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  1. Durban Durban, South Africa is the home of the latest #pumpforpeace project from Velosolutions. An initiative that aims to build pump tracks in underprivileged communities around the world. The Velosolutions track is situated just outside the KwaDebeka township, bringing a unique atmosphere as the locals from the Go Durban Cycling Academy took on South Africa’s best riders. The new track was designed specifically for head to head racing which saw the likes of South Africa’s own Andrew Neethling come out to put in his bid for the coveted ticket to the world final. The grandstands were packed with a mixture of locals and fans from across the country as both men’s and women’s final went down to the wire in an incredible setting. Georgina Grassie took on Tiffany Keep in the women’s final and Grassie came away with the win. The men’s final would come down to MTB World Cup star Andrew Neethling and BMXer Kane Herbert. With seconds remaining in the final, Neethling pushed too hard and went off track handing the win to Kane Herbert. Lesotho Returning to Lesotho one year on from the construction of the first Velosolutions #pumpforpeace track it was incredible to see how the locals had improved and embraced the opportunity that riding had brought to their community. But they would have their work cut out as they were joined by riders from South Africa and even Australia’s XCO Junior World Champion, Cameron Wright. Hundreds of kids made it to the track to watch the racing go down alongside the local cows, donkeys and horses. Check out Claudio Caluori’s “GoPro Horse Preview” here: Two local riders from Lesotho made it to the quarterfinals but the race would come down to South Africa’s Oli Jones and Australia’s Cameron Wright, but Wright would take the win on the day. As the racing finished the locals took back their track and rode until the sun had set. The level of talent that has arisen from the #pumpforpeace project is sure to strengthen over the next year and a future champion could be born. Chile As the winners were announced in Africa, South America was gearing up for race day in Ensenada, Chile. With over 75 racers from across Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia, timed seeding runs would be more important than ever. With over 500 spectators packed into the Kotaix bike park, the Osorno Volcano made for a spectacular back drop for an incredible day of racing.Santiago’s Renata Urrutia is no stranger to challenging for a World Championship title. Ranked 12th in the UCI BMX World Cup and current Chilean National champ she was the fasted in timed runs and took the overall win in the women’s field. In the men’s field the dark horse of Bruno Lavagnino, a Moto-X rider who only picks up his MTB for fun would challenge a field of local BMX stars to take the win and secure an unexpected ticket to the world final. The Red Bull Pump Track World Championship will cross back over to the northern hemisphere as the first of the European stop takes place in Neunkirchen, Austria on the 5th of May. With an already stacked line up of riders, we can expect to see an incredible race unfold over the coming weekend. For the latest news, results and your chance to register to race visit https://redbullpumptrackworldchampionship.com For more information on #pumpforpeace head to: https://pumpforpeace.com
  2. The South African qualifier round will be hosted by the GO!Durban Cycle Academy and Durban Green Corridors at the KwaDabeka bike park, where they have recently built the first Velosolutions pump track in the province. The circuit is designed to be "ridden" without the need for pedalling as riders create momentum around the track with their up and down "pumping" body movements. "We are thrilled to have partnered with Velosolutions and Claudio Caluori to bring this exciting event to Durban and we are proud to be the South African representatives in the global series. The aim of the GO!Durban Cycle Academy is to inspire and motivate the youth through sport. Together with Durban Green Corridors, we are transforming previously disregarded or unusable areas into clean, accessible and safe spaces for the youth to engage in active learning through our youth development programme which includes sports, education, and life skills components," says Thami Manyathi, Head of the eThekwini Transport Authority. "When we first heard about Claudio Caluori's concept for an international Pump Track series, we immediately knew that our sites would be the ideal place to build a track as we already had the space and basic infrastructure available. By bringing the track and the qualifying event to Durban, we hope to encourage more community participation in cycling and to further promote a lifestyle of active mobility amongst all ages," says Shaun Peschl, Sports Director of the GO!Durban Cycle Academy. With athletes coming from across the country to participate in the hopes of winning the coveted first prize including a trip to the Red Bull Pump Track World Championship Finals, it is sure to be a day of fast-paced, nail-biting competition. The racing line-up will also include riders and coaches from the GO!Durban Cycle Academy who are eager to display their skills on home-ground. "It is important for us to not only host such events, but also to give our riders the opportunity to participate at an international level. We have no doubt that they will be competitive on the day and will make us proud." Peschl concludes. Entertainment will be on offer for spectators including a food and drinks garden, and the racing will be followed by a line-up of hot local DJ's on the Red Bull stage. For more information and regular updates visit the GO!Durban Website or Facebook Page. The event is open to male and female riders from the age of 16. To register visit redbullpumptrackworldchampionship.com. Spectators can purchase tickets for R100 for the day at webtickets.co.za.
