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  1. Sadly the old thread died... Bought these http://www.btosports.com/Merchant2/graphics/00000007/leatt-3df-knee-guard.jpg Good fit and seems like good protection. However the one seam was torn out the box and it seems like they will damage quite easily. Thinking of returning them and just buying 661 Evos. Thoughts?
  2. Hey everyone I wanted to find out if Silverback still sells the slider lt 1 new to the public. As I know they only sell xc bikes. If anyone has an enduro bike please let me know
  3. Can't believe this thread hasn't appeared yet.. Here is 2014 Epic Elite : Specs at: http://www.specialized.com/es/en/bikes/mountain/epic/14epicepicfsrelitecarbon
  4. On Saturday, 26th September @ 8:00, forty four riders from all over the country congregated at Ground Zero Bike & Trail Park, the start & finish for the Witfontein Funduro 2020. All praise to God for holding back the rain, and sending the chilly winds to keep the riders cool. This was a free event for all Hillbillies Members, and non-members were only required to pay a day pass for the use of the trails. Some big names, such as Johann Potgieter (5x National Downhill Champ), made the journey to take part in the enduro. Even local Cross Country racer Tristan Nortje took part on his XC race bike. The trails around George (aka Witfontein) are perfectly suited. Just begging to host an enduro race. The Hillbillies Mountain Bike Club, local riders as well as the trail running clubs pour hundreds of hours of work into building and maintaining the beautiful trails. The damage caused after the strong winds several weeks ago was excessive, but everyone pulled together to re-open most of the trails. Scoping the new lines on race day didn't slow down Johann Potgieter on his way to victory. Riders entering the Full Funduro raced five stages, covered a total distance of 32km with elevation gain of 1200m. The Lite Funduro consisted of three stages, 23km. The route was just difficult enough to not overwhelm the younger and less experienced riders, but still give the hardcore gravity junkies a good challenge. The trails chosen incorporated all of the goodness that Witfontein has to offer while testing a riders full range of skills and fitness. From old-school fast and flat-out sections over loamy goodness, to slippery rooty trails with tight turns, and then finally big double jumps mixed with steep rocky chutes, the Witfontein trails have something for every rider. A Community Effort Various members of the George mountain biking community came together to make the inaugural Witfontein Funduro happen.Braam Pretorius, Hillbillies Chairman, generously availed himself as a timing marshal on the day, as did Marthinus & Shauna Esmeyer of Paradise Adventures and Kendon Sharp. The Hillbillies also sponsored a water table, which was over and above what could be expected at a free event. Skysha Barrett, Ella Barrett & Elsa Sharp braved the cold to make sure that riders didn't bonk on the tough course. Ride Life Bicycle Shop also helped out significantly with the course marking and making sure that the trails were not obstructed on the morning of the race. Jacques Lourens of Frontier Medix was on site, but thankfully no one had to leave the mountain in an ambulance. A last thank you to everyone who has not been mentioned, but who contributed behind the scenes to make the whole event possible. It was a huge team effort with weeks of planning that could not have happened without the support family and friends. Witfontein Funduro Top 10 FinishersJohan Potgeiter Andrew Savage Nico Bester Chris Barrett Julian Bunge Tristan Nortje Jean-Pierre Malherbe Danie van Tonder Joshua Langenhoven Sean van Niekerk Full results: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1i_EL228mwK-hUuvvaB9W9e0Ve7gLqntG/view?usp=sharing
  5. With the Enduro Western Cape series being disrupted this year due to COVID, local trail rider, architectural professional, husband and father, Chris Barrett decided to take things into his own hands. Click here to view the article
  6. I'm looking to get feedback from people who have used the Leatt (formerly DBX) now MTB 3.0 Enduro full face helmet with the detachable chin bar in terms of comfort, durability (if you took a fall with it), airflow and how hot it gets in summer, I know a few years ago people had issues in terms of the clasps breaking off from the detachable chin bar? I have attached a link below to the 2021 version https://leatt.com/za/shop/mtb/protection/helmets/helmet-mtb-3-0-enduro-v21-sku-1021000640-W?selected-color=5440
  7. I'm looking for feedback on peoples experiences with the various brands of MTB tyre inserts such as Csixx Foamo, Vittoria Airliner, CushCore etc! I'm looking for feedback mainly on the added rim protection especially the cost vs benefit as some inserts cost more than a tyre, as well as how it adjusted the feel of the ride! I'm planning on using the inserts for Enduro riding!
