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Found 18 results

  1. Hi guys I'm visiting Cape Town from the UK over Christmas & NY (arrive tomorrow and here until the 2nd Jan) - and bringing my long travel mtb with me. Does anyone know of any group rides in and around Cape Town I could join over the period? Either Table Mountain/Tokai or further afield? I'm reasonably fit and used to riding black trails in Europe - so keen to try the most technical stuff you have. ???? Thanks in advance!! Robin
  2. This morning just before 6am I went for a ride on my trailbike. Plenty of traffic out and on a 'safe' route. Planning to ride from Somerset West on the R44 past Lord Charles, and then do a 20km return trip before work, just a quick spin. Around 300 or 400m up the road two guys are walking towards me - they've been walking down the road since I've started the climb, I took note, but nothing suspicious about them on first glance. Around 20m from them they go wide and one walks towards the yellow line, one towards the shoulder, meaning that I have to pass between them, since there's plenty of cars on the road, so I can't cut into the road. Small warning lights go on, but I dismiss it as being paranoid. As I ride between them, they both grab me. I almost break away and they become jittery and frantically grabbing at me and my bike. Smallish 20+ year old guy with dreadlocks and a bigger guy, short hair or shaven head probably around 1.8m wearing a dark hoodie (brown or green) with a massive logo on the front. I'm currently riding flats on my trailbike, and so when I pop off at least I'm not connected to the bike. They both grab at the bike and I get a hold of the rear wheel so we enter a tug of war. I realize after a second or two that there's no way these guys are just going to let go and so I do a quick check of their hands, and that's when I spot the saw in the one guy's hand. One of those pointy saws (lekker rusted) with the crooked handle used to do branch trimming. At that stage I decide that it is not worth it, so I let go of the bike and start running away from them. The guy with the saw actually starts chasing me with the saw down the road. I run in front of an oncoming car (the last one of the batch that crossed the green), so I'm pretty desperate. The gentleman stops and forms a barrier between myself and saw guy. But saw guy does not run away, he stands there looking at me. I ask the guy if I can get in his car and then saw guy starts walking away. At this stage I see the other guy is still up the road and now mounted my bike heading towards us (down the hill). I go on instinct and rugby tackle him. Note: I'm not a rugby player and tbh a guy on a bike carrying momentum gives you one helluva shot, but luckily take him down and quite hard on the road, and as he jumps up and tries to run, I get an ankle tap in for good measure. When he goes down again, I am considering a punch when I notice saw guy running towards us. I grab the bike, bars all skew from the fall and run up the road a couple of meters. The guy that I tackled luckily seemed rattled enough to stop the pursuit for the time being. He now joins saw guy a couple of meters down the road, and they just stand there nonchalantly waiting for the car to go before they come after me again. At this stage a bakkie comes up (AH building Supplies), the first vehicle over the new green light, and so I also stop him. After he stops they turn around and walk down the road (in no rush whatsoever). The bakkie gent (Gerrit) is nice enough to pop my bike in the canopy and give me a lift home. Flippen hell, what a morning! So blessed that only my knees are scraped from the tackle.
  3. Round one of the 2017 SA Downhill Cup series kicked off with a bang and some tight racing this past weekend. Plenty of KZN riders made the trip down Cape Town to join in and give the Western Province boys a good run for their money on the ever popular Helderberg Downhill track. Click here to view the article
  4. The 2017 South African Downhill National Cup Series kicked off at the weekend which formed part of the MTB Gravity Series. Johann “Pottie” Potgieter cruised down the hill at a superb 2:12.735 to beat National Champion Stefan Garlicki, with Adi van der Merwe coming in at third place Helderberg in the Western Cape on Sunday 29 January. Click here to view the article
  5. The 2017 South African mountain bike season kicks off with its first Downhill National Cup Series race at the Helderberg trails in the Western Cape on Sunday 29 January. This forms part of the MTB Gravity Series taking place on the same weekend. South African National Downhill Champion, Stefan Garlicki (Solid Reverse/Investec) chats about the course, his time off, and his plans for the 2017 season. Entries for the event are open and close on Tuesday 24 January. Click here to view the article
  6. Hi, i will spend the next 20 days near Cape Town. I was wondering if it's possible to join a shuttle day at the Helderberg Farm(if someone plans to do something like this)? Appreciate any infos Maraio
