our ‘System Complete’ concept. The Speedmax is shipped in its own specially developed Bike Guard box, guaranteeing that the bike reaches the buyer safely, and that assembly is as easy as possible. Take a look at the full Speedmax range on Canyon.com
  11. Press Release In 2015 we launched the rim brake Speedmax. And ever since, it has achieved a level of success unmatched and unsurpassed in the world of triathlon. Continuously improved by our engineers, it has helped the best athletes in the world achieve the greatest success in our sport Click here to view the article
  12. Canyon Lux MY21 The Lux is quite simply one of the fastest and most capable cross-country racing machines to see World Cup action. The Lux has carried racers to victory at the ABSA Cape Epic, Leadville 100, Nové Město, Val di Sole, Snowshoe, Lenzerheide, and, most recently, the World Championships at Mont Sainte Anne. For 2021, Lux returns dressed to kill in component kits normally reserved for bikes with much higher price tags. Lux CF SLX 9 Team Lux CF SLX 9 Ltd Lux CF SLX 9 All Lux models feature a full carbon frame, 29-inch wheels, 100mm of rear suspension travel, and a host of smart features including a frame-saving Impact Protection Unit, Quixle tool-less, rear thru-axle, integrated chain guide, ultralight DT Swiss dropper post, and space within the front triangle for two water bottle cages. While all Lux models sport remarkably light carbon frames, Canyon does offer two different grades of carbon Lux chassis. CF SLX models feature lighter (1,662 grams, size Medium) frames and 100mm-travel forks, making them perfectly suited to racers who strive for the lightest, most aggressive setup with steeper angles and faster handling. Lux CF 8 Lux CF 7 WMN Lux CF 7 Lux CF 6 For more trail-oriented races, riders will appreciate having a bit more front suspension travel to spare. Lux CF models are the ideal choice here thanks to 110mm-travel forks, which provide more cushion and control, while also slackening the head angle by 0.5° for more stable handling at speed. All Lux models combine outstanding pedaling efficiency and truly capable descending chops. Whether you are looking to dominate every race or simply be the first rider to the top of the next climb, the Lux is the perfect choice. Take a look at the full Lux range and colour options on Canyon's website. Canyon Neuron MY21 Speed, efficiency, outstanding control and capability across challenging terrain — the Neuron is the answer for riders seeking one trail bike that can do it all. A truly universal mountain bike, the Neuron range features options for everyone - including a kids’ Young Hero bike, highly robust aluminium models, and carbon bikes built for uncompromisingly high performance. And fresh for 2021, the Neuron is getting a range of updates - including a whole new model, the high-end carbon fibre Neuron CF Ltd. Conceptualised in collaboration with DT Swiss and limited to a total 100 models worldwide, the bike features 140 mm of fork travel. The bike's component list is also outstanding, with DT Swiss providing a 535 One-series fork and shock and superlight XMC1200 carbon wheels. Parts from SRAM and RaceFace round out the R88,999 package. Neuron CF Ltd. Across the rest of the Neuron CF range, a wide selection of bikes feature new colours and refreshed component sets. For example, the CF 8 has been almost completely overhauled, now with a 140 mm Pike fork and Deluxe Select+ shock from RockShox, GX drivetrain and G2 brakes from SRAM, DT Swiss wheels, and Schwalbe Hans Dampf tyres. Neuron CF SLX Neuron CF 9 SL Neuron CF 9 Neuron CF 9 WMN Aluminium Neuron models feature 130 mm front and rear travel across the entire range for optimally balanced handling, with unisex models now fitted with one-by drivetrains with larger 32-tooth chainrings (WMN and Young Hero models keep their 30-tooth chainrings), as well as Schwalbe tyres. Several bikes will have new components - such as the Neuron AL 7 and Neuron AL 7 WMN, which newly have Shimano XT drivetrains and SLX brakes. Furthermore, the Neuron Young Hero is now available in two sizes - 2XS and XS - so more kids can get started on the trail. Neuron CF 8 Neuron AL 7 Neuron AL 7 WMN Neuron AL Young Hero Take a look at the full Neuron range and colour options on Canyon's website. Canyon Spectral MY21 For years, Canyon's 150 mm-travel full-suspension Spectral has been proving itself as the ultimate trail bike. As agile as possible, as stable as you want, perfectly balanced and poised out on the trail. And for the 2021 season, the Spectral is getting updated specs and fresh colours. Spectral CF 9 All 2021 models will feature Ergon’s premium SM10 Enduro saddle and new tyre setups. To retain the bike's signature agile riding dynamics, the Spectral will still roll on 27.5-inch wheels with 30 mm internal rim widths. But for 2021, they will now be newly wrapped in 2.4" MAXXIS rubber for top trail traction in all conditions. Depending on model, the bikes will feature 160 mm (Fox) or 150 mm (RockShox) forks, with all bikes bringing 