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Found 14 results

  1. Right, there is this challenge called Parallels, go check it out. Basically it a see how far you can go in 24 hours type of deal. But the unique selling point is that your distance is measured as the crow flies. To illustrate, if you do a circle route of 200 km; your distance, according to the rules of this challenge, would be zero km. I think I found an excellent route. The N14 between Vryburg and Upington. It is straight and it is flat. It drops from about 1200m above sea level to about 900m above. And the route would be about 406 km on the road but as the crow flies it would be 377 km. But I do not know how safe it is. Consider that I would cycle through the night so heavy traffic (there is mining activity in the area so a lot of trucks) and high crime (where is there ot high crime) would would put a nix on this route. I need some advice from locals. Thank you
  2. Do you want to build some season fitness then this is the tour for you ! Consider it a training camp. This tour offer: Day 1 Endurance 110km Ascent 2400m Climbing Normandien pass 650m in 9km Descent Donkey's pass 500m over 4.5km Stay over in a 4 hotel Dinner Day 2 Breakfast 42km Hardcore single track Brunch If you are looking for a fast breakaway, this weekend will provide you scenic nature , hardcore riding, great single track and a early finish on the second day so you can travel safe and get back to your destination early. Visit our web page to learn more on this event https://liv2ride.co.za/event/vulintaba-mountain-bike-tour/
  3. There's a neat new series done by Pinkbike, revolving around the benefits of becoming a fully sponsored team rider vs a full-on privateer. Adam, a Pinkbike staff member, has been supporting himself through EWS and other Enduro / MTB racing for a long time, but has never been able to dedicate the same amount of hours as the sponsored riders, nor get access to the new kit, enhanced training, support and logistical benefits as the pro's have on tap. This series aims to show how much of a difference the step to a fully sponsored ride & team can make to "Adam Average" He's by no means a slouch, but up until now he's had to train when he can, and work to supplement it.
  4. Really interesting study on the supposedly finite limit for human endurance based on ultra runners and TdF cyclists. The cap is 2.5 times the body's resting metabolic rate, or 4,000 calories a day for an average person, based on 20 day plus to 140 day efforts . Pregnant women are almost operating on the limit! https://www.bbc.com/news/health-48527798
  5. Its not about the destination, its about the journey... The Why The Free State province is rarely explored by mountain bikers from outside the province, as it mainly serves as a stop and go or a quick visit to family when passing through to the mountains on the other side. We decided to tackle the Xhariep region as this is where most of the unexplored routes are found. The desire to ride from Dam to Dam has always been an exciting yet daunting thought, until we decided to man up and just do it. We created the Trans Xhariep experience as it will prove to be one of the toughest races in the Free State Province, as well as one of the most rewarding accomplishments you will ever try to achieve. Who’s up for a proper Free State Ride? 3 March 2018 Ultra Team - 310km Relay Team - 310km Lite Solo - 145km Gariep Dam - Vanderkloof Dam - Gariep Dam Http://www.transxhariep.co.za
  6. This past weekend was the 12 hours of Killarney hosted by PPA. We entered in the solo category and managed 4th place with 117 laps, about 383km. A full write up is coming from the rider. Any body else do the event? Was great fun and saw lots of regulars!
  7. Hubbers Exclusive 15% off any training and analytics plan in Today's Plan. www.todaysplan.co.za Today’s Plan program’s are tailored towards each individuals: events, goals, training time, schedule, fitness level and fitting in your existing social/group/commuting rides. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out on your fitness journey or you are a seasoned elite athlete, having a fully customised structured training plan will help you to become fitter, faster and stronger. The programs are targeted at cycle specific for riders spending +2 days (+ 4 hrs) a week riding and suitable for all bike types (Road, Track, MTB, CX and commuters). Using the latest scientific methods of tracking training load and fatigue Today’s Plan construct’s the perfect training plan to transform anyone’s cycling performance. Each workout is explained in easy to understand terminology and points out the purpose of the ride with many explanatory video’s coaching the athlete’s from the comfort of their home on phone or PC. Workouts can be downloaded to Android phones (with live tracking) or Garmin head units to follow steps out on the road or trail. Ultimately riding smarter, not longer to ensuring our clients become the best they can become. Pricing is extremely affordable (additional 15% for Hubbers) 6 week tailored Training Plan & Full Analytics R2498 week tailored Training Plan & Full Analytics R34910 week tailored Training Plan & Full Analytics R429 12 week tailored Training Plan & Full Analytics R529 16 week tailored Training Plan & Full Analytics R699 When you sign up to Today’s Plan there is no credit card or payment required. You can build a training plan at any time. On building a plan you have two weeks to review the plan and decide if you want to continue with and pay for the plan. During this duration of your training plan you have full access to our analytics functionality. When you sign up we give you two weeks free analytics service. After this time we offer both a monthly and annual analytics subscription option. Post trail period you can use Hubber code (under your name- my services- apply code): “ Hub15 “ Want to be the best you can be? Then ride smarter, not longer. Ride with Today’s Plan.
