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  1. this is a 2016 rocky mountain was recently in for a shock serves and got a new rear tire.
  2. Hey guys just thought I’d start to make a list of every gravity trail I can find in the western cape, for those like me who get bored of riding the same old same old. I’ll try add locations and stuff but feel free to add any and maybe keep secret spots locations on the down low.
  3. Hey everyone I've recently noticed an increase of more enduro bikes (hopefully riders) on my local trails here in, Hermanus, in the Hemel en Aarde Valley. Although these trails are not bad, they do lack any form of challenge or gradient. A few mates and I have been building a pretty steep and gnarly-ish trail and would be keen to show or send the location of to anyone who is looking for something a bit different in Hermanus. If you're a local and have some spare time to contribute to finishing up the trail and or maintenance, it would also be greatly appreciated. If you are coming for a weekend and need someone to show you some of our more gravity focused trails we've built (and found ) do let me know.
  4. Vuurberg, one of the more scenic locations on the DH calendar. The weekend doubled up as a shuttle day on Saturday, and a race day on Sunday. This, as well as the inclusion of the Enduro category, saw just under 90 riders enter the overall event, and 71 take part in the race on Sunday. Track conditions remained pretty good throughout which is unusual for a summer time race in the Western Cape. The racing was hot between the top boys as to be expected and times were super tight with only 0.4 seconds separating the top three riders in the elite men’s field, and less than 2 seconds the top 5. The event was fully Covid regulated with an officer on sight to monitor the procedures. Bit of pre-race banter as riders wait to go up with the first shuttles. Hendre De Villiers In the women's race, Frankie du Toit put down a winning race time of 2:10:401, with Lizelle Sweeney in 2nd and Jess Gwynne-Evans in 3rd. The day was really cool. The WPDH races are always really well organised, though there were a few crashes that delayed things a bit, and also disappointing to see so few girls here. It got super windy towards the end which made things very interesting on the jump section. It was a cool track - great to be racing again, to see all the familiar faces and end the year on a high. Frankie du Toit ​Frankie du Toit ​Theo Erlangsen ​Johann Potgieter ​Francois du Toit The mens race saw Niko Velasco take top step with a race time of 1:40:569, Tim Bentley in 2nd some 0.2 seconds behind him and Johann Potgieter 0.2 behind Tim. The track was super blown out, but pretty sick. It actually cut in quite nicely - I think it got better throughout the weekend. For finals the wind picked up but didn’t end up being too bad. Super tight times, and I knew I had to push pretty hard. For finals I had a slow leak at the start of the track, so I had to miss my start time and pushed back to the last man down the hill, and had someone bring me a pump. With a minute to go I pumped it up to like 45psi, and just dropped in. So I wasn’t stoked on the run, so definitely didn’t expect to win, but pretty happy to take it. Niko Velasco ​Niko Velasco ​Leo Ashmole ​Brett Roberts ​ Christiaan Bekker ​ Tim Bentley On the casualties front, a few riders (and many a wheel) got caught out in the rock garden. Nicholas Johnson had to be taken to the Mediclinic by the on-site ambulance and checked out, but is recovering at home. A less serious crash saw Matt Lombardi go OTB at the same spot at the exit of the rock garden, taking him out of contention for the rest of the day. WP DH has really kept its promise in making Downhill a safer sport which hasn’t seen any major injuries. It’s also important to note that each and every track is vetted to the new safety guidelines WP DH adheres to make this sport accessible to more pinners! Pieter Rossouw ​Matt Lombardi ​Joachim Cilliers ​Ike Klaassen Adrian Louw A big thank you goes out to title sponsor SRAM, the volunteers and the committee for putting together a great event, and a great season ender. We hope to return to the normal racing season during 2021. Full results can be viewed here. See the full race gallery on Shift Media.