  3. It's the last course preview of the 2017 UCI MTB World Cup and Claudio is going out with a bang... well more like a crash! Joined by Ed Masters, who was drafted in last minute and had to be roused from bed with his mechanic to make it to the top of the track in time. Claudio gives him a quick lowdown of the course changes while they ride the gondola up but despite his knowledge of the new track it's still Claudio who comes a cropper.
  4. After what feels like an age, the downhill cohort is back together for the Canadian round of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup. As always before sending any riders down the track, chatty Swiss commentator Claudio Caluori is sent down first to give you an overview of what to expect.
  5. This presented the perfect opportunity to not just promote cycle tourism but to promote cycling within the local community and give back. With #pumpforpeace gaining momentum, Lesotho would be the first country to benefit from the initiative. From the offset we wanted to include music in the activation and so the official opening welcomed local musicians from around Lesotho to perform and showcase their talent. Many of the children in Lesotho have not had the chance to ride a bike, let alone ride one of the world class Velosolutions pump tracks. There is nothing better than seeing kids of all backgrounds ride one of our tracks. Seeing the joy and fun the new track in Lesotho brought to the local community only reinforced the positive change #pumpforpeace can help bring about Claudio Caluori The Lesotho project acted as catalyst for #pumpforpeace and has been welcomed by the community. As news spread of what was taking place in neighbouring South Africa it was clear Lesotho would not be the only community to benefit from the positive impact of a pump track. In August 2017, Pretoria will host the first ever #pumpforpeace concert in partnership with ‘The Project Room’, all proceeds from this concert will go towards building pump tracks in surrounding communities and supporting the grass roots music scene.
  6. Claudio Caluori’s loving being back at home in the Swiss mountains and is ready to roll with yet another World Cup course preview. Watch here for more POV magic. Click here to view the article
  7. There's no time for him to rest however. The Swiss native is straight out on the track for the Lenzerheide course preview and is joined by his young Scott team rider Gaëtan Vigé, a Frenchman fresh from his first 10 top in the Elite category in Andorra.
  8. Claudio Caluori. #pumpforpeace launched with a concert and the opening of a pump track in Lesotho. The project is now coming to South Africa. Why did you pick Southern Africa to kick off this global cause? The #pumpforpeace idea was in our heads for a long time, but we never quite found the right opportunity to kick it off. When we built the Velosolutions Pump Track for Eduplex in Pretoria, things started to shape up. I met Maryke, who’s job it is to “make music happen” and soon after, I had a call from Tobias Steinigeweg, who wanted me to be part of his film expedition through Lesotho. See “Following the Horsemen”. We connected the dots: Velosolutions built the first #pumpforpeace pump track and Maryke organized the first concert for it. The first #pumpforpeace pump track opening and music concert took place in April at the Roma Trading Post in Lesotho. From your experience, how does a pump track help to uplift a developing community? Velosolutions pump tracks are more than just a place to ride bikes. They bring people together. No matter where they come from, no matter what age, no matter if beginner or pro, no matter whether they ride the pump track with bikes, skateboards, inline skates, scooters, or even just run on it. Velosolutions pump tracks provide places to learn and live tolerance in a healthy environment - and they are certainly a lot of fun. What motivates you to take time out to support an initiative like #pumpforpeace? I’m not taking time out for this. This is what it’s all about! What could possibly make you happier than seeing that what you do makes other people happy? #pumpforpeace is not only about building bike tracks: music development is also an important part. How important is music in your own life? Music is very important to me. It’s been a dream of mine for a long time to connect my world of sport with the music world. Maryke is currently making it a reality! What comes across in your course preview runs is an absolute love for riding bikes. How did you get started, and what is it that you love most about riding bikes? Well, I got started while training for ice hockey on a bike. But then riding bikes became more important to me than playing hockey. Downhill came four years later. Nowadays, we’re so busy building tracks all over the world, that I really only get to ride DH at the World Cups. Otherwise, I’m lucky to get a quick lap in on the XC bike. But I love that just as much. The Velosolutions pump track in Thailand. How did you find that you had a passion for building pump tracks, and how did Velosolutions come about? Building tracks, in general, came together with riding, without even planning on making this my job. We’ve always been building some sort of tracks, jumps or trails. The pump track story began with a little track in Zurich, that I built together with the Swiss National XC trainer Andi Seeli in 1999. Then, 10 years later, my friends Pete Stutz and Fabian Vollrath organized the track to be fully rebuilt, officially with the city of Zurich. After that, one project