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Found 14 results

  1. Have alluded in previous threads to a potential trip to tackle the infamous van Zyls pass in Northern Namibia. Things are now really starting to come together to make this happen, and all things staying equal, we will be offering an 8-10 day (including travel days) Nambia MTB expedition in the winter of 2021, the highlight of which will be a crossing of Van Zyls Pass. As well as some other epic riding along dry river beds in the Kaokaland, and the moon landscape outside of Swakopmund. Dates and pricing will be published in the next couple of weeks, once we have more of the details worked out. We have also made arrangements to do a recce trip in February 2021 to actually ride the pass, and figure out how much time needs to be put aside, and how much of the approach to the pass and the ride into the Marienfluss is rideable, before the sand becomes an issue. There will be an opportunity for 2 or 3 adventurous hubbers to join us on this recce - (you would need to pay to cover your direct costs like plane tickets, food and accomodation etc, but this will not be a commercial trip) Having done the pass a few times on 4x4 trips, I know its definately rideable, although we need to go figure out how tough, or not, its going to be. I have scoured the interwebs in the past 2 weeks trying to find info on whether this has been done before, but I cant find any documented reports, photos etc. Obviously, from a marketing point of view, we would like to use the idea of this being the first MTB crossing, but I wouldnt want to be disengenious about it. Also, if there is info out there from people who have done this before, that would be very helpful in terms of our planning process. If anyone knows of a trip like this being done before, or has links or info, that would be awesome if you would be willing to share. Looking forward to hearing from the community about this, is there interest in this, and so forth.
  2. Organisers of the 2020 Windhoek Light Namib Quest have announced that renowned chef and restaurateur David Higgs will be participating in this years’ race. In addition, Higgs has been onboarded to curate the food experience for all riders through the race. Click here to view the article
  3. The Windhoek Light Namib Quest is an exclusive mountain bike stage race starting in Windhoek and ending in Swakopmund, taking place from 24-29 May 2020. The six stages of the race take participating riders on a once in a lifetime journey through the Namib desert. An accomplished rider, Higgs is looking forward to both the challenge of the race and bringing true Namibian flavour to the food experience for all in attendance. My food journey started in Namibia, fishing in Swakopmund, so it is incredible to be able to bring my passion for food and mountain biking together to deliver a great experience for the riders. We are working together to ensure that the wonderful authenticity and hospitality of the people of Namibia shines through. Over and above that, I am just really excited at the opportunity to ride through such exquisite terrain! David Higgs https://www.facebook.com/NamibQuest/videos/201689240983694/ Senior brand manager at Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL), Claudia Opperman, expressed her delight at Higgs’ decision to partner with the Windhoek Light Namib Quest. We are excited to bring David on board as a rider and partner to the food experience. We know that he brings with him equal passion for both elements and his addition adds great value to the rider experience at this years’ event. We only have a few team entries still available until we reach our limit of 80 riders and are confident that this years’ edition of the Windhoek Light Namib Quest is sure to be the best one yet. The 2020 Windhoek Light Namib Quest can be entered at http://www.windhoeklightevents.com/
  4. The Windhoek Light Namib Quest is Namibia’s premier stage race, giving riders a true test of their ability in a six day, 517km journey from Windhoek to Swakopmund. Entrants can look forward to riding through the plains of the Namib Desert, experiencing trails not usually open to the public. Click here to view the article