  5. Download attachment: SRAM Logo.jpg Nothing new can really be said about 2020 and the challenges we all faced during the year. The WP DH season was no exception to things being negatively affected, but luckily we got to end things on a very high note indeed. For the first time in years, Hellsend Dirt Compound played host to a DH event, and it did not disappoint. This spectator friendly track offers everything from tight & techy, to loose & fast - and ad to that one of the easiest and bike-friendly shuttle roads in SA. Click here to view the article
  6. Hi Guys So I'm looking for downhill helmets for my 2 boys. I was specifically looking at the O'neal helmets as they have those easy snap fasteners that work with magnets, and of course GM rides with them. These will be used for BMX racing. I'm just fed up with the heavy MX helmets that are available to us here in Jo'burg. My one boy currently rides with a 100% Aircraft but even these aren't available in SA anymore and he cracked his peak a couple weeks ago. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Mark
  7. The Sender CFR debuts as two complete models: the Fox-Shimano equipped Sender CFR FMD (R 83,999) and the RockShox-Sram equipped Sender CFR (R 102,999). Sender CFR FMB Sender CFR The Sender CFR's geometry gives riders with what it takes to win on modern DH courses. The longer wheelbase increases stability at high speeds. Adjustable reach and chain-stay length give the Sender CFR unrivalled versatility, enabling riders to tune the bike to their ride style or to the demands of the day's track. The MY21 Sender CFR rolls on big wheels, increasing rider speed through rocks and roots. Large and XL versions get the full 29er treatment. Small and Medium models go “mullet” (29" up front, 27.5" out back) for the win. The mullet option provides shorter riders with many of the same roll-over benefits, while providing them with crucial clearance on steeper courses. We shaved more than 600 grams from the carbon Sender chassis yet maintained the durability needed to withstand seasons of abuse. Carbon chain and seat-stays, a new shock-mount location, and precise shaping of every bit of the bike helped us cut weight without sacrificing strength or durability. Excessive pedal kickback tires riders and reduces your suspension's effectiveness. After years of research and testing, Canyon optimised the Sender CFR’s kinematics to reduce pedal kickback to levels that are virtually undetectable on the trail. End result? The new Sender CFR is remarkably fast and smooth through the nastiest sections of trail! We designed more progressivity into the Sender CFR's kinematics, allowing you to ride hard and fast (and to sometimes come up short) without blowing through your rear suspension travel.
  8. In this first episode of "Rob Meets..." Rob Warner travels to Llanfyllin, in North Wales, to catch up with multiple World Cup Winner Tahnée Seagrave early in 2020. Dubbed by Rob as “the woman who leads the new generation of female downhillers”, the series provides a unique insight into what makes Tahnée tick. In it Tahnée gives Rob a tour of her HQ and explains why Northern Wales is better than Morzine as a base for downhill training and gives him an insight into her intense rivalry with childhood hero Rachel Atherton; one of the downhill’s biggest stories. She reveals that her first racing victory was “not a win” as Atherton was missing but her second, when she beat everyone, was the big one: “I’d shown the world what I was capable of. And I learned the only thing I need to focus on is my ride and the clock.” Rob also gets the chance to speak with Tony Seagrave, Tahnée’s Dad and Team Manager, who discloses the predicitions he made in 2004, on a t-shirt. He also explains how he has learned to deal with the dual roles of Father and Manager. To round it off, Rob heads out with Tahnée and her brother Kaos to try their local trails and enjoy the Welsh weather.
  9. Similar to Round 1 at Paarl in January, the track received some light rain the previous day, but not enough to produce any form of hero dirt which would have been very welcome on an already rutted and blown out track, even before race day. The massive field of 108 riders quickly added to the destruction, and the track become even more blown out, loose and unpredictable - just the way we like it. The south-easter also showed up in full force and really affected the riders line choice and overall speed. In addition to this being round two of the Western Province Downhill series, it also doubled up as SA Downhill Cup round 1, as well as SA Downhills Championships, meaning riders from all over SA - most notably the McMaster brothers, Sharjah Johnson and Sabine Thies from from KZN - pulled in to throw down the gauntlet and see who’s fastest in the country. With Theo Erlangsen and Sabine Thies the reigning men’s and women’s SA Champs respectively, they had a big target on their back, and the likes of Johann Potgieter, Tim Bentley, Frankie du Toit and Steffanie Grossmann were eager to dethrone them. Changing up the format to one seeding and one race run, Frankie du Toit was able to lay down the top time (02:51.755) for the women, and Johann Potgieter throwing down a blinder or a run to narrowly edge out Theo Erlangsen by 1.7 seconds to take the top step on the men’s podium. Conditions were really tough, the track was really dry and dusty and ridden out. Yesterday during practice it was raining a bit and it made things a tad more tacky, but today was just super dry and super super windy, which made things even more tough. During my seeding run I went off the track, and in the finals I managed to lay down a good one and the guys couldn’t get back at me so I’m super super stoked. No 5 in the bag. Johann Potgieter The day was super windy and as the guys went down the track it kept on changing and getting more and more blown out. But I quite enjoyed the track and the roughness of it. My seeing run wasn't that great, I slipped out in a few corners and I didn’t do any of the jumps at the bottom because of the wind. And during my race run I just decided to go for it and send some of the jumps at the bottom which helped me carry speed. Overall it was a good day out and a really cool vibe with so many people at the event. Frankie du Toit Top 5 MenJohann Potgieter 02:19.343 Theo Erlangsen 02:21.080 Timothy Bentley 02:23.500 Adi Van Der Merwe 02:23.556 Niko Velasco 02:25.567 Top 5 WomenFrankie Du Toit 02:51.755 Sabine Thies 02:55.774 Rika Olivier 02:56.585 Steffanie Grossmann 02:58.066 Gina Nixon 03:12.507 Full results here. Again a big shout out must go to our title sponsor SRAM, as well as Commencal, and LYNE Components. Following up a very successful round 1, hopefully the momentum will carry on through the rest of the season, and continue to pull in the numbers and introduce new faces to the sport. See you all at Zevenwacht on the 28-29th of March! More photos from the race available here.