  7. Got jump yesterday in gordons Bay while taking a sunrise drive. Had no luck with the authorities so now Im on here.
  8. In only his second race back from injury, Matt Lombardi won the fourth and final round of the 2016 SRAM Gravity Enduro Series presented by YT Industries. Lombardi won two of the four stages at the Helderberg trails on Sunday 30 October to edge out Adi van der Merwe and Johann Potgieter. Click here to view the article
  9. Having hosted countless mountain biking events, ranging from XC to Enduro to DH (some of them at National level), the Helderberg Trail Network certainly does not need any formal introduction. Click here to view the article
  10. Second last event of the Dirtopia mountain bike Enduro will be held at the ever popular Helderberg trails (on Sunday 21 August 2016) built and maintained by Jan van Schalkwyk and his team. The aim of these events are to introduce more riders to the discipline, but at the same time make the top riders have fun! Click here to view the article
  11. Stefan Garlicki (Investec) won Round One of the South African National DH series at Helderberg Farm on a testing track on Sunday 28 February. Garlicki made it two-from-two at the venue (he won Round One of the 2016 Western Province Downhill series there two weeks ago) when he beat Jonathan Philogene and Johann Potgieter with a time of 02:53.277. Click here to view the article
  12. New Zealand’s Samuel Gaze (S-Racing XCO) and Switzerland’s Esther Süss (Wheeler) placed their racing prowess in the spotlight when they won the Pro-Elite Men and Women’s races respectively by a large margin at Helderberg Farms in Somerset West on Saturday for the second round of the Stihl 2016 SA XCO Cup Series. Click here to view the article
  13. The Stihl 2016 SA XCO Cup Series will see its second round take place just outside Somerset West on Helderberg Farms in the Western Cape on Saturday 27 February. As the 2016 Rio Olympic Games inch closer by the day, and with a UCI Category 1 rating status for Pro Elite Men and Women attached to the event, the mountain waits in anticipation for the country’s – and world’s – great cross-country specialists to take to it for all-important UCI points. Click here to view the article
  14. Stefan Garlicki (Investec) won the first event in the 2016 Western Cape Downhill series held at Helderberg trails on Sunday 14 February, in a time of 02:49.213. The 2015 South African National Downhill Mountain Bike Champion edged out Andrew Neethling (Polygon UR) 02:50.680 and Adi Van Der Merwe (Solid) 02:59.314 - the only two other riders to go under the three-minute mark. Click here to view the article
  15. Riders compete in the Dirtopia All Mountain Enduro held at Helderberg Farm, Somerset West. Photos by Chris Hitchcock. Click here to view the article
  16. A long awaited and welcome return for the SRAM WP Gravity Enduro series, saw round one take place at the popular Helderberg Trails, just outside Somerset West. With some good rain a few days prior, and a fair amount of sunshine in between, the soil was perfectly tacky and conditions were great all round for racing. A very crisp and cloudless morning meant riders wrapped up with long sleeves and other warm gear, but the long and steep 5.5km climb up liaison 1 quickly heated things up. Click here to view the article
  17. The Nissan TrailSeeker Series that has become extremely successful over the past four years in Gauteng, will see its first expansion this weekend with Round 1 of the inaugural Nissan TrailSeeker Western Cape Series, the official provincial marathon series of this region. Click here to view the article
  18. Western Province DH for 2015 kicked off in hot and dusty fashion this weekend at the Helderberg Trails, just outside Somerset West. The track had undergone a few changes in the form of an updated rock garden, a couple of loose and washed out switchbacks and a new finish line approach. The rock garden is situated right at the top of the track, giving riders very little time to settle into their run, leading to a number of ejections. Just before half way, the ever changing, loose and dusty switchbacks lead riders into the 'snake pit', from which the track stays mostly unchanged. Click here to view the article
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