  5. The Namib Quest race villages are the stuff of legend and continue to bring back riders from all over the world. Designed to give riders the ultimate comfort in amongst some of the most remote locations in Namibia (and ice cold Windhoek’s) – riders can rest assured knowing that all their creature comforts will be taken care of. With only 80 entries available (team or individual options), the Namib Quest is aimed at those looking for an exclusive mountain biking experience for riders seeking the adventure, discovery, teamwork freedom and reward that only this race can offer. Early bird entries close on 30 Nov – use the promo code: ’GET4KOFF’ on the entry website (team entries only*). Enter Here Early bird entries close on 30 Nov – use the promo code: ’GET4KOFF’ on the entry website (team entries only*). Enter Here
  6. Our man on the ground was Alfons, once again having local knowledge is KEY to having a good time! Our first afternoon was mind blowing! We followed Alfons into the surrounding dunes of Swakopmund and rode some lines as the sun set behind us. The next morning we went off to see the highest dune in the world, Dune 7. After asking around we realised that nobody had ever walked up and ridden a bike down! Challenge accepted. The footage doesn't do the scale and steepness of the Dune justice, it really is insanely steep. We found ourselves on a moon like surface for the second part of our adventure, The Lunar Landscape. The choice of lines was overwhelming! For as far as you eyes could see, ridge after ridge, gully after gully, endless lines to ride! We had left the fat bikes behind by this stage and were back onto the enduro bikes. Namibia has a lot to offer! It truly is an adventurers play ground! Remember to do some planning beforehand, connect with the right people and hopefully you can have as an amazing adventure as we did. CreditsFat bike rental: Cycles 4 U, Swakopmund. Content production by Nathan Pellow-Jarman Visual Outdoor Riders: Devlin Fogg, Antonio Silva, Alfons Kiesewetter
  7. The Bike Life crew recently returned from a Namibian mountain bike adventure. In the latest episode they visit the immense sand dunes and lunar landscapes of Swakopmund. Click here to view the article
  8. We love the process of adventure, the unexpected challenges and rewards. Our Namibian trip was way more rewarding than it was challenging. We flew out of Durban to catch a connecting flight from Johannesburg to Windhoek. In Windhoek, we met up with Patrick de Goede who runs Cycletec in Windhoek and operates bike tours into the Namibian countryside. Click here to view the article
  9. Connecting with Patrick was the best decision we could make, local knowledge goes a long way in efficiency and avoiding unnecessary issues. Arriving at the Spitzkoppe, we were blown away by the scale of the rock structures! A bit nervous and unsure, we walked up the first section that looked ridable, and soon we had our confidence, spotting lines all over the place. Experiencing a new type of mountain biking, new terrain, and learning how our bikes best handled the granite surface was totally enjoyable. After the riding session, we grabbed a few beers and found a spot to watch the sun go down as we reminisced about our day. Sitting around a campfire is mesmerising, looking up at the Namibian sky is enchanting. Out in the middle of the dessert there is ZERO light pollution and the intensity of the stars was next level. We thought it a good idea to not put up the tents and sleep out in the open, beside the fire, a decision that won’t easily be forgotten. How do I ride at Spitzkoppe? The campsite in Spitzkoppe has no set structures besides a long drop, so be sure to plan accordingly and take all the necessary food, catering and camping equipment. There are a few 4x4/camping hire places close to the airport or in Windhoek to kit you out should you choose to go it alone.Spitzkoppe is three hours drive from Windhoek. South African passport holders do not need a visa to visit Namibia. There is a fee for camping. Tours can be arranged through http://www.cyclenamibia.com/. Credits: Video and images by Visual Outdoor.Riders: Devlin Fogg, Antonio Silva, and Patrick de Goede. Tour by www.cyclenamibia.com
  10. The Desert Dash is no more. THANK YOU Aidan and team for 10 good years and for changing cycling in NAM forever!
  11. Does anybody know the quality of Bioracer cycling clothes? Nedbank has chosen them to supply the Official kit for 2015. (Last year Anatomic was responsible.) "We have a discounted rate for the set - N$ 2900.00 or N$ 1150.00 for the shirt and N$1750.00 for the bib shorts which includes postage/delivery in Namibia and South Africa." Wondered if any other hubbers knows the make?
