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Found 7 results

  1. Calling on all YT owners to join. Post photos, discuss tech, boast about your bike...everyting and anything YT!
  2. The YT Brand Relaunch Campaign has established one thing for sure: the guys at YT don’t do ordinary. And the new CAPRA campaign absolutely ties in with their philosophy and founding ideal: The campaign was initially launched with an outstanding cryptic trailer, that has left the public excited for the next big bang YT clearly had up their sleeve. The full launch video is a true testimony of YT’s passion for both the high-quality products they produce and the brand they have created. This is not just another riding video: this 80s horror movie-style launch video is at feature film quality, marking The Return of The Goat – the all new CAPRA. No doubt this goat is coming to get you. The CAPRA returns in both 27.5” and 29”With this bike launch YT absolutely lives up to the anticipation – the CAPRA is now available in both 27.5” and 29”. Both CAPRAs are dialed into a perfect combination of aggressiveness, speed, agility, and handling. The modern geometry with short chain stays, a slack headtube angle and a perfectly adjusted seat angle delivers a full-on downhill machine crossed with the agility and uphill performance of a trail bike. And true to the YT gravity core, the CAPRA also has to master the very same tests the TUES has to pass during its development – as a result, the new CAPRA is delivered with a full-on bike park approval. The CAPRA 29 offers unbeatable control and stability on fast downhills while being an efficient climber on the uphills. This CAPRA is defined by pedaling efficiency over long distances combined with an impressive downhill skillset. Furthermore, with the FlipChip technology, the geometry can be perfectly adapted to offer even more propulsion on those grueling climbs. The CAPRA 27 has the playful agility of an enduro bike combined with the gravity genes of a downhiller. The extra suspension travel ensures it doesn't give any ground when dealing with rough terrain or soaking up sketchy landings – making the bike insatiably fast and addictively engaging, on the ground and in the air. Frame The carbon models of the new CAPRA come as full carbon frames, including the rocker arm, therefore being 15% lighter and 10% stiffer than the previous model. Furthermore, the headset bearing surfaces of the all carbon headtubes are shaped directly into the carbon itself. This allows for homogenous material distribution in the headtube and for the optimal balance between weight, reliability and performance.We can see that YT put a lot of work into their research and development when looking at the aluminum frames: these are visually extremely close to the carbon models and are equipped with double air-formed seat stays. Both the carbon and aluminum frames come with internal cable routing to keep things clean and tidy. For the new generation of the CAPRA, YT has fine-tuned their Virtual 4 Link suspension, ensuring a linear, smooth and responsive suspension action with an ample mid-stroke support as well as a progressive ending stroke. Additionally, the optimized kinematics further reduce the influence of pedaling forces. The result is an outstanding climbing efficiency with optimum climbing position and neutral riding behavior - providing the perfect riding experience. At YT, attention to detail doesn’t stop at the frame design: Complementing the double sealed bearings, all bearing positions are equipped with additional seals to keep water and dirt at bay. Therefore, protecting the bearings and extending their service life. YT Tailor Made For their 2018 CAPRA, YT are introducing “YT Tailor Made”. Throughout all CAPRA bikes sizes, they offer a low seat post height in combination with seat posts, that are specifically matched to each of the bike sizes. Therefore, riders can now choose between two to a maximum of three different frame sizes for their body height. Whether the rider prefers a moderate or long reach – there’s now true freedom of choice. Tailor Made the YT way. Sizing YT offer five frame sizes (S-XXL) for the CAPRA 27. Thanks to the smaller size increments, all riders will be able to find just their right fit. The CAPRA 29 will be available in four sizes (M-XXL). The M size bike will fit people of 1,64m and taller. YT advise that for smaller people the lever translations of a 29er would be so high, that a 27.5” will definitely guarantee more fun. Eleven+ YT has defined Eleven+ as THE DRIVE OF 2018 for their CAPRA fleet. They exclusively use the new 1x11 e*thirteen TRS+ Cassette with a 511% gear range, outperforming traditional 12-speed transmissions by 11%. This 11speed system is not only lighter, but also distinctly more durable and much easier to adjust, making it the perfect package for at least 11% more #GoodTimes out on the trails. CAPRA 27.5” and 29” Build Kits The flagship CAPRA CF Pro Race in Liquid Metal is tuned for uncompromising performance. It's a premium ride with only the very best components: Kashima-coated FOX 36 Float Factory Fork and FOX Float X2 