150 mm rear travel to the trail. Alongside the unisex models, the Spectral range also features several WMN bikes, specially developed for female trail riders. The bikes are built around a women’s-specific geometry and have a range of specially selected components, including more sensitively tuned suspensions, special frame designs, adapted handlebar widths, and women's saddles. Spectral CF 8 Spectral CF 7 Spectral WMN CF 7 Alongside the classic all-black Stealth look, unisex Spectral bikes are available in two new colour combinations for 2021: Non Forest and the darker New Violet. There are two new WMN bike colours, too: Sprint Mint and Soft Coral. The bikes retain their range of smart design details, such as specially sealed bearings for maximum longevity, a protective downtube cover, noise-free cable routing, and an integrated seatpost clamp. Optional accessories like the Frame Case and the Eject Hydration bottle holder round out the package, providing storage space and refreshment on the trail. Spectral WMN 6 Spectral 6 Spectral 5 Take a look at the full Spectral range and colour options on Canyon's website.
  13. The Exceed CFR Team. CFR - This Is The New Speed Of Light The new Exceed CFR (Canyon Factory Racing) possesses one of the lightest production frames on earth. Bold claims aside, here are the facts: Our premier, carbon CFR frame tips the scales at a mere 835 grams. That’s astonishing. More to the point, it’s what gets you to the top of the climb and across the finish line first. Enter The Unicorn The CFR is one of the very few bikes in the world to utilise something we call “unicorn hair” — an uncommon carbon fibre (Toray M40X) that is so cost prohibitive and hard to come by that it’s rarely used in the cycling industry. We also call the stuff unicorn hair because it is both stiff and strong. In the world of carbon fibre, that’s an even rarer thing...and it’s what enabled us to make the CFR so damn light. Generally speaking, particularly strong carbon fibres are not particularly stiff and stiff fibres are not particularly strong. Because unicorn hair is both strong and stiff, we can add fewer reinforcing fibres to the frame and create an astonishingly lightweight bike without sacrificing strength or stiffness. Light plus strong, plus stiff...equals victory. Cutting Edge Carbon... For All We believe every rider should have the best possible bike no matter their budget. That principle is one of the things that sets Canyon apart and it’s why every Canyon Exceed frame possesses the same core features and is built using the same carbon moulding process. All the geeky bells and whistles you’ll find on the Canyon Factory Racing “CFR” model (including our exacting tube profiles, integrated seatpost clamp, Impact Protection Unit, dropper post compatibility, Quixle, etc) are also featured on our more afford- able models. So, what’s the actual difference between the Exceed CFR, SLX, and CF frame platforms? The exact blend of carbon materials and composite layup differ, yielding very similar stiffness and ride quality, but at varying stiffness to weight ratios. Or to be less nerdy about it, as you go up the line, the frames get lighter. All frame weights below are for size Medium and (per the DIN standard) include artwork, chain suck plate, chainstay protector, integrated seatpost clamp, and universal derailleur hanger. CFR FRAME WEIGHT: 835G SLX FRAME WEIGHT: 1,015G CF FRAME WEIGHT: 1,312G Complete Control It’s no secret–World Cup cross country courses have gotten rowdy. That’s why we gave the new Exceed a thoroughly modern yet balanced geometry that boosts your control on tough terrain while still proving quick and nimble through the tightest trails. In practical terms, we slackened the head angle to 69 degrees, increased the reach 10 millimetres, moved to 80 millimetre stems on all frame sizes, and shortened the rear centre 2 millimetres. The end result is a bike that’s both confident on tough descents and an absolute rocket on steep climbs and through tight corners. Stellar Handling, In Every Size It’s a simple principle: your bike should fit you — not the other way around. And, yet, frame geometry is often com- promised if you’re either short or tall. The Exceed boasts stellar handling in every frame size. The new Exceed features 29er wheels and room for two water bottles, even in the new XS size, which fits riders down to 158cm (5’2”). What’s more, we continue to equip the Exceed with frame size specific chainstays. Chainstay length grows on Large and X Large frames, giving riders of all heights ideal weight distribution and superior handling. Built For Speed While we obsessed over every detail of the new Exceed frame, we paid just as keen attention to each component fitted to that frame. CFR and SLX models feature a new, full carbon mountain bike cockpit that tidies up your handlebar/front end while providing you with an aero- dynamic riding position that shaves precious seconds from your best efforts. What’s more, we partnered with DT Swiss to create ultra-light dropper posts