followed the other, and we got more and more into it, to the point where we’re building them worldwide now. You appear to be a busy man. How do you make time for all your responsibilities and projects around the world? Most of all, having good partners, workers, and friends. In many cases, one person can be all three of them.Also, not much sleep, a lot of love and passion for my work! You know, it really gives you a lot of energy when you see kids smiling on something you’ve just built. How many pump tracks has Velosolutions built? Which pump track are you most proud of? We’ve never really counted. In 2016, we’ve built 25. There will be a lot more this year. There are plenty of tracks that are such good memories. New York City, Thailand, Bali, India, and Lesotho… I can’t name one particularly, but I’m grateful for all these experiences. The pump track Velosolutions built in New York. Where do you find the inspiration for new pump track designs? I’m drawing pump tracks almost daily. I use elements that we know that work, and I add a bit of something to try out. When I see how some riders are using them differently, I add some new features according to that. Sometimes we are forced to change things on site because of unforeseen things, and if our adjustments are good fun to ride, we might use them on future builds. What’s the hardest part of the build and how long does it take to design and build a track? The hardest part is certainly working with the asphalt, which can be brutal, depending on where in the world you are. The time for the construction depends on the size, but we usually build our tracks within 3-5 weeks. Laying the asphalt is the most labour intensive part of a build Your pump tracks seem to be mostly asphalt. What is the advantage of this surfacing? Lots of grip and therefore endless line options, low rolling resistance, sustainability / no maintenance, clean, rideable in the rain, rideable with bikes, skateboards, inline skates, and scooters. The options are endless. A quick unrelated question: How scary was the compared to your other downhill course previews? Oh, this is not even comparable. If you’re scared of heights like I am, Rampage is really NOT where you want to be. An aerial view of the Eduplex pumptrack in Pretoria. Maryke Zietsman - The Project Room How did The Project Room and yourself get involved with Claudio and Velosolutions? When Claudio and I met we realised we had a similar vision in terms of changing the world that we live in, even if it's in a small way, although neither of us tends to think small. Combining the vision we both had and the strength of our companies in the different sectors we work in made perfect sense, we both believed that sport and music combined could make even more of a difference. If we could find a way for those elements to hold hands the message would be stronger and more powerful… well, here we are… changing the world one pump track and one music show at a time. It's not only cycling benefiting from #pumpforpeace. How does it help aspiring musicians? We are combining forces with music charities and NGOs in every city/country we hold a show or build a track in. At the moment, we are focusing on supplying instruments to those charities to support good work that is already being done, where we can we will arrange workshops with established artists to further the cause. I would like to see every kid have the opportunity to play a guitar, those are the smiles that make me happy. #pumpforpeace Concert and Enduro - 12 August - Wolwespruit MTB and Trail Park in Erasmuskloof After a rocking launch in Lesotho, global sports & music upliftment initiative #pumpforpeace is hitting South Africa with a series of exciting outdoor benefit concerts, starting with Pretoria. With iconic acts Karen Zoid and The Parlotones confirmed to headline 12 August at Wolwespruit MTB and Trail Park in Erasmuskloof, a whole feast of other artists will be announced soon. In the spirit of the initiative - celebrating music as well as an active lifestyle - the Pretoria #pumpforpeace event will kick off with a short-form mountain bike enduro race followed by a full day of live tunes. For more information, head over to the #PumpForPeace Facebook page.
  9. Following the fun of downhill races at the Crankworx events in Les Gets and Innsbruck these past few weeks we're back to the serious business of World Cup racing here in La Massana in the Pyrenean mountains.
  10. Following Isaac were Canadian free rider Kevin Landry and Swiss ex-downhill racer Claudio Caluori, both embarking on a journey that will showcase the beautiful unknown landscapes of this small country. Riding only horse trails, it’s a journey laden with physical challenges for all, but it’s a journey that will cement friendships between a traditional blanket-wearing horseman and two state-of-the-art bike-wielding mountain bikers. For two pioneering mountain bikers, this ride is the most adventurous undertaking they have ever made. For one horseman, it's a ride that heralds a new dawn. For more information head over to the Following The Horsemen website.
  11. The builders at Leogang have been busy getting the course ready for the approaching World Cup this weekend, with excavators on the track right up until Claudio took to the trails.
  12. As usual with Claudio it's a fight between him and the bike to stay upright but he just about manages it.
  13. On this occasion, there's no French rider to help our Swiss hero down the course so stepping into the breech is 2016 World Championship silver medallist Laurie Greenland.