  10. Download attachment: logo.jpg Jonkershoek. Arguably SA’s best trail network. Countless events have treaded these hills, from enduro MTB to trail running to marathon stage races like the Cape Epic. This weekend however was the turn, and return, of the Western Province Downhill series. After a 2 year hiatus, the track was revived and renewed by master trail builder Bennet Nel, but remained relatively unaltered in terms of features, layout and length from previous years. Click here to view the article
  11. Shuttles powered by SRAM. By far the quickest, most scenic and least invasive shuttle on the WPDH circuit. The Paarl landscape with ominous clouds rolling in to provide a few more drops of rain for the day. We experienced all four seasons in one day, with rain the previous evening and during the morning, sunny and hot later in the morning to windy & gusty conditions as we headed through mid day. The track remained pretty much unchanged from previous years however there was a slight change in format for the racing with the best of both runs counting, instead of a quali run followed by the race run. This format was introduced to give everyone a more fair chance and not have everything come down to just one run that could potentially be spoiled by a mechanical issue or flat tyre. Hendre De Villiers Dylan Lamb & Cornel Swanepoel Heiko Basson Niko Velasco Theo Erlangsen | Overall men’s winner It’s the first time in a while that we got over a hundred entries. There’s tons of kids here that I’ve never seen before and they’re all going really fast, so really good to see that. The track was really nice, for the first time ever in my Paarl history, it actually rained the day before, so this morning we had some nice hero dirt. I decided to send it properly in my first run, and I didn’t really think Pottie and Stefan could get back from that. Luckily I did enough on that run so I could just cruise down on the 2nd run. Theo Erlangsen Chris Nixon Sebastian Dudas-Smith Johann Potgieter Dayle Holmes Frankie du Toit | Overal women’s winner We had an hour practise this morning after last night’s rain, so we had to get used to the track a bit again. By race time it was still pretty tacky, but unfortunately my chain dropped off halfway down, so I really struggled on the bottom section. My 2nd run was a lot better, but it was so dry, and completely different from the 1st run, but I managed to put down a faster time. Frankie du Toit Daniel Dobinson Duran Van Eeden Gina Nixon Scott Meredith Top 5 Men:Theo Erlangsen 01:37.720 Johann Potgieter 01:40.878 Stefan Garlicki 01:42.079 Adi Van Der Merwe 01:42.878 Jasper Barrett 01:42.956 Top 4 Women: Frankie Du Toit 02:13.114 Gina Nixon 02:16.439 Charlotte Wolfson 02:26.223 Jess Gwynne-Evans 02:40.793 Full results can be seen here. Enduro Youth Men / Enduro Veteren Men / Enduro Elite Men DH Nipper Boys DH Sprog Boys / DH Sub Junior Boys / DH Youth Men DH Junior Men / DH Sub Veteren Men / DH Veteren Men DH Master Men / DH Elite Women / DH Elite Men A fantastic effort by the new WC DH commission, getting everything and everyone in place to put up a successful event. A big shout out must also go to our title sponsor SRAM, as well as Commencal, ION, and LYNE Components. Hopefully this is the start of a great year for DH in the Western Cape and that the momentum will carry on through the rest of the season. Official race images can be purchased here. We’ll see you at Jonkershoek on 22/23 Feb for the SA Champs. Don’t miss it!