shock with 180mm travel on the 27.5” and 170mm travel on the 29” respectively. This suspension combination is top of the class when it comes to sensibility and maximum adjustability and will keep the rider planted in rugged situations. Furthermore, the CF Pro Race model is equipped with the Kashima coated FOX TRANSFER FACTORY dropper post, providing an infinitely variable adjustment range. The SRAM Code Ultimate brakes with carbon levers as well as titanium components deliver better, smoother, and more reliable braking performance at high speed. The build kit is completed with Renthal cockpit and the e*thirteen TRSr carbon wheels and cranks to name but a few. CAPRA 29 CF Pro Race. The CAPRA CF Pro models are available in two colorways: chalk white/black magic as well as blood red/gore red and are equipped with carefully selected premium components. The FOX 36 Float Performance Elite fork and FOX Float X2 Performance Elite shock with 170mm travel for the 27.5” and 160mm travel on the 29” are equally outstanding in this Performance Elite version as the Factory model. This setup truly delivers excellent responsiveness and racing-level adjustability. The height adjustment range of the FOX Transfer Performance Elite dropper post is infinitely variable, and controlling the post’s return speed as well as making small height adjustments is very easy thanks to the low lever force required. SRAM’s Code RSC brakes offer maximum lever adjustments and the SwingLink technology providing more power, better modulation as well as shorter lever travel. CAPRA 27 CF Pro. The CAPRA CF and AL Comp models boast Rock Shox suspension with Lyrik RCT3 forks and Rock Shox Super Deluxe RC3 shock, with 170mm travel for the 27.5” and 160mm travel for the 29” version respectively. The SRAM Code RS brake provides a more positive point of pad contact and better performance, providing the ultimate control right at the fingertips. The e*thirteen TRS+ dropper post with a remote lever shaped like a shifter offers four pre-set seat post height positions with super smooth adjustment. The CAPRA AL marks the competitive starting point for enduro riders. However, the well-thought out, high value parts are raising the performance bar in this segment, making this version an enticing option for experienced riders, too. The 27.5” and 29” models are available in Teal Blue/BlackMagic. The bikes are equipped with RockShox Lyrik RC forks and RockShox Super Deluxe R shock , with 170mm travel for the 27.5” and 160mm travel for the 29” version respectively. The SRAM Code R brake delivers power and good modulation, while the lever offers adjustable reach - excellent performance not matter what's ahead on the trail. Go to www.yt-industries.com for more detailed information about the all new CAPRA and the entire 2018 range.
  3. Okay, so I'm finally on the cusp of my first n+1 bike and have decided on a balls-out AM rig. I've narrowed it down to the following: 2017 Canyon Strive AL 4.0 Race2017 YT Capra AL2016/7 Radon Swoop 170 7.0 http://www.radon-bikes.de/fileadmin/_processed_/csm_899320_d441f6d2c2.jpg In short, similar bikes, but with noteable differences. In short: The Strive is the raciest of the three, with the steepest geo and shortest travel. It's also the most expensive, but is only specced with a Yari RC - the rest of the components package is good.The Capra the bare fisted brawler and has serious freeride/AM cred, but has quite conservative reach numbers and lots of folks metion sizing as a bit of an issue. It's got a Lyrik RC upfront.The Swoop 170 the new kid on the block and is the 'biggest' of all the bikes with the long reach and wheelbase numbers and packs 170mm back and front. It received a glowing review recently over on Pinkbike, but could possible be a bit of a handful on slower, tamer trails. The 2016 version also has the Lyrik RCT3/Vivid Air combo, which is Gucci level suspension. The 2017 version in ly budget range has a Yari RC/Monarch Plus RC3 combo. So, what would you go for?
  4. Before the launch of YT Industries in South Africa earlier this year, the Capra was a rare sight on our trails. Only a handful Capra's made it into the country ridden by those willing to jump through a few hoops. Despite the restricted supply, the rave reviews from international media and riders made an impact on our shores. Then there were low prices making it seem even more worthwhile trying to get that distant relative to take delivery of a bike while you were passing through Europe. Click here to view the article