specifically for the Exceed. The novel droppers are available in carbon (CFR) and aluminium (SLX) and provide racers with 60mm of seat height adjustability. More to the point, the DT Posts are among the lightest production dropper posts available today, weighing in at 390 grams (carbon post with remote) and 420 grams (alloy post with remote). We build every Exceed to be that rare combination of uncompromising performance and outstanding value. The Exceed CFR LTD. Every Detail Matters Every Exceed is loaded with smart details that tangibly improve performance. Frame Protection Our Impact Protection Unit (IPU) protects the Exceed’s carbon frame by preventing the handlebars from over rotating into the top tube. We refined the IPU on the new Exceed, reducing its size and integrating it even more neatly within the frame. Swank Clamp, Less Mess We streamlined the new Exceed with an integrated seatpost clamp. Likewise, we reduced the potential for mud build up by equipping the Exceed with sludge shedding tube profiles, adopted from our World Championship winning Inflite cyclocross bike. Clean Cable Routing The new Exceed even takes tidy cable routing to a higher level. A novel headset design enables us to route the cables within the headset. This, in turn, allows for tighter cable routing with no loss in shifting performance or binding sensation in the steering. The end result is less cockpit clutter, a lighter steering feel, and a design that ultimately enabled us to create a lighter, stiffer headtube. A Truly Universal Derailleur Hanger We equipped the Exceed with a universal DERAILLEUR HANGER that protects your derailleur during impacts (by pivoting back and out of the way), improves day to day shifting performance and works with all drivetrains, should you upgrade at some point in the future. Stiff, Precise, and Simple Our Quixle through axle design boosts stiffness yet tucks neatly into the axle, providing easy, tool-free wheel removal.
  14. Press release The original Exceed was raced to World Championship victory, shattered the course record at Leadville, and repeatedly rocketed to World Cup podiums at Albstadt, Cairns, Nove Mesto, and Val di Sole. How do you improve on all that? Like this. The all new Exceed is lighter, stiffer, and carries you over rough courses with absolute control. Click here to view the article
  15. The Canyon ZCC team competes in a striking team kit that is designed and produced by Canyon. Photo: René Zieger The team has become famous in racing circles not only for its results but also for its striking kit, which the riders wear whilst racing in real life and in Zwift. The design and inspiration for the kit takes its visual inspiration from the early rave era in the 90s – an inspiration directly reflected in the team’s first photoshoot. “It’s about being different to the mainstream and embracing the freedom that comes with that. eRacing is still in its infancy, but we have always seen its potential and are excited to be pioneering the future of the sport”, says Team Manager Rhys Howell. At Canyon we truly value innovation and progress. Therefore it's only natural that we're fully committed to eRacing and want to stay right at the front as this new sport evolves. Simon Summerscales, Head of Marketing & Brand To celebrate the launch of the team, Canyon will release a limited number of 50 replica team kits that will be sold exclusively through its website canyon.com. These will be available to purchase from May 7th on. The team is fully equipped with everything they need to compete at the highest level. Photo: René Zieger The team consists of 10 riders made up by a women’s and men’s squad, currently with 5 members each. Each rider is provided with an Aeroad CF SL, striking team kit direct from Canyon along with allowances for travel to events. Wahoo Fitness are the trainer sponsor and provide each rider with a Kickr, Headwind, Tickr and Climb, with Nuun providing nutrition. The team competes in races exclusively online on platforms such as Zwift, complete with a race radio and DS giving instructions and providing information throughout the race. In a very short space of time, we have built an incredibly close-knit team of riders who share our vision to build the ultimate eRacing team. This is just the beginning. Rhys Howell, Team Manager WMN Squad + Kristin Falck (NOR)* + Eva Buchholz (GER)* + Siri Hildonen (NOR) + Nathalie Eklund (SWE) + Laura van Regenmortel (NED)MEN Squad + Alex West (NZL) + Steve Young (GBR) + James Phillips (WAL) + Lionel Vujasin (BEL)* + Philipp Diegner (GER) *Denotes Zwift National Champion. Canyon is committed to the development of eRacing and is excited about the potential of this new variation in cycling. Therefore, the Canyon R&D team in close coordination with the testing and quality engineers, are currently working on new testing procedures to ensure the compatibility of all frame platforms for use on indoor trainers. Our warranty and guarantee guidelines will be revised accordingly as soon as the technical requirements have been met.