  12. Download attachment: logo.jpg The 2020 Western Cape Downhill season kicked off with an absolute bang this past weekend, for the first time in a very long time, hitting triple digits in entries. With the event doubling up as a shuttle day on Saturday and race day on Sunday, and the inclusion the Enduro category, plenty new riders joined the party to start the year on a very positive note indeed. Click here to view the article
  13. Hi guys and girls... I have had the good fortune of being able to ride my bikes in a variety of different places over the past little bit. So I threw together this little video of the journey. Sometimes I forget the vast differences in riding type, terrain and eco-systems we get to play in and on... And when they're all stacked up one after the other in a video the contrasts become quite obvious... Hope you guys enjoy it! Philth
  14. The Vuurberg track starts off with some classic Cape Town tight corners which are always tricky to hit when hurtling down the mountain. A tricky rock garden follows which could easily catch one off-guard if you weren’t fully focused. The fast middle section leads to some flowy, bike-park corners and jumps. The lower segment of the course offers a technical section to ensure concentration right to the very end. The Vuurberg track starts off with some classic Cape Town tight corners which are always tricky to hit when hurtling down the mountain. A tricky rock garden follows which could easily catch one off-guard if you weren’t fully focused. The fast middle section leads to some flowy, bike-park corners and jumps. The lower segment of the course offers a technical section to ensure concentration right to the very end. Theo Erlangsen 1st. Photo credit: Elroy Vice. Nico Velasco 2nd. Photo credit: Elroy Vice. Duran van Eeden 5th. Photo credit: Elroy Vice. The final race of the season, however, belonged to the top 10 Cape Town riders, who always provide the spectators with an exhilarating performance. Elite man, Theo Erlangsen (1:49:640), SA Champ, WC Series winner and now, WC Champion, shredded the track with a 4 second lead over his next rival, Nico Velasco (1:53:676) both men riding Commencal bikes. Nico has had a very successful 2019 racing year, consistently gracing the podium, testing and challenging the old-guard. Local Youth Man, Ike Klaasen (1:55:198) really excelled at Vuurberg, taking third place overall and 1st place in the Youth Men, on his home track. Another consistent, top rider this year was Jason du Toit (1:58:279), who placed 4th overall. Our all-time favourite, shirtless rusta, track builder and all-time-really-nice-guy, Duran van Eeden (1:58:475), reminded us that he will always be a strong contender with his 5th place overall. Three seconds behind, and hot on Duran’s heels, was sixth placed overall rider and 1st placed Sub-Vet, Martin Zietsman (2:01:841) proving that riding skills can improve after 30 years. Five seconds behind Martin, and first in his category, was Junior Boy, Dawid Bekker (2:06:487) who placed seventh overall. Dawid is such an exciting rider, promising massive potential for WC DH in the near future. Junior Man, Matthew van Rosenveld, placed first in the Junior Men and 8th overall. KwaZulu Natal’s Mitchell Lolliot claimed 9th overall and Chris Nixon, WC DH’s pride, chairman and old-ballie ...representing the Master Men, once again, whipped the youngsters into touch, with a 10th overall. Ike Klaasen 3rd. Photo credit: Conrad Swannepoel. This season has provided its fair share of ding-dong battles and closely contested racing and this race was no different. In the Nipper Boys class, Jack Schliemann and Heiko Basson (02.54.147) were separated by one second! In the Sub Junior boys Hendre de Villiers (2:10.487) has relentlessly perused class champion, Dawid Bekker. Although series winner and SA Champ, Jasper Barrett, missed this race, it allowed long-time rival, Matthew van Rosenveld to take the title WC Champion in his class. We really need to grow our girls/ ladies numbers. Well done to all our women for competing in this male-dominated sport; Rika (Vet Women), Frankie and Jess (Elite Women), and Charlotte (Youth Women). Full results available here. This race would not be possible without our sponsors. A big shout out to SRAM for financial support and to the Freight Factory for supplying two 4X4’s. Much gratitude for Paarl Brewery, your contribution really added to the fun of the day. We are always open to sponsorships. Please chat to friends who would like to sponsor WC DH. We will make sure that they receive good value for their support. Jason du Toit 4th. Photo credit: Conrad Swannepoel. Reminder that the Bike Park in Tokai is hosting the WC DH Annual Colours Award evening on Friday 8th November at 18:00. We will also announce the 2019 WC DH Series winners but no medals or certificates will be awarded. It is a bring-and-braai, with the chance to just socialise while ‘some of us’ ride the bike park. Our 2020 Series race calendar below, is how we would like to roll next year, however, nothing is ever set....we often need to make changes due to unforeseen events. Let’s have a big 1st race next January. Every rider is encouraged to bring a friend and introduce him/her to a life-time of fun in downhill. Attached is also a copy of a calendar including SA DH, XCO and Enduro...but again, it is only a provisional plan, subject to change.
