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Found 25 results

  1. Right, there is this challenge called Parallels, go check it out. Basically it a see how far you can go in 24 hours type of deal. But the unique selling point is that your distance is measured as the crow flies. To illustrate, if you do a circle route of 200 km; your distance, according to the rules of this challenge, would be zero km. I think I found an excellent route. The N14 between Vryburg and Upington. It is straight and it is flat. It drops from about 1200m above sea level to about 900m above. And the route would be about 406 km on the road but as the crow flies it would be 377 km. But I do not know how safe it is. Consider that I would cycle through the night so heavy traffic (there is mining activity in the area so a lot of trucks) and high crime (where is there ot high crime) would would put a nix on this route. I need some advice from locals. Thank you
  2. Hey all. I'll be spending the long weekend in Magoebaskloof. Anyone have any suggestions for nice MTB routes around there? I'm not too fussy, they can be long or short, technical single track or basic district roads, whatever, just wana get out on my bike a bit.
  3. I was wonder where a place is safer for a solo cyclist to ride and plan to stay for the weekend in Gauteng? Mageliesburg? Hartbeespoot? Your post will be appreciate.
  4. Hi guys, I haven't been in centurion long. I come from Blormfontein where you could cycle +- 30km and end up at a nice view. I find that it's different in Centurion. I have to make an event of it and either go to Big Red Barn or Wolwespruit etc. It feels like I am confined to the city streets during the week. And as a mountain biker, that sucks. Are there any nice (and safe) mtb routes one can give a go before or after work without having to load my bike in my car? Thanks
  5. I am looking for a route that is 25km long and has a constant gradient of 3% or 4%. Which will give you either 750m or 1000m of climbing over that distance. I am looking for this / and not this /\/\/\/\. I have tried looking at creating a route in Rouvy or plotaroute but can't seem to find an option to create such a route. I just want one constant climb for 25 km. Any other tools I can use to create such a route? Oh, and I want to use it on the IDT, so a gpx will be most welcome.
  6. Hi Guys Going to be spending some time at the Fish River and am contemplating taking the MTB along. Anyone have some insight into trails in that neck of the woods?
  7. Hi everyone, I am riding in Clarens this weekend with two beginners. Does anyone have experience on a nice single track in the area? I'm allergic to endless dirt road slogging. Thanks in advance.
  8. Today I tested the navigation/ routes function of my Garmin 510 with a Spruit route in preparation for Berg and Bush as I had never used the function before. When I got to the end, the Garmin peeped, displayed end of "training ride" & then switched off by itself straight away. I now have no data from my ride as the ride wasn't saved which you usually do manually. I don't want this to happen after 99km of Berg and Bush Day 1 & I'm a bit bleak that I've lost a ride in terms of stats, goals, Strava, Vitality etc etc. I don't want it to happen again, please help. Thanks!
  9. Hi I'm going to Dullstroom for the weekend. I am looking for good mountain biking. I've done some searches and come up with references to some good rides, but no specific routes. Can anyone help out with this? I was thinking about Dullstroom - Tonteldoos and back. It's a bit short for what I was looking for, and was hoping there are some actual trails around too. Thanks!
  10. Is anybody aware of any trails in the Drakensberg Sun area...ie should I take my MTB...Thanks in advance
  11. Hi all I'm new to cycling in general and live in Moregloed (Waverley area). I would like to know if anyone knows of nice and quiet road cycling routes in the Pretoria area? Thank you in advance!