  8. So I've been wondering if you could buy your dream SA built bike, but being realistic in terms of price.... Titan Racing Pyga Signal Momsen Silverback - Thanks for the suggestions Mecer - Thanks for the suggestions What would it be? Mine would be the PYGA Stage Max GX set. Which has a great all round setup, great 130mm for a good pop, it allows for relative "easy" climbs, great session down the trails and can also be used in some marathon events even. Would be really interested to hear what other hubbers think or WISH. Cheers
  9. After almost 2 years of going back and forth on with what to replace my trusty Santa Cruz 5010, I finally left holy ground and pulled the trigger on a Deviate Highlander frame. A FREAKIN' 29er... I'm getting the black edition with 150mm rear travel. The aim is a more trail orientated bike, rather than full enduro, ie. no Zeb or 38 or piggy back shock. I haven't 100% decided on the build, but it will most probably be: RS Lyrik Ultimate 160mm; CaneCreek DB Air IL DT rims laced to Hope hubs Hope X2 brakes from my current bike SLX 12x group set (this is a big change for me: I haven't ridden Shitmano since before 2004) Bike Yoke Revive dropper. It's been great to deal with Ben from Deviate. I wish the SA distributors of bikes I was looking at, were this keen on doing business. Now for the long wait until July...
  10. Seeing as there are no Maxxis DHR II or Agressor tyres in 29er 2.3" in the country I'm looking for feedback on the following two tyres as a rear tyre on an enduro/trail bike! I'm also open to other recommendations! Most of my riding is done on dry hard pack, rock gardens, loose rocks and roots. Predominantly in Tokai as well as Hoogekraal, Contermanskloof, Jonkershoek etc. Grip is important but I still want the tyre to roll fast! I'm currently running a DHF upfront! I was looking at the Specialized Eliminator 29x2.3" with a grid trail casing and T7 rubber compound as well as the Schwalbe Hanz Dampf 29x2.35" in a super trail/super gravity casing and the addix soft rubber compound! Would love to hear your experiences and feedback with these tyres?
  11. Hi I am building a Fuji gran fondo 2,5 I have bought a frame from a fellow hubber but the thru axels where not with the frame and I can’t seem to figure out what I need to buy ? All the info I can find says 12x 142 however nothing about thread pitch, and if the front and rear are the same size (I assume not ) Any advice would be hugely appreciated.
  12. I'm looking for either a Maxxis Minion DHR II or Aggressor for a 29" rim, it must be the 2.3" wide tyre in a Double Down (DD) casing, I have tried most of the shops I could think of in the Southern Suburbs/CBD in Cape Town. Please let me know of stores elsewhere which have a wide range of Maxxis trail/enduro tyres!
  13. I'm looking at replacing my current MTB tyres (OEM Bontrager XR3, 29" x 2.3"), as the back is almost worn out and I'm struggling on corners with the front especially over loose rocks. Its my first time doing so and and apart from all the recent research I've done I have no prior knowledge. I do 90% of my riding on the DH and Snake trails in Tokai CPT which are Enduro and Trail trails respectively, Tokai has lots of hard-packed ground, with rock gardens, roots and loose small rocks. For what is worth, I'm looking at running a 2.6" front and 2.4" rear combo, I'm primarily looking at using Maxxis tyres for simplicity and in terms of availability, I'm looking at using the Exo + casing and the 3C Maxx Terra rubber compound on both front and rear, as they seem best suited towards my needs! Where I need assistance is choosing the correct tyre combo, the forerunner from my research and taking into account my local terrain appears to be a Assegai up front and a Minion DHR II at the rear. Another decent combo appears to be running the DHR up front and either a Aggressor or Dissector at the rear. I can't seem to find any stock of the Minion DHF hence not including it in any of the above combos. I'm looking for feedback from anyone using any of the above combos or tyres, with a specific focus on grip especially on corners, rolling resistance (speed) and durability, especially as I will be using the bike to climb up trails!