  15. The Jabberwocky on the Kirroughtree trail network from my little Scotland tour... On a super sunny day! https://youtu.be/zhASNbXIXbk
  16. The DRI (Dustin Rudman Invitational) was held this past weekend. Here's some footage of mine and others crashes, plus the prize giving. Enjoy!:
  17. So here's a look at the new 139 Track for a light downhill race, called the Dustin Rudman Invitational, going down in Pretoria this coming weekend. This video is of a shuttle day we had had last Saturday to practice for the race. If you keen to enter, you can still do so on the day. Race is on 24 - 25 August 2019:
  18. Brook MacDonald. Saturday's weather conditions were extremely testing with the women getting the worst of the rain and fog early on as Kiwi Kate Weatherly and home hope Emilie Siegenthaler put in strong runs to lead before Cabirou sent down a storming run to take the hot seat. Germany's Nina Hoffmann was the penultimate rider but a rear puncture put paid to her hopes as fastest qualifier Tracey Hannah failed to beat Cabirou's time by 0.264s leaving the Frenchwoman to enjoy back-to-back victories and just a 150-point deficit to Hannah overall. Marine Cabirou Cabirou, 22, said: "Two in a row is just incredible. I did too many mistakes during my run, but I stayed on my bike. I am so happy. I cannot wait to be in Snowshoe." Australian Hannah said: "It was weird because at the top it was raining and I know how slippery the outside corners get. I had to read the track as it was going. It was fun. Happy to get down without a crash and it's good for the points overall. I love the old tracks in America and hopefully it will be dry. I will give it my all." Tracey Hannah Emilie Siegenthaler In the men's race, Frenchmen Baptiste Pierron and Florent Payet led early on before Britons Reece Wilson and then Laurie Greenland both bettered their times. Amaury Pierron Amaury Pierron was a man possessed as he earned a huge 4.266s lead with South African Greg Minnaar the only man to get within a second as title rival Loic Bruni, Australian Troy Brosnan and fastest qualifier Danny Hart were all unable to deny him a third 2019 victory. Pierron, who is only 90 points behind Bruni overall, said: "I did not expect this after the first day of practice with two bad crashes. It was perfect conditions, just a bit slippery. I did a mistake at the bottom, but that was enough. For the overall, a win is beautiful." Greg Minnaar Loic Bruni Bruni, who also has three 2019 wins, said: "I knew Amaury was going to be really hard to beat. I started to lose confidence. I did a pretty good run. They were better than me today. This season is crazy. We don't have points in quali at Snowshoe, so it will be full on." Women's UCI MTB World Cup downhill at Lenzerheide: 1. Marine Cabirou FRA 3:34.304 2. Tracey Hannah AUS +0.264 3. Emilie Siegenthaler SUI +7.085 4. Kate Weatherly NZL +7.478 5. Camille Balanche SUI + 7.649Women's UCI MTB World Cup downhill standings: 1. Tracey Hannah AUS 1460 points 2. Marine Cabirou FRA 1310 3. Nina Hoffmann GER 819 4. Veronika Widmann ITA 754 5. Rachel Atherton GBR 730 Men's UCI MTB World Cup downhill at Lenzerheide: 1. Amaury Pierron FRA 2:49.422 2. Greg Minnaar RSA +0.951 3. Loic Bruni FRA +1.400 4. Troy Brosnan AUS +2.160 5. Danny Hart GBR +3.222 Men's UCI MTB World Cup downhill standings: 1. Loic Bruni FRA 1312 points 2. Amaury Pierron FRA 1222 3. Troy Brosnan AUS 1094 4. Danny Hart GBR 883 5. Loris Vergier FRA 859
  19. The downhill track in this northern corner of Italy is known as The Black Snake and it is famously brutal. It begins with fast, flowing turns before heading for a tree line. Once it enters the woods, the racers plummet their way down a staircase of roots. The qualifying day, as is now almost traditional at the Italian round, was ravaged by thunder and lightning storms and saw big names scattered all over the time sheets. Camille Balanche Swiss rider Camille Balanche was the first of the elite women to really scythe her way convincingly through the woods and emerge into the famous final section with a time which looked like it would take a lot of beating. Nina Hoffmann, the sensation of 2019, had a sizeable crash amidst the trees as did Veronika Widmann who would somehow recover to a fourth place finish. Marine Cabirou Balanche clung on to third but it was the young Frenchwoman, Cabirou, currently second in the world who