  12. Evening I am going to be in Durban 22 and 23 November and 5 December, looking for a cycle buddy to discover the routes from Morningside (which is where I am staying in November at least) From 30 November for a few nights I will be on or near Pietermaritzburg/The Midlands, so again would be great to hook up with a cycle buddy. I am English, but live in Spain and I cycle on a mountain bike 3 times a week 40 - 50km most weeks. Fancy hooking up when morning or evening? Cheers Gary
  13. If I wanted to take 6 days and explore from Graskop, Pilgrims Rest, Gods Window, Bourkes Luck, Mac Mac, Lisbon Falls, Blyde River Canyon etc...and maybe further north to Haenertsburg or Misty Mountain, how many of these can one actually ride to? Tar? Gravel? If one had vehicle transfers and included some riding each day (30km - 60km) - where would the best riding/routes be, not in terms of trails and single track, but more in terms of scenery and exploring the most scenic and interesting parts by bike, preferably on gravel roads and jeep track - or quiet tar roads I guess. Any locals? Thanks
  14. Hi all So I just recently moved down to Cape Town and will be heading to Jacobsbay area over the long weekend. Obviously taking the bike with... Can anyone tell me if there are any nice routes to ride and if it safe-ish? I'll be riding alone and have never been there Thanks
  15. Mountain biker Truda Turner will be cycling 1,000km from Kakamas to Cape Town in October 2015. She is raising funds for the My Child has Cancer Trust - www.mchct.org.za She is looking for a safe gravel road link between Malmesbury and Cape Town. CAN ANYONE ASSIST? Thanks https://www.facebook.com/pages/Let-The-Wheels-Turn-for-the-My-Child-Has-Cancer-Trust-MCHCT/850529508334857
  16. Hi Hubbers, So I've been thinking about ways to rate/rank my rides and I wondered if anyone has any suggestions on how to go about it. So far I have the following data which I think is important: 1) Distance 2) Elevation 3) % single track 4) # of obstacles with warnings So the first two are easy from your GPS device so a ratio of the two gives a good indicator (meters climbed per km on average). The next two are a bit more subjective. Any thoughts?
  17. Hi guys. I'm from Hermanus, but will be in Claremont for the next few weeks. Don't know the area at all. Would like to get on the bike and keep up the fitness. Where can I go ride (mtb)? Where does the trails start? If you are in the area and looking for a partner please let me know. I'm available every day. Thanks
  18. Hi all, I will be coming down to DBN to ride the Tour of Durban on the 26th April, & will in DBN for the rest of that week, so would like to get some riding in while there. I will be staying at Garden Court South Beach, and would like to know if there are any group rides/routes that one can recommend. Other than the 20 odd kms that I can get done on the beachfront, looking for routes/rides that are a little longer on the road bike. Thanks, appreciate any advise.
  19. Hey Everyone Has anyone done a Mtb ride from Gauteng(Randburg) to Pilanesberg(Sun City), Is it at all possible doing it without tar road?
  20. Hi all, I'm doing some work with Isuzu over the next two months, part of which is creating hyperlapse videos and reviews of MTB routes so that you can check out the route online before making a mission. Here are the routes we've covered before so that you can get an idea of what I'm talking about: http://www.isuzu.co.za/experience-mountain-bike-trails Because I have limited time I need to be picky about the routes we choose to do so I'm asking all you to help me out. What are the best routes/trails in the Western Cape (we're currently geographically limited)? What routes would you most like to see a video of? Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance, Albert
  21. Hi All, I'm new to road riding in Cape Town and I'm looking for road routes to ride. I'm based in Century City and looking for some decent (and safe) routes to ride after work (4pm onwards). For the mornings, I live in Claremont so any route suggestions from there would also be appreciated.
  22. Hi all, I am embarking on a personal website called MTB Events SA. There are so many MTB events across South Africa and they each have their own website. The reason why I started this website is because I want to have a centralised website/database where you can view all events across the country. I want to display event information in a neat and readable way instead of having race details all over the place. I also want to display accommodation in and around the event. I always struggle to find accommodation when travelling to far away races. I also want to display things to do in and around the venue for those that are going to sleep over and don't want to sit at the place where you stay and watch TV. I want to have detailed route information and profiles. User comments after the race which can be forwarded to the event organisers. Pics of the race, Youtube videos of the routes, directions to the race, weather etc etc. The site has been optimised to use the latest internet technologies, it won't work on Internet Explorer 8 or lower, only from 9 and above. It will work on other browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox. It is optimsed for mobile devices because most people are all day on their phones. I don't plan to make money off the site right now, for now it's just a personal project and website. There might be a similar site but like I said it's a personal project that I am doing in my spare time and for my own enjoyment. If you have any ideas it would be appreciated. What would you like to see about an event before entering? Do you guys think something like this will work? The site is very bare at the moment, I put on content as soon as when I have time. Go to www.mtbevents.co.za and click on events on the menu above. Select the race that I have loaded to see what I am trying to do. I have a Facebook page and Twitter account registered. If you want please follow on Facebook and Twitter. I will starting posting as soon as when I have some more content. I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks Brendan
  23. Does anybody now about good MTB tracks in and just outside Fochville to some training rides on?
  24. Hey peeps, Moved down from Cape Town need to find routes to ride or maybe join up with a group on the east side. I'm an average rider. Have done a few races. Please help. Weekend rides preferably
  25. Hi Guys Anybody albe to tell me where the Porseleinberg roads are?
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