  14. With our sights firmly set on the 2017 season ahead we are proud to announce the formation of the SCOTT-Velosolutions DH Team. Click here to view the article
  15. With an already long-term commitment to the SCOTT team and an unrivaled passion for DH racing, Velosolutions will increase its commitment to the World Cup Team in 2017, bringing with it a shared vision for the future of mountain biking and world cup racing. Together, SCOTT Sports & Velosolutions will be a force to be reckoned with, exciting new and existing fans around the world. Team Rider Brendan Fairclough - Crankworx Les Gets Whilst SCOTT-Sports and component brand Syncros has had a long-term commitment to supporting the best riders in the world, developing a new breed of talent and using elite downhill racing to inspire new product development. Velosolutions has gained credit around the world as industry leading trail builders. From the Champery World Cup track to building and developing some of the most progressive asphalt pump tracks around the globe, Velosolutions are making the sport of MTB more accessible than ever before. The new partnership is met with familiar faces as Brendan Fairclough continues with the team for 2017 and beyond. ‘Brendog’ has over a decade of World Cup racing under his belt at just 29. From national and international podiums to top 10 finish’s at Rampage and progressive movie appearances, Fairclough is a dominant force and a unique character both on and off the bike. I’m excited for the new direction of the team. SCOTT has been an incredible brand to work with from their continued support in my racing career to my involvement in developing industry leading bikes, I am excited to continue to work with them. Pumptracks have always been a part of my riding, it’s the perfect place to learn new skills and have an awesome session with friends – Velosolutions are getting more people on bikes and giving them the opportunities I have had, that is really important to me. I’m stoked for 2017 and can’t wait to kick off the season. Brendan Fairclough Junior World Number 2 Gaetan Vige joins SCOTT-Velosolutions A new era brings with it new changes to the team and we are excited to announce that Gaetan Vige will be joining SCOTT-Velosolutions in 2017. 2016 Junior Men world number 2, 3rd place at the 2016 World Championships and 3 x World Cup wins under his belt – if you don’t know who Gaetan Vige is, you will soon. Born and raised in the south of France, Vige is a fresh face in the elite field and ready to battle it out around the world. We are proud to welcome him into the SCOTT-Velosolutions family. The 2017 season is going to be tough as a first-year elite rider, but this is why I am excited to be joining SCOTT-Velosolutions. I know the team can give me the best chance possible of succeeding. Gaetan Vige Claudio Caluori and Rob Warner bringing you live coverage from around the globe. On top of a new team name and new athlete, we can officially announce that team manager Claudio Caluori will return to our screens in 2017 as the face the official world cup course previews and come at you live, every race weekend from the commentary booth. From building pump tracks to developing the team, the off season has been crazy but I am more than happy with the new direction of the team. The SCOTT-Velosolutions World Cup team is a dream partnership and I am stoked to continue to work with Brendog and welcome Gaetan to our family. I have been busy training for the upcoming course preview season and dialing in my skills on the guitar for the after race jam sessions at the SCOTT-Velosolutions pits – I can’t wait to get back out there! Claudio Caluori The SCOTT-Velosolutions team will be racing on-board the 2017 SCOTT Gambler equipped with FOX Suspension, Schwalbe Tires, Deity components, Syncros components, E-Thirteen chainguides alongside Shimano drivetrain and brakes. With the first race of the season quickly approaching and the anticipation building we can’t wait to get back out there and do what we do best, World Cup Racing.
  16. Don't miss the World Championship DH course preview featuring Claudio Caluori​, Steve Peat​ and Rob Warner​! Click here to view the article
  17. Join the duo as they attempt the technical course on a tandem downhill bike, though they quickly realise the dangers and revert back to their trusty steeds. Albeit not too trusty for Bruni as he has to pull out the course midway down due to his brakes blowing up!
  18. Climb on board with Claudio Caluori and Loïc Bruni for a special GoPro course preview celebrating the season-ender of the 2016 UCI MTB World Cup. Click here to view the article
  19. It's home turf for Claudio Caluori this UCI MTB World Cup round with a second-ever visit to Lenzerheide in Switzerland. Claudio was involved closely in getting the Lenzerheide downhill track prepped for its World Cup debut in 2015, alongside regular design input from Steve Peat.
  20. Steve Peat joins Claudio for a verbal joust down the picture-perfect Swiss downhill track. Click here to view the article
  21. Not content with riding the new sections in terrible conditions after a 36hr bus journey from Fort William, Claudio opted to ride chainless, as did his preview partner Aaron Gwin, not for the first time. There are sections on this track that, at the moment at least, look almost unrideable. It's going to be warm and sunny for training tomorrow, and then it's going to rain for the rest of the weekend. With that in mind we should be in for some wild racing come finals on Sunday.
  22. It's been raining in Leogang for hours, it looks like it's going to rain for many hours to come. Your average rider may not be too keen on being the first to take on a newly modified World Cup Downhill track. Lucky for us, Claudio Caluori is far from average. Click here to view the article
  23. A refreshed Claudio cuts loose on the long, tough and demanding Scottish downhill track. Click here to view the article
  24. Fort William has been basking in sun and high temperatures for much of this week, leaving Claudio with a dry and dusty track that's just itching to catch him out.
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