would attack the most. Whilst some opted to approach Val Di Sole with caution, she threw caution to the wind with an attacking run from top to bottom which sent her into the hot seat. It was her first ever top flight win. Tracey Hannah, the series leader was last to drop and was precise and controlled on her way to a second position which she admitted that she was happy with. Tracey Hannah The elite men’s hot seat was briefly held by the Austrian David Trummer who produced another spectacular run from a 2019 which only seems to be getting better and better for him. Loris Vergier seemed to forge ultra-fast straight lines where others were being moved around and forced into errors. His time was good enough for the hot seat but was instantly under pressure when his Santa Cruz Syndicate teammate, Greg Minnaar, began turning the splits green. It wasn’t to last for the South African however when he had a relatively slow but costly crash. Loris Vergier Loïc Bruni France’s Loïc Bruni took to the hot seat. The series leader shrugged and hinted that he didn’t think that he’d done enough. Vergier’s run would stand up for a third place but it was Britain’s Laurie Greenland who pipped Bruni’s by a sizeable 4.88 seconds. Laurie Greenland Amaury Pierron was up at the first split but soon started shipping time to the Britain. He admitted after the race that he had struggled with his bike set up amidst the changing conditions. Amaury Pierron
  20. Amaury Pierron Briton Laurie Greenland had threatened to spoil the French Alps party mood with a great run to set a time that most of the leading qualifiers failed to beat. After Troy Brosnan and Loris Vergier fell just short, world champion Loic Bruni stormed down the dusty course to bring the crowd to their feet at the finish. Loris Vergier Reigning World Cup champion Pierron, though, was a man possessed with his phenomenal sliding speed at the top setting up the chance of victory which he duly delivered on by an amazing 2.352 seconds. It was Pierron's second 2019 win after Fort William with Bruni's overall lead now cut to just 110 points heading into the Val di Sole stop in Italy. Pierron said: "It was just so good. The crowd in France was just mental all the way along. I knew I was good at the top, then I was on the edge and nearly crashed. I was sliding everywhere. That was my limit. The level this year is so high. I am going to fight for it." Laurie Greenland Loic Bruni Bruni explained: "Amaury was on fire all weekend. I was a little bit too conservative. Maybe I was thinking too much of the overall to win this one. The crowd was insane. It was so loud the whole way down. Amaury is a big threat now and it will be a good end of season." In the women's race, Hannah took advantage of Rachel Atherton's injury to win from France's Marine Cabirou with El Salvador's Mariana Salazar a popular third. Tracey Hannah Hannah, who also won the Leogang stop, revealed: "I haven't had two wins in one year before. To back it up after quali, I am proving something to myself and my team. To take the win is pretty mind blowing." Cabirou, 22, said: "Race after race I am more confident and I am really happy. I am sad for Rachel, but it is more open for the other girls and good for the next race." Mariana Salazar Marine Cabirou UCI MTB World Cup men's downhill at Les Gets result: 1. Amaury Pierron FRA 2:57.008 2. Loic Bruni FRA +2.352 3. Laurie Greenland GBR +3.450 4. Troy Brosnan AUS +4.137 5. Loris Vergier FRA +4.506UCI MTB World Cup men's downhill overall standings: 1. Loic Bruni FRA 965 points 2. Amaury Pierron FRA 855 3. Troy Brosnan AUS 855 4. Loris Vergier FRA 614 5. Danny Hart GBR 602 UCI MTB World Cup women's downhill at Les Gets result: 1. Tracey Hannah AUS 3:27.600 2. Marine Cabirou FRA +0.677 3. Mariana Salazar ESA +2.171 4. Eleonora Farina ITA +6.080 5. Nina Hoffmann GER +6.457 UCI MTB World Cup women's downhill overall standings: 1. Tracey Hannah AUS 1040 points 2. Marine Cabirou FRA 840 3. Rachel Atherton GBR 730 4. Nina Hoffmann GER 695 5. Veronika Widmann ITA 514