  14. Hey everyone I've recently noticed an increase of more enduro bikes (hopefully riders) on my local trails here in, Hermanus, in the Hemel en Aarde Valley. Although these trails are not bad, they do lack any form of challenge or gradient. A few mates and I have been building a pretty steep and gnarly-ish trail and would be keen to show or send the location of to anyone who is looking for something a bit different in Hermanus. If you're a local and have some spare time to contribute to finishing up the trail and or maintenance, it would also be greatly appreciated. If you are coming for a weekend and need someone to show you some of our more gravity focused trails we've built (and found ) do let me know.
  15. I'm looking at getting a pair of the Crankbrothers Stamp 2 metal flat pedals for MTB. I'd love to get some feedback on them or recommendations of other brands in the R1000 region that are better suited/comparable!
  16. I'm looking for recommendations for a pair of super grippy and good quality shoes to be used for trail/enduro mountain biking in conjunction with flat pedals! Five Ten seem to be the gold standard, but sadly are no longer available in SA it seems. My budget is ideally R1500+-
  17. So it looks like the Crankworx Summer Series is going to be the closest thing we will get to racing this year. Breakdown of what to expect https://www.pinkbike.com/news/pinkbike-primer-crankworx-summer-series-week-1.html First Enduro Race https://www.pinkbike.com/news/results-enduro-crankworx-summer-series.html DH Riders with Enduro bike setups
  18. I'm transitioning more and more into the trail / enduro (if you could call anything Enduro in GP) side of riding, and as a result I'm looking at getting some new kit to offer me a bit more protection from flora and my weekly meetings the ground (I love me a good front-wheel washout!). I'm currently using: Old bib shortFitted lycra road/XC type shirtNormal casual cargo short over bib While this doesn't work too bad, there are a few annoyances with this setup. The cargo short gets soaked with sweat pretty quickly that doesn't want to evaporate and rides down continuously as I transition between sitting and standing. Also, the toight XC shirt looks a bit dof with the baggy short and is pretty flimsy (easily gets caught on branches / shrubbery and offers no protection). Now, I've been scouring online shops and bike shops, but can't justify spending R1200+ on a short and shirt that I wear once / twice a week (****, I can't justify it even if I wore it every bloody day), that is most likely going to get damaged / dirt stained pretty quickly. Any suggestions on cheap alternatives to "proper" mtb kit? I've got a few pairs of bibs that I'm happy to wear with a second layer of clothing on top, so don't need to really worry about shorts being padded. Open to suggestions / opinions. TL:DR How do you look like this: With a budget of this:
  19. Hi y'all... I put together a video giving a bit of a run down on the process of adding GPS Overlays to a video. I set this up by first doing some color correction in Premiere, then exporting to Dashware (open source) and using the data collected form my Garmin 520, but uploaded to strava. Basically just exported the GPX file of the ride I wanted. Hope you enjoy!
  20. Hey guys, I am looking for an app or solution to time buddies doing a fun enduro. Un-offical enduro event. My ideal solution would be a real-time stopwatch over two or more devices that can start/stop from two different phones. So guy at the top hits start button, and then the timer at the bottom hits the stop button. If this system could store each rider's time, that would be even better - and if it could accumulate, order and save overall times to names or number of users that would be off the charts fantastic. Anyone know of a solution like this?