  12. The 2015 Windhoek Light Namib Quest sees 75 two-man Mountain bike teams navigate their way through harsh, and sometimes sandy, Namibian terrain. Commencing on 24 May 2015, teams will leave the capital city of Windhoek and over the next six days, covering 450km as they make their way to the finish line in Swakopmund. Click here to view the article
  13. The first four days of the race will take the riders through the Khomas Hochland plateau separating Windhoek from the Namib Desert. The terrain is hilly with a few short, hard climbs and technical descents. Half way through day four, a long, but very fast technical descent takes you into the Namib Desert. For those who are able to take in the scenery as they ride, this is the most scenic location of the race, and the race village is positioned in a spectacular setting. Day five covers a flat traverse of the ‘Tinkas’ plains in the Desert. In the past, this stage has been fast paced with several wildlife encounters. Teams will need to work together throughout the event as it can be mentally and physically challenging at times. However, a high level of camaraderie on and off the route makes it fun, and offers many riders the boost they need to make it to the finish line. At the end of each stage, teams will retire to a race village to be fed and spend the night in a large two-man dome tent. There are also VIP packages and supporter packages available for those who would like to follow the race, enjoying the beautiful Namibian landscape without taking part. Windhoek Light Namib Quest race details: Date: 24 – 29 May 2015. Location: Windhoek to Swakopmund Registration: 23 May 2015 in Windhoek Costs: Entries received before 28 February 2015 – N$25,000 per team of two rider. Entries received after 1 March 2015 – closing date – N$25,500 per team of two riders. Accommodation: Accommodation before the race and upon completion is the rider’s responsibility. During the race, tented accommodation and all meals are covered by the race organisers. Space is limited and entries will close as soon as the 75 team allocations have been filled. Solo entry options are available on request and subject to participant experience and approval from the event organisers at N$13,500. Windhoek Light Namib Quest 2015 stage overviews: Stage 1: Windhoek to Farm Huesis (78.2km; 1294m ascent with a 1286 descent): Riders will depart from the Windhoek Country Club and can expect a long and steady climb towards the Khomas Hochland Plateau. A combination of gravel roads and farm jeep tracks will lead the riders to the stage finish. Stage 2: Farm Huesis to Harmony Centre (77.1km; 1534m ascent and 1514m descent): This stage sees participants riding on the oldest jeep track in Namibia – it was once the ox-wagon trail connecting Windhoek to the coast. But don’t get too sentimental, riders can also expect tough hilly jeep track sections during the stage. However, the spectacular view at the race village set up at one of the highest points of the Khomas Hochland will not disappoint. Stage 3: Harmony Centre to Farm Tsawisis (61.6km; 1387m ascent with the highest descent on the route, 1767m): This stage is dominated by a long, technical descent into a remote valley providing scenic landscapes and game sightings. The day’s extremely technical and narrow river creek will see many riders opting to walk, but a fast jeep track section follows that will ensure that riders make up time. Stage 4: Farm Tsawisis to Farm Donkerhoek (70.8km; 1393m ascent and a 1422m descent): Riders will undertake a steep climb of around 400 vertical meters on a track carved out of the side of a mountain. Should there be rain before the Windhoek Light Namib Quest takes place, the day’s trials will be richly rewarded with a refreshing swim in a farm dam located near the race village. Stage 5: Farm Donkerhoek to Goanikontes Oasis (exact distance to be confirmed; 223m ascent, 776m descent): This is a new stage route for 2015 which is mostly flat grave roads passing through the Namib Naukluft National Park so expect plenty of game viewing. The race village is set up in a natural oasis located in the Swakop river bed. Stage 6: Goanikontes Oasis to Swakopmund (exact distance to the finish line to be confirmed; 192m ascent and a descent of 944m): Another new route for 2015. This stage will see the back teams starting first, and the leading teams last at 2 minute intervals. The teams will arrive at the Windhoek Light Namib Quest official finish at The Mole in Swakopmund after a shorter but fast stage race to be united with family and friends. All finishers will receive an official “Finishers” shirt and all riders who enter will also receive preferred entry into the following year’s event. For more information on the Windhoek Light Namib Quest and to enter, please visit the website, call +264(0) 81 1288 481 or head to the Facebook page.
  14. I'll be in Namibia, Swakopmund to be exact, next week (20th --> 27th). Can anybody point me to some trails in the area? I know of the salt road between Swakop and Walvis (35km one way) which I will ride, but was just wondering who else rides there?
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