  8. Is anyone following the trip of Ivan Zimmerman riding on his Rocky Mountain from Beijing to Istanbul? I understand that this is for charity, and even with that in mind, it's still a remarkable feat of endurance. Distance covered after 10 days: 824km Still to go: 11170km Let's give this man some support! www.ivanzimmermann.com
  9. So, who does cross training? What have you found to be the benefits? What have you found to be the 'down sides' if any? How often are you cross training? Do you adopt the 'muscle balance' form of training, ie: stabilisers and muscle you don't predominantly use while riding, but add to your overall endurance and power output? Reason for this topic is that I have been running these cross training sessions with a group of guys from our 'club', we have all noticed big changes and improvements, I want to see what others have to say about it.
  10. So I'm considering an Everesting attempt and I would really appreciate the input of Grey Stripe holders or anyone else who has also considered the crazyness. Firstly, I have chosen a hill because it is reasonably long (4km), it has decent elevation gain (315m), the road is pretty quiet (max 10 cars per hour) and it has some nice tree cover (maybe 40%). The hill has an average grade of 8% with several sections of maybe 20% on the corners. Although the road is tarred I don't own a road bike, so will be doing it on my 13kg MTB. Any training advice would also be appreciated. One concern is that I have chosen a hill too steep and I'll blow? Another concern is that although I'm quite fit for anything up to 60km, I have never done anything more than 130km, and am wandering if the 220km is doable?
  11. As most people around here will know from some comments I have made over the last few months, my sister started riding around October last year. To me, she doesn't really appear to be getting fitter or faster. I know that part of her issue is she doesn't really understand what I am explaining about gearing the bike, and I don't know how else to explain it to her. Off road she averages about 10km/h and on the road its about 15km/h, but she constantly wants to stop because she says her legs are burning. Last Sunday we did 28km on the road and by the end she wanted to throw up and cry. I found some exercises for off the bike to help build the legs but they don't appear to be helping too much. She rode a few times while I was out with a broken clavicle with some friends, but, since I have been back on the bike (around the middle of March) she rides with me 3 times a week (Tuesday, Friday and Sunday so it isn't consecutive days on the bike). She has entered the 947 cycle challenge, so I need to find a way to get her ride that distance by November. So, to my questions: 1.Am I expecting too much too soon? 2.Does anyone have recommendations on how to build her fitness levels? (Personally I think she just needs time in the saddle and to stop whining, but that approach is clearly not working ) 3.How do I explain the gearing (3x9) - maybe a video?
  12. Who cycled the 50 miler and how did you find it? It's a deceiving ride, the first 50 odd km are pretty "easy" and then the animal is unleashed with the mother of all climbs a likened to Karoo to Coast climbs. Enjoyed it, thanks to the organisers.
  13. Only 7 days to go to get your entry in for the 2014 Trans Karoo. Visit www.transkaroomtb.co.za to secure your place on the start line and experience the beauty of the Northern Cape as you make your way from Ceres to Sutherland.
  14. Entries for Enduroman South Africa, an ultra cross triathlon, being held in the beautiful Franschhoek Valley are now officially open. 2.5KM SWIM | 92KM MTB | 21KM RUN - SOLO ENTRY ONLY Aimed at the true endurance enthusiast this event is guaranteed to challenge mental and physical fitness as participants leave the Berg River dam and cover the distance to the finish line at La Roche Estate. For more information visit www.enduroman.co.za or email entries@orangeanvil.co.za.
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