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  1. Ye, I feel for the organisers man. At this point, I have no idea if anything will go ahead this year.
  2. Had my first ever taste of Hennops. Rode the Safari, Sani, Dragon, Snake and Skeleton. Absolutely sublime! Can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get there.
  3. Have you completed an epic? If yes, cool, if no, please comment once you have experienced it. I can assure you, lining up, at least once, is a massive highlight for any avid MTBer.
  4. Hi guys and gals. Has anyone experience an issue with Zwift + Kickr where the Bluetooth connection drops intermittently for a split second dropping your power to 0, then it spikes back up to where you were? I'm fairly clued up re: laptops and I'm wondering if the issue isn't just my laptop as it was perfect before I had upgraded it. I've also recently added a wifi extender into my training room, so just wondering if anyone has had this and factors played a part? Cheers.
  5. My mate went to test it and broke his collarbone 4km in. It would have been his 5th Epic.
  6. Thanks for this Johan. Sounds awesome. Care to share some activities on Strava or your profile so I can connect?
  7. Thanks for sharing. When last have you been around Piet Skiet? I tried (my first time) yesterday, but was stopped with big yellow "no entry" signs at the Piet Skiet entrance (a friend that had done it a few times confirmed we were at the right place. Do you know whats going on and if there are any options? I did find quite a few yellow boards with black arrows when coming back and it seems like some routes are now marked in that area behind Northerns? Cheerio
  8. Hi, we tried the route today and at the entrance of Piet Skiet new fence is up with yellow no entry signs. Anyone know what's the deal? Any alternatives?
  9. I've done a few races in and around Maropeng and was wondering if anyone knows of training routes & trails available in that area. The terrain is pretty hard and I think if you combine that with a Mount Grace bike park vibe it could be fun. Furthermore, in the Route 99 race, we did trails in the Cradle which don't seem to be available any other time but in races. Can anyone shed some light off of that, specifically close to the Rhino & Lion Park traffic circle area. cheers,
  10. Thank Phil. Yes, I wouldn't say I'm a slave to the numbers, but as this is my first EPIC I was hoping to keep a close eye on the IF to make sure I don't go too hard too early and mushroom cloud ja know. I updated the firmware this am and have left a battery in. Let's see how long it lasts. My solution for the epic is to buy a battery per day.
  11. I recently bought a power meter and it worked perfectly for a while. I then changed the battery and since then it's become VERY hungry on batteries. I'm a week out of EPIC and now it seems like I need a new battery daily. A friend mentioned once they start giving trouble they eat batteries (as in they don't sleep), but I'd just like to confirm this. Anyone had this issue?
  12. Thanks guys, Just for context, the "nutrition package" I am referring too is literally the bottle vibe. For R735 they give you 5 bottles and take 2 bottles to a WP each day. They claim that it will be cold when you arrive and when you finish they give you a recovery drink of choice. What I'm reading into the discussion above is: - Mechanic - HELL YEAR - Nutrition - NOT SO MUCH Thanks a ton, appreciate the feedback.
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