  21. The course, being raced for the sixth time at World Cup and World Champs level, had deteriorated throughout practice and qualifying and was left full of holes and loose dirt. One man to succumb to the dangers was Aaron Gwin, who smashed into a tree with his shoulder late in Saturday’s practice session, leaving the American unable to make the start for finals. Tracey Hannah. Due to her crash in qualifying, Tracey Hannah, series leader going into this race, was on course early in the women’s finals. She nailed the flatter upper sections of the track and kept her focus through the hardest, steepest mid-section. Unfortunately, a momentary lapse in concentration saw her crash out close to the finish line, but she still ended the day in third. Rachel Atherton. It took a while for anyone to come close to Hannah’s powerful run but once Rachel Atherton got on track it was clear that, bar a major mistake, she was set to take the lead. Atherton bettered Hannah’s upper section and stuck to her lines through the tricky steeps, eking the most out of the hill right up to the finish. Atherton took the hotseat and the day’s win. Atherton said: “It was a super-hard track. Everyone was struggling and everyone was going super-fast. I knew it was going to be on the limit and I was riding real on-the-edge at the bottom section. I can’t believe I stayed on!” Marine Cabirou. Marine Cabirou, who won the Junior World Champion title here in 2015, was clean and fast down the entire course, reclaiming time to Atherton in the middle sections of the track and finishing just 2.4s behind her at the finish. This impressive ride would earn Cabirou her career best Elite result, ending the day in second. A wild ride from fastest qualifier Nina Hoffmann saw her crash out and lose a shoe midway through her run, but 2019’s up-and-coming star rider commendably battled on regardless, crossing the finish line to the applause of the day’s winners. Emilie Siegenthaler, Marine Cabirou, Rachel Atherton, Tracey Hannah, Eleonora Farina stand on the podium at UCI DH World Cup in Vallnord, Andorra. The French are unstoppable in men’s downhill this season, and it wasn’t going to end here. The bar was set high early on by 2013 Vallnord winner Remi Thirion, who took the hotseat. It took most of the session for Thirion’s time to finally fall, with riders making small but costly mistakes in the unforgiving dust, some crashing out completely. Finally Brook Macdonald proved there was still more to come from the current fastest riders in the world, and from there on in the pace went through the roof. Remi Thirion. Brook Macdonald 2018’s winner Loris Vergier was absolutely electric, getting loose in the dust but remaining upright and precise, smashing the current leader’s time and looking absolutely unbeatable. Troy Brosnan. Troy Brosnan had a good go and was up on Vergier’s time at the first split, but lost a little further down the hill. Nonetheless, Brosnan put in a clean and brilliant run, finishing just 1.2s slower than Vergier and once again stepping onto the podium in third; – he hasn’t been outside the top three all year. The pressure was on Loïc Bruni as last man down the hill, but the top qualifier and winner of two World Cups already in 2019 matched Vergier’s speed and added even more finesse, slicing his way through the roughest sections of the track. Bruni perhaps took fewer risks in the steepest sections, but he'd made up time in the earlier parts of the run and crossed the finish line to make it the first male repeat winner on this track and his third win in 2019. Loïc Bruni. Bruni said: “It was super-scary, honestly. I had a pretty good top [section] and I was talking to myself like ‘OK, it’s good,’ I felt faster than yesterday… I had so many close calls with trees, with braking points and I held on. It’s super-tight again, but I’m so happy. It was really good racing and I’m stoked.” Amaury Pierron, Loris Vergier, Loic Bruni and Troy Brosnan, Danny Hart stand on the podium at UCI DH World Cup in Vallnord, Andorra. Bruni now holds the men’s series lead by a 65-point margin from Troy Brosnan. Rachel Atherton narrows Hannah's lead to 30 points in the women’s. In the Junior races, Vali Höll upped the ante from qualifying and stomped her fourth Junior Women’s win of 2019 with a time good enough for fourth in Elites. Meanwhile, Thibaut Daprela surrendered the Junior Men’s win for the first time this season to Mattéo Iniguez. Vali Höll. Vallnord women's downhill result: 1. Rachel Atherton GBR 5:00.622 2. Marine Cabirou FRA +2.497 3. Tracey Hannah AUS +7.131 4. Emilie Siegenthaler SUI +12.859 5. Eleonora Farina ITA +15.098UCI MTB World Cup women's downhill overall: 1. Tracey Hannah AUS 790 2. Rachel Atherton GBR 730 3. Marine Cabirou FRA 640 4. Nina Hoffmann GER 585 5. Veronika Widmann ITA 407 Vallnord men's downhill result: 1. Loïc Bruni FRA 4:11.055 2. Loris Vergier FRA +0.423 3. Troy Brosnan AUS +1.202 4. Amaury Pierron FRA +2.948 5. Danny Hart GBR +5.595 UCI MTB World Cup men's downhill overall: 1. Loïc Bruni FRA 765 2. Troy Brosnan AUS 700 3. Amaury Pierron FRA 605 4. Danny Hart GBR 565 5. Loris Vergier FRA 482