  5. First launched in early 2014, the Capra was somewhat of a milestone for all-mountain bikes. It took the modern low, slack and long geometry formula and made it work on a 170mm bike. Since then the industry has exploded with capable do-it-all enduro machines. Does the Capra still put forward a claim as the most impressive of the lot? The Bike The Capra sits on the burly end of the enduro bike spectrum with 165 mm of rear travel and a 170mm fork. The robust-looking carbon CF Comp frame matches the travel figures with big tubing, defined angles, and extra material in critical areas. The geometry chart for the large frame makes for good reading with a 65 degree head angle, 430 mm chainstays, and a 1202 mm wheel base. The 443 mm reach means that taller riders will have to look to the longer aluminium model for a bit more room. Even then, my personal preference would see the Capra get a bit more stretch across the range. YT Industries have embraced the availability of the Horst-Link suspension design to great advantage. In YT’s case they’ve developed what they call Virtual 4-Link (V4L). This design drives the Capra's 165 mm travel and promises good mid stroke support for pedaling while ramping up progressively to prevent a harsh bottom out. Components The CF Comp features proven and reliable components. The bike is driven by a 1x system using a mix of SRAM X1 and Race Face components while SRAM’s sturdy Guide RS brakes paired with 200 mm rotors do well at slowing the bike. For 2016, YT introduced RockShox’s Lyrik fork to the Capra range. Being our first time riding the fork, we were very impressed with the 170 mm model. While there is precious little to complain about with the Pike, the Lyrik is noticeably stiffer with excellent composure on rough rocky trails. Testing this bike was my first experience on a pair of Maxxis High Roller II. I was immediately blown away by the immense grip and ability to absorb the nastiest of knocks. The only downside is that hauling the 2.4" inch tires up the mountain is not quite as pleasurable as hurtling down with them. I would also recommend converting them to tubeless, as they do fall victim to devil thorns. Pricing It is not only the riding characteristics of the YT Industries bikes that get people excited. The pricing of their bikes (through a direct to market business model) is also a major contributor to their success. Although YT are being represented by a local company in South Africa, they are still offering the bikes direct to market and shunning retailers.So what does this mean for pricing? With the weak Rand throwing bike pricing and our sense of value into turmoil, it would seem that the Capra prices are generally reasonable. The reviewed Capra CF Comp will set you back R78,900 which puts it in the ballpark for similar specced bikes. The range topping Capra CF Pro Race with top equipment including carbon rims appears to be well priced at R103,500. On the other end of the spectrum, the entry Capra AL goes for R49,900 with an aluminium frame, GX drive train and RockShox Yari fork. On the trail Getting a modern enduro bike set up can be somewhat daunting but the Capra was relatively easy to live with. The demo bike had been ridden previously and all we needed to do was set fork and shock sag to our weights. Jumping on the bike, it felt familiar and I’m sure riders of all levels will feel right at home on this bike.Thanks to huge strives in suspension and geometry, modern bikes with 165 mm of travel and 65 degree head angles are expected to be respectable climbers. The Capra's V4L suspension design achieves this with great efficiency when climbing, making the Capra a comfortable climber. That being said, it is a big bike that leans more towards downhill riding than most enduro bikes. I recommend sitting back and enjoying the view as you chat to your mates about the happenings of your last descent. This way you will be set to climb up and down the mountain all day long. The quality Race Face Atlas components make the components a comfortable place to be with short stem and wide bar lengths matching the enduro credentials of the rest of the bike. Heading down the trails is a completely different experience. The bike is a no excuse trail brawler that thrives at ridiculous speeds on steep trails. I have never ridden a bike that compels you to continually go faster and push boundaries quite like the Capra does. The more I succumbed to the bike’s wishes, the further it amazed me with its agility. After a day of riding the Capra, you walk away with no doubts as to why you love mountain biking. At this point, let me stick my hand up and acknowledge that I’m not the bravest rider on the mountain. On the Capra, however, I had renewed confidence. Obstacles that I had been eyeing out for months, I simply attempted with little hesitation on the Capra. This is testament to the bikes geometry and excellent suspension. The rear end is mind blowingly good at keeping traction and absorbing big impacts when you misjudge your ability, giving you the confidence to exceed your perceived limits. Special mention needs to be made of the Capra's aerial abilities. It simply ate up the jumps. The Capra allows you to push into the jump and pop off the lip with little concern as it flew true more often than most bikes. It can also handle a heavy casing should you find yourself falling short. The new standard haters can rejoice as the 2016 Capra range has stuck with a 12x142 axle, for now. The Capra is not a trail bike and can be a bit sluggish on trails with mild gradients where serious pedalling is required to keep up the necessary speed. While it is capable, the Capra is built for big mountain riding and not designed to excel in these areas, it's something