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Found 9 results

  1. Hi there Hubbers! There is a lot of protein shakes / recovery shakes available on the market, not to mention all of them. I'm currently training 6hours a week and will build up to 12hours so recovery will be crucial. What supplements do you guys use to speed up recovery or what do you do to feel fresh and ready to ride again the next mornning?
  2. have not seen a thread on this yet. another supplements company feeding people banned substances.
  3. So, all the experts in hubland convinced me to avoid FitChef. Thanks for the input. I took my money and went to see a sports nutritionist who has given me lots of input and guidance. I'm really happy with her advice. I'm looking for a "clean" protein powder and bar that I can use when I have no time to fit in a meal or have that dreaded late afternoon hunger pang. The requirement is that they are low in fat, sugar and carbs. Advice please.
  4. Hi everybody, I'd like to introduce myself and offer my services to you. I'm a Sports Certified Dietitian in private practice who has a passion for mountain biking. I see clients/patients on a daily basis who need and want to improve their eating for all sorts of reasons - health and sports being two of those. Because nutrition plays a major role in promoting sports performance, recovery, injury prevention and general health and well-being, what you eat and drink before, during and after exercising/racing is vital if you want to get the most out of your hard training/competing. What I'm happy to do is answer some questions on a weekly topic that you may have concerning optimum eating and nutrition. As my time is obviously limited, there is a limit to my input, but I shall try my best to answer questions that you may have. Please base your questions on the weekly topic ONLY so that we can manage the whole thing effectively. I do not profess to know it all, but what I can offer is an educated opinion based on someone that is in the nutrition field on a daily basis. As I am a registered Dietitian, with a competitive background, I understand the mind set of an athlete and what it takes to train hard and do well in one's sport. I also have access to substantial resources, and can ensure that any input I give is for the most part, evidence-based and as current as possible. What I shall do on a weekly basis is write about and upload graphics on something that is pertinent to mountain biking/cycling in general. There are many topics that can be addressed as you can well imagine, but my first topic that I shall look at is... body weight.
  5. I'm contemplating using this product... I don't have any real issues (besides clicky ankles... but I think that's just me) anyone use it? if this is what it's effective for..."countering cartilage degeneration and pain, inflammation, swelling and stiffness in the joint" , surely it should be good to take as a preventative measure?
  6. Hi there hubbers! I'm curious to find out what other cyclist use as fuel (energy drink; supplements; food; ect) when training or on race day? Please share your advice and tips! Happy cycling
  7. I am following the "Banting Diet" and am riding the Jock next week. What supplements (both liquid and snacks) should I be taking. In my previous races I have always used some form of carbo drink plus water and snacked on dates and haver never had a problem. With the new diet I am not too sure what to do.
  8. To all Berg & Bush riders looking for that competitive edge - look no further! I was afforded the opportunity to do the Cape Pioneer but had already paid for an entry to the Berg n Bush which overlaps by a day. My wife, who recently gave birth to our beautiful baby girl, decided to take my spot - but we are now faced with the challenge of maintaining her milk production whilst away from our guzzling bundle of joy. It then dawned on us that a "supply and demand" scenario was in fact staring us right in the face, or breasts for that matter. It's no secret that the benefits of breast milk on athletic performance is quite profound. It also no secret that breast feeding mothers who do not release their milk supplies regularly, end up with rather swollen and often uncomfortable breasts, but also run the risk of losing their production whilst away from the feeding child. In order to prevent this undesired outcome for my wife, she has no option but to express whilst at the event - directly after completing the days ride and a few more times until the start of the next stage. As there is no practical way of storing the expressed milk for later use, she has little choice but to 'pump and dump' as the saying goes. But wait, there is an alternative! At a small fee, she is willing to offer her 'protein shake' - which by the way is ADA approved - to all riders looking for that competitive edge. We estimate that she can produce anything from a litre, to 1.5 litres per day. Menu items include: Sip the NipA delicious 25ml serving of mothers milk prepared to a perfect 37°C, served in a crystal shot glass moulded in the shape of a delightful little breast. ZAR 20.00 p/25ml serving The C-CupA delicious 250ml serving of mothers milk prepared to a perfect 37°C, served in a replica 1937 Bennets Baby Cup moulded from the highest quality BPA free plastics. (Definitely a Collectors Item) ZAR 200.00 p/250ml serving The JugFor the more serious competitor looking to feed on the oppositions weakness, we are also open to the sale of an entire days supply of ‘jug juice', but in order to preserve quality, refrigerated storage is needed which will affect the price. The Jug is served in a NUK baby bottle shaped ‘bidon’ (or sports bottle for the less refined cyclists). ZAR 1000.00 p/1L serving So for anybody serious about performing at their highest level, message me directly for contact details and kiosk operating hours at the 2014 instalment of Berg and Bush. At Simply the Breast, our milkshakes bring both the boys and the girls to the yard.
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