  21. Hi guys and girls... I have had the good fortune of being able to ride my bikes in a variety of different places over the past little bit. So I threw together this little video of the journey. Sometimes I forget the vast differences in riding type, terrain and eco-systems we get to play in and on... And when they're all stacked up one after the other in a video the contrasts become quite obvious... Hope you guys enjoy it! Philth
  22. Want to see what Team SA got up to at the EWS Trophy of Nations? Hit the Youtube link above... Myself (Martin Zietsman), Matt Lombardi and Jason Boulle had the privilege of representing South Africa at the first ever Enduro World Series Trophy of Nations, held in Finale Ligure, Italy on the 29th of September. We put together a video showcasing all the behind-the-scenes action leading up to the race, from arriving there, to our play day exploring the local trails, the goosebumps moments during the Nations Teams Parade, the fun we had practicing the stages and the action on race day. The Trophy of Nations pitted teams comprising the top 3 ranked riders from each nation against each other in a 1-day race to crown the overall World Champions. All 3 riders on each team had to drop into each stage within a 1 minute window and the times of all 3 riders are then combined to provide the final result. The winning team is the team with the shortest total combined time over the 5 stages...simple as that. We hope you enjoy the show....
  23. Western Cape Enduro MTB series. It would be a four-stage, titanic battle to find who be would become Western Province and South African Champions for the year. EWC #3 Video Highlights: The EWC management team paid the weather gods a significant amount to deliver the riders a cool and calm day, perfect for enduro. Stage one would be the Red Phoenix. A fast-flowing stage that got riders down to the bottom of the mountain with nothing but dead flies and insects on the number board and googles. Yes, it's that fast. Riders then had to liaison back to where they'd just come from to take on the much-feared and ever-deteriorating "Plumber". The Plumber, on a good day, is a bike breaker and body shaker. After a week of practice, it had not deteriorated but up-teriorated (an enduro word for a stage that gets blown out and increases in gnarliness). Each new rider attempting the descent would face a completely different set of rocks and half a foot of brown powder which would either wipe them off the face of this earth, cover them in dirt or spit them out wide-eyed and frothing. Once the riders had finished stage 2, they would commence the epic journey over to stage three. Stage three, or Armageddon, would present fitter riders with the opportunity to claw some time back. The long and winding stage had portions of the field whining to the “Stage Creator” about its opening flat sprint. Alas this was an enduro and an ounce of endurance is required. With this event being a Enduro World Series qualifier, riders would need this experience to help them overseas. Alas, this fell on deaf, tired ears. The field was exhausted by the end of stage 3 but had one more assault up to stage 4. The climb back up to the top of the mountain would be a brutal push or ride for all but this is where MTB enduro races build character. Stage 4 or “Iron Monkey” would be a 6 to 9-minute which brought on a tough rock garden and an abundance of loose, steep corners. Its real kicker was its length which would take riders right down to the parking lot and event HQ. Riders had lines of enthusiastic spectators to cheer/heckle them all the way back down to the finish line to conclude what was one hell of a day out! Thankfully, at the end of the day, Western Province's Matt Lombardi (an enduro rider) took top spot in the men and the now "EWC proclaimed" enduro rider, Zandri Strydom from Mpumalanga took first in the females. Some very close times in both categories - times here. The field had some of the top DH, XCO and marathon riders in the country competing for the title too. The entire field was filled with a mix of riders from all ages, disciplines, sexes, speeds, bike types, hair colours and provinces which had the scrap beaten out of them all day long. But the stages were worth it! Thanks to our event partners for making this happen. Quick plug time... go demo the new Giant Reign and Trance, both 29ers that rock! Also, go and buy a permit to Tygerberg mountain bike club as they offer a plethora of awesome trails. Just follow the trail rules. Also a huge thanks to MTO for making some of SA' best trails in their valley. You guys are awesome. Top Five Results MenMatt Lombardi 00:22:30.9 Theo Erlangsen 00:22:38.0 Johann Potgieter 00:22:43.0 Martin Zietsman 00:23:09.1 Sharjah Jonsson 00:23:10.8 WomenZandri Strydom 00:26:34.3 Frankie Du Toit 00:26:34.9 Beani Thies 00:28:10.7 Rika Olivier 00:28:29.2 Jessi Nixon 00:29:18.4 Full results here.
  24. The Jabberwocky on the Kirroughtree trail network from my little Scotland tour... On a super sunny day! https://youtu.be/zhASNbXIXbk
  25. The DRI (Dustin Rudman Invitational) was held this past weekend. Here's some footage of mine and others crashes, plus the prize giving. Enjoy!:
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