  16. The Sender CFR debuts as two complete models: the Fox-Shimano equipped Sender CFR FMD (R 83,999) and the RockShox-Sram equipped Sender CFR (R 102,999). Sender CFR FMB Sender CFR The Sender CFR's geometry gives riders with what it takes to win on modern DH courses. The longer wheelbase increases stability at high speeds. Adjustable reach and chain-stay length give the Sender CFR unrivalled versatility, enabling riders to tune the bike to their ride style or to the demands of the day's track. The MY21 Sender CFR rolls on big wheels, increasing rider speed through rocks and roots. Large and XL versions get the full 29er treatment. Small and Medium models go “mullet” (29" up front, 27.5" out back) for the win. The mullet option provides shorter riders with many of the same roll-over benefits, while providing them with crucial clearance on steeper courses. We shaved more than 600 grams from the carbon Sender chassis yet maintained the durability needed to withstand seasons of abuse. Carbon chain and seat-stays, a new shock-mount location, and precise shaping of every bit of the bike helped us cut weight without sacrificing strength or durability. Excessive pedal kickback tires riders and reduces your suspension's effectiveness. After years of research and testing, Canyon optimised the Sender CFR’s kinematics to reduce pedal kickback to levels that are virtually undetectable on the trail. End result? The new Sender CFR is remarkably fast and smooth through the nastiest sections of trail! We designed more progressivity into the Sender CFR's kinematics, allowing you to ride hard and fast (and to sometimes come up short) without blowing through your rear suspension travel.
  17. Equally excited, Ariane says “It was a tremendous success for me to get the support of leading bike brand, Canyon. The Canyon Lux is my dream bike, really. Having ridden the Lux on the Stellenbosch trails, it became evident as to why this bike has been ridden to multiple World Cup and World Championship honours this past season. The geometry makes climbing incredibly comfortable and efficient, while the rear suspension and dropper post gives a lot of confidence on the descents. A seemingly simple, but all the more important feature of the Lux, is that I can fit two big bottles into the frame. In the heat, this will serve as a huge advantage at the Momentum Health Tankwa Trek and this year’s Absa Cape Epic.” The 36- year old Swiss superstar, who has a masters degree in Sport Science, ads: “I love Canyon’s very own approach to engineering bikes. It fits perfectly with my Swiss flair for functionality and precision.” Erik Kleinhans, Market Manager of Canyon South Africa, is looking forward to being associated with Lüthi once more: “It has been five years since Ariane and I worked together, where we had a very high success rate on the XCM racing scene. Since then Ariane continued her positive career path with a few Cape Epic, Swiss National and many more titles. Being a well-known personality in the MTB fraternity, a spokesperson for women’s cycling and the Spur MTB School’s League, I’m convinced she will be a great asset to Canyon.” In March, Lüthi will once again target a podium spot at the Absa Cape Epic. In preparation for the world’s premier mountain bike stage race, she will participate in the Momentum Health Tankwa Trek, taking place in the Western Cape within a week’s time. Lüthi will make her 2020 season debut alongside 21-year old German rider, Lia Schievers. The 2018 European Marathon Championships bronze medallist has made the continental and Swiss national marathon titles her primary goals for June. Thereafter she will shift her focus to the World Marathon Championships taking place in Turkey at the end of September. Lüthi’s final race of the season will be FNB Wines2Whales, in South Africa, in late October. Lüthi will ride the Canyon Lux CF SLX 9.0:
  18. A classic mountain bike in the truest sense of the word, the aluminium Neuron AL has been one of Canyon’s top sellers for years. And as mountain biking has evolved, the Neuron AL has always evolved along with it, staying at the forefront of trail bike design and technology. And the newest generation now features a range of key technologies first featured on last year’s Neuron CF – features that made that bike so hugely successful. The most striking update on the new bike is the all-new frame: the old bike’s vertical shock has been replaced by a horizontal design. There’s still 130 mm of travel on the rear, but the new bike now features Canyon’s tried-and-tested Triple Phase Kinematics, implemented on a large range of the brand’s full-suspension bikes. The system delivers outstanding sensitivity at the start of the stroke, huge stability through the middle, and a progressive ramp for that endless feel at the end of the stroke. The result – a bike that delivers superb comfort levels, maximum efficiency, and outstanding trail performance for a bike in this segment. Thanks to a geometry optimised for big 29er wheels in larger frame sizes, the Neuron AL both climbs and descends with incredible stability. And to deliver the same outstanding ride feel and performance in sizes 2XS, XS, and S, the bike was designed around 27.5” (650B) wheels – meaning that smaller riders don’t have to make any compromises in terms of agility and sharp handling on the trail. Neuron AL 7.0 Neuron AL 6.0 Neuron WMN 6.0 Neuron AL Young Hero The new Neuron AL also delivers the goods for young mountain bikers with the Neuron AL Young Hero, a proper full-suspension bike designed for children and younger riders 140 cm and taller. The bike also features top-quality parts across the board, and components – such as the suspension – specially selected and adapted where necessary. The result: an outstanding bike at a price point of only €1,499. Alongside the Neuron AL 6.0 and WMN 6.0 (€1,799) and 7.0 and WMN 7.0 (€2,199)*, the Young Hero will be available from 2 April exclusively on canyon.com. Now, young people can get serious about their riding, early. A Young Hero rides with Fabio Wibmer at the pumptrack. Copyright: Canyon Bicycles Neuron AL Colours Neuron AL Specs Neuron AL Geometry
  19. It’s simple: the Neuron is the definitive all-round full-suspension mountain bike – efficient enough for big days with plenty climbing, and with 130 mm of travel, also capable enough to tackle technical trails. And it just got even better for 2020 – inheriting a range of design features and technologies from its big brother, the multi award-winning carbon fibre Neuron CF. Click here to view the article
  20. Erik Kleinhans heads up Canyon South Africa Erik Kleinhans is the man on the ground for Canyon in South Africa.Distinguished South African mountain bike racer Erik Kleinhans heads up the local operations for Canyon. Erik has worked with Canyon for a number of years, managing and riding for the Canyon Topeak professional team. Kleinhans will act as the brand's contact point in South Africa, overseeing technical and after-sales service, warranties, events and marketing in order to up the presence of the brand locally. Canyon's plans for South Africa To close the gap between Germany and South Africa, Canyon has invested in a comprehensive demo bike fleet which will be available to interested riders for testing. The range includes the Aeroad, Ultimate, Speedmax road bikes, the Grail gravel bike, with a full-size curve of the Lux and Spectral mountain bikes. Kleinhans wants to encourage consumers to take up the opportunity to test ride the demo bikes. The demo fleet will be available in Stellenbosch and other parts of the country shortly. Canyon South Africa boasts an impressive demo fleet.Canyon plans to have a physical presence in South Africa through local partners who will act as service centres for the brand. These technical centres will assist with after sales repair and warranties. All sales will continue to take place solely through the Canyon website. Canyon's business model Florian Schecklmann, Canyon's EMEA Market Manager, explains the Canyon model and Kleinhans' involvement in the video below: Canyon South Africa launch event Along with Canyon's South African plans, their local demo fleet was unveiled to the cycling media at Mont Marie wine farm in Stellenbosch. A splendid venue for testing bikes with fun, flowing trails right on the farm and a broad road just outside the gate, including a gravel section. Much like kids in a candy store, we wanted to ride everything and between the Bike Hub team members, we rode the Grail gravel bike (sporting the unique Hoverbar cockpit), the Aeroad and Ultimate road bikes, as well as the Lux and Spectral mountain bikes. It's a rare treat to test such a wide range of brand's bikes back-to-back and it's not an experience limited to the media, the public is invited to ride these bike too.