worth considering when deciding on your own needs. In the end The YT Capra CF Comp exceeds expectations. It is an outstanding enduro bike that does its best to make riding downhill as fast and fun as ever. The Capra has a special ability to make the rider feel like a mountain biking god. Throw in all-day pedalling comfort and you have a great bike.My only doubt is that the Capra may be too much bike for most South African trails. We simply do not have the steepness or big bike park features that our friends in Europe and the Americas enjoy. If you are considering the Capra as your only bike, this is a bike best suited for big hitters, be honest with your riding habits. That being said, who doesn’t enjoy a bit of excess in life? And, if it has to be a YT, there is always a Jeffsy. Full Specification Framehigh modular carbonfiber frame, V4L Virtual 4-Link rear suspension, X12 (142x12mm) DT Swiss through axleSizeS / M / LForkRockShox Lyrik RCT3ShockRockShox Monarch Plus RC3 Travel Front/Rear170mm/165mmHeadsetAcros AIX-326 CranksetRace Face TurbineBottom BracketRace Face Pressfit 30 (73)Chain GuideE*Thirteen TRS+ Rear DerailleurSRAM X1ShifterSRAM X1CassetteSRAM XG 1150 ChainSRAM PC1130BrakesSRAM Guide RSDiscsSRAM Centerline (200)GripsSensus Disisdaboss TyresMaxxis High Roller IIWheelsetE*Thirteen TRS+ StemRace Face AtlasHandlebarRace Face Atlas (770)SeatpostRockShox Reverb StealthSaddleSDG Duster YT CustomClaimed weight13.50 kgRetail PriceR78,900.00
  6. Cube AMS 100 Race 29 The AMS 100 aims to be a stiff and efficient cross-country and marathon racer. The full carbon frame uses a unique rocker for each size and the pivot point positioning also adjusts depending on the frame dimensions. The smallest 17" frame misses out on a second bottle cage mount within the front triangle but the 19" and up all have space. Considering the retail price for the AMS 100 Race is R52,000, Cube take no shortcuts when it comes to components. The package includes a full 2x11 Shimano XT groupset, RockShox's tried and tested Reba and Monarch suspension, and a Fulcrum Red 66 wheelset with Schwalbe rubber. Specification FrameC:62 Monocoque Advanced Twin Mold Technology, ARG, ERC, FSP 4-Link, AXHColourblacklineSize17", 19", 21", 23"ForkRock Shox Reba RL, Fast Black, PushLoc, 15QR Maxle, Tapered, 100mmShockRock Shox Monarch RT3, 165x38mm, Open/Pedal/Lockout Mode, SV Air CanisterShock HardwareFront: 22x8mm, Rear: 40x8mmHeadsetFSA Orbit I-t, Integrated, Top 1 1/8", Bottom 1 1/2"StemCUBE Performance Stem Pro, 31.8mmHandlebarCUBE Flat Race Bar Pro, 720mmGripsCUBE Race Grip, 1-ClampRear DerailleurShimano XT, RD-M8000-DGS, ShadowPlus, 11-Speed, Direct MountFront DerailleurShimano XT, FD-M8025-D, Direct Mount, Down SwingShiftersShimano XT SL-M8000-I, Direct AttachBrake SystemShimano XT BR-M8000, Hydr. Disc Brake (180/160)CranksetShimano XT, FC-M8000, 36x26T, 175mm (180mm for largest frame size)CassetteShimano XT CS-M8000, 11-40ChainShimano CN-HG600-11WheelsetFulcrum Red 66, 28/28 Spokes, 15QR/X12Front TyreSchwalbe Rocket Ron Kevlar, 2.25, LiteSkinRear TyreSchwalbe Racing Ralph Kevlar, 2.25, LiteSkinSaddleSelle Italia SC1Seat PostCUBE Prolight, 31.6mmSeat ClampCUBE Varioclose, 34.9mmClaimed weight11.65 kgRetail PriceR52,000.00 For more information on Cube bikes in South Africa, visit http://www.cubebikes.co.za/ YT Capra CF Comp YT have made a name for themselves offering high performance bikes at reasonable prices through a direct to market model. Once only available to those willing to make arrangements overseas, the German brand has recently become an option in the South African market. The Capra is a big hitting enduro bike. As the model name initials suggest, the CF Comp is a carbon frame model. In terms of specification, it is the first carbon model above the aluminium Capra range. The Virtual 4-Link rear suspension makes use of 165mm travel while a burly RockShox Lyrik 170mm fork handles the front of the bike. The CF Comp features a 1x drivetrain with a mix of SRAM X1 and Race Face components. SRAM Guide brakes stop an E*Thirteen TRS+ wheelset with Maxxis High Roller II tyres providing the grip. Specification Framehigh modular carbonfiber frame, V4L Virtual 4-Link rear suspension, X12 (142x12mm) DT Swiss through axleSizeS / M / LForkRockShox Lyrik RCT3ShockRockShox Monarch Plus RC3 Travel Front/Rear170mm/165mmHeadsetAcros AIX-326 CranksetRace Face TurbineBottom BracketRace Face Pressfit 30 (73)Chain GuideE*Thirteen TRS+ Rear DerailleurSRAM X1ShifterSRAM X1CassetteSRAM XG 1150 ChainSRAM PC1130BrakesSRAM Guide RSDiscsSRAM Centerline (200)GripsSensus Disisdaboss TyresMaxxis High Roller IIWheelsetE*Thirteen TRS+ StemRace Face AtlasHandlebarRace Face Atlas (770)SeatpostRockShox Reverb StealthSaddleSDG Duster YT CustomClaimed weight13.50 kgRetail PriceR78,900.00 For more information on YT bikes in South Africa, contact sa@yt-industries.com
  7. First Look Friday is an introduction to the products that we are currently testing for review. This week we're previewing two German bikes, the Cube AMS 100 Race 29 and YT Capra CF Comp. Click here to view the article
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