  22. The Leogang Bike Park track, although sometimes criticised for a lack of technicality, is known for its staggering speeds and seldom fails to produce captivating battles. In the elite women’s race, New Zealand’s Kate Weatherly took the hot seat early on with a superb run. Marine Cabirou, one of the emerging French talents, crashed out from a good position to leave the Kiwi’s first top-flight podium looking like more of a reality. Germany’s Nina Hoffman, who had grabbed her own first top-three finish at the previous round in Fort William, was the first to pip her time. Tracey Hannah Marine Cabirou Kate Weatherly Rachel Atherton, the defending champ, crashed high on the course and was over 20 seconds back at the first split. That left the fastest qualifier (for the third time this season) Tracey Hannah alone at the top. The Aussie’s run was perfectly balanced amid the dusty conditions, which she admitted suited her, and she was duly rewarded with her first win of 2019. Speaking after her win, Hannah said: “I’ve won three World Cups, but none of the World Cups I’ve won Rachel has started in. I’ve finally had the chance to be strong enough and fit enough to give her a run for her money. That means more to me than the World Cup win alone; racing against her and being able to win.” In the elite men’s race, the fastest qualifying time of Saturday was beaten early in the day as the track dried and burned in. Greg Minnaar had gone fastest on Saturday, so the big question was whether he could convert that into a remarkable 22nd World Cup win. Greg Minnaar Danny Hart The USA’s Charlie Harrison initially held the hot seat, until world champ Loïc Bruni beat his time by over three seconds. Bruni celebrated in the finish area, but quickly declared that he didn’t think that he’d done enough. He felt that he’d left too much time on the fast middle section of the track. The last man who stood a chance of taking top spot was Minnaar. The South African was faster towards the bottom of the track, but the damage had been done at the top, leaving Bruni to celebrate his second win of the season. Loïc Bruni A delighted Bruni commented: “I was struggling on the top section at the beginning of the weekend, then yesterday at the bottom, so maybe today I kind of found the balance. I started the run pretty committed and I couldn’t really feel the grip. It was super-hard because it dried up a lot. I just held on, depended on everything I had – because every detail counts on this track – and it was enough.” Troy Brosnan Connor Fearon There is now a break of a few weeks before the season resumes in Vallnord, Andorra on July 5. Leogang women's downhill result: 1. Tracey Hannah AUS 3:42.107 2. Nina Hoffmann GER +2.435 3. Kate Weatherly NZL +9.360 4. Marine Cabirou FRA +9.564 5. Veronika Widmann ITA +12.085UCI MTB World Cup women's downhill overall: 1. Tracey Hannah AUS 650 2. Rachel Atherton GBR 500 3. Nina Hoffmann GER 475 4. Marine Cabirou FRA 440 5. Veronika Widmann ITA 307 Marine Cabirou, Nina Hoffmann, Tracey Hannah, Kate Weatherly, Veronika Widmann stand on the podium at UCI DH World Cup in Leogang, Austria. Danny Hart, Greg Minnaar, Loic Bruni, Troy Brosnan, Aaron Gwin stand on the podium at UCI DH World Cup in Leogang, Austria. Leogang men's downhill result: 1. Loïc Bruni FRA 3:16.132 2. Greg Minnaar RSA +0.324 3. Troy Brosnan AUS +0.746 4. Danny Hart GBR +1.994 UCI MTB World Cup men's downhill overall: 1. Troy Brosnan AUS 520 2. Loïc Bruni FRA 515 3. Amaury Pierron FRA 450 4. Danny Hart GBR 435 5. Greg Minnaar RSA 321
  23. Hi All, Here's a little video of me running my HT against my PR I set on the Kona Process 153. It's a fun little jam. But I do get a bit carried away at the end... Thanx for watching! Phil
  24. Hi guys and Gals... I put together a little (visual) comparison between the geometry of my 26" Shan and my 29" Enduro... The video also features a run down some fast natural single-trail...
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