  21. Hi there Does anyone know is it is possible to replace a H36 cockpit on CF SLX Ultimate? How would I go about it? Does canyon sell replacement parts? @erikkleinhans Regards Johan
  22. Mathieu van der Poel will lead Alpecin-Fenix across the board, competing in cyclocross, road racing and cross-country mountain bike racing. Mathieu van der Poel's #1 objective for the 2020 season is the Gold Medal in the XCO bike race at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Roman Arnold, founder and managing director of Canyon Bicycles GmbH, explained: “We are really pleased to continue our collaboration with Alpecin-Fenix as bike sponsor and partner. Since the beginning, we have believed in Philip and Christoph Roodhooft's vision to create a multi-disciplinary team that can be competitive in more than one discipline. And having the incomparable Mathieu van der Poel racing Canyon Bicycles on and off road and in cyclocross is simply unbelievable. We've enjoyed an unbelievable number of wins in all categories with this team, so we can't wait for the season to begin for Alpecin-Fenix!” Besides van der Poel, Alpecin-Fenix will feature many other world-class cyclists in 2020 including cyclocross star Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado and cross-country mountain bike riders Sam Gaze and Ronja Eibl. For road racing, prolific Italian sprinter Sascha Modolo will join Alpecin-Fenix for results in both the spring classics and the large tours. Belgian champion Tim Merlier is back for more wins in 2020 while Danish track specialist Lasse Norman Hansen is an emerging force in road racing. Alpecin-Fenix will include a solid German contingent, with Alexander Krieger joining the reigning German CX champion Marcel Meisen and experienced Philipp Walsleben (former U23 cyclocross world champion). Team Alpecin-Fenix will race on road with the Canyon Aeroad, Ultimate and Speedmax. In mountain bike, the team can choose the Canyon Lux full-suspension race bike or the hardtail Canyon Exceed for cross-country events. The Canyon Inflite is the bike of choice for cyclocross and Canyon Grail for gravel racing.
  23. At Canyon, this is the Stealth Special weekend. From Friday 29th November until Monday 2nd December, we’re offering FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING on bikes and 20% off selected gear in our store. Only while stocks last! Want to know more? Follow this link: https://www.canyon.com/en-za/ *This offer is valid online between November 29th, 2019 (00:01 AM CET) and December 2nd, 2019 (11:59 PM CET) for all countries. The offer discounts shipping costs by 100% on all orders containing a bike (this does not include factory outlet bikes and kids’ bikes). Only redeemable on orders with ‘Standard shipping’ delivery option. The offer cannot be applied retroactively and is valid only on products available at the time of purchase. Cannot be redeemed for cash. Resale is prohibited.
  24. Erik Kleinhans, Market Manager South Africa, explains: “On the South African Canyon website, prices will now be displayed at the higher Rand value and not in USD anymore. This will greatly simplify the purchase process from the comfort of your own home with a fixed price that will not fluctuate on a daily basis and illuminating complicated calculations.” The Rand pricing will provide even more reliability for the South African customers when purchasing online from the world’s leading Direct-2-Consumer bicycle brand’s webshop. It will remove the guesswork with a fixed amount to be paid to Canyon, and then also when it comes to the Import Duties and VAT payment when bikes get cleared by customs. With this update, Canyon takes another remarkable step to grow even more professional in South Africa. Visit www.canyon.com/en-za/
  25. From model year 2020, the Neuron CF SLX 9.0 Ltd. marks the new spearhead of the Neuron family. Outstanding feature: the SLX frame weighs only 2,280 grams, another 250 grams less than the SL. If the Neuron CF SL is already a very light and sportive 130 mm bike, the CF SLX almost mutates into a race rocket. Thanks to its top-level spec with Shimano XTR 1x12 drivetrain and brakes, FOX Float DPS Factory shock and FOX 34 Factory fork as well as DT Swiss XMC1200 carbon wheels, the Neuron CF SLX 9.0 Ltd. achieves a total weight of super-light 11.7 kg (size M). The impressive 250 gram weight saving on the frame is due to the use of special 40T UD carbon fibers, which at the same time further increase the tensile strength of the main frame and rear triangle. To pay tribute to this engineering achievement, the Canyon designers have given the CF SLX frame a very special finish: minimal coloured "Tinted Black" clear lacquer allows the pilot a clear view of the carbon fibre structures on the top tube at all times. With the newcomer, the Neuron CF family now consists of five models including a WMN variant specifically for women. The Neuron CF 8.0 marks the entry into the carbon world of the 130 mm bike, the new Neuron CF SLX 9.0 Ltd. will be available from 19 November for via www.canyon.com.
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