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  1. where are all the parts hiding ? 🤨 Where else does a home builder look for parts ? Other than bike hub or Facebook market place ? surely there are some “ hidy holes “ with all the good stuff hidden in ? 😆 in need of some parts to finish off a bike and I just keep coming up short on finding them after watching the classifieds more than what’s deemed healthy 😆 If anyone can assist id be really stoked with any contact or if you have the parts and they are not in use I’ll buy them 👍 I need to complete the drive train on my gravel bike currently running a mis match and it drives my OCD out the window. i need the following 1X 11 or (1 x10at a push ) sram or shimano rear mech (force, ultegra etc) shifters (road /gravel ) And flat mount callipers to match (ultegra , force etc) thanks in advance ! From a very eager home mechanic 😆
  2. Hey everyone! I and my partner are interested in travel (just a bit) around Cape Town after the race ends. We would like to do the Garden Route by car. Does anyone know safe ways to save our bikes (despite the original hotels we booked at Cape Town)? Thanks in advance !
  3. Apologies in advance if someone has asked this at some point, I did search the forums. I have a 2016 Specialized Camber and a 2016 Stumpjumper. The Camber has a "Brain" shock, the Stumpy has a non-brain shock. I prefer my Stumpy's rear shock, actually I prefer my Stumpy's whole shock setup to the Camber (it's fun). I'd like to be able to experiment with different shocks, but everything on the local second-hand market seems to have a different mount to what's on my Camber. I don't know what this mount is called, but it seems to be *the* standard rear shock mounting system. A website called bikeyoke sells an adapter which allows the use of standard shocks on a 2016 Camber, but these adapters, before shipping and customs duties, are about R 1700 (probably going to be about R 3000 all up as an estimate). Does anyone have any suggestions on an adapter available locally that is this price or less? Am I wasting my time wanting to try out different shock options? Maybe I'm expecting too much of my Camber.
  4. The Paarl Adventure Trail Network is a joint initiative between Hero Adventure Trails, Drakenstein Municipality and Land Owners to create a network of quality mountain bike , trail running and hiking trails . The city of Drakenstein and Paarl in particular is not only one of the most visited destinations in the Western Cape but one of the most beautiful .The custom-built trails traverse through a variety of terrain and boasts some spectacular features and views around and on Paarl Mountain. Take a journey of discovery and stop over at the many points of interest along the trail. Restaurants, wine, olive, cheese, guest houses, museums and various other artisans make up just some of the features along the trail. This Trail was designed to showcase the amazing features, venues and activities around the Paarl Mountain, most of the trail is wide single-track with a few climbs and intermediate technical sections. TRAILS: Base Trail (58km Orange Trail ): A journey around Paarl Mountain. Take your time and enjoy the traverse around Paarl Mountain, there are many points of interest and stop over points along the way. Various venues where you can stop to enjoy activities. You can also plan your trip and only use sections of the trail (Point to Point use). Many of these venues, artisans and farms rely on your support so please stop enjoy what they have to offer and don’t forget to thank these amazing folks. Reserve Trail ( 20km Purple Trail): Enjoy the picturesque landscape of fynbos vegetation dominated by massive rounded granite rock formations set among wild olives, rock candle-woods and wagon trees. There are a host of other activities to do in the reserve that include Picnics , Fishing and tours. Please note that this area is an environmentally sensitive area, do not deviate of the trails, remove or damage and fauna or flora. The trail is mostly sand road , but includes a couple of long climbs and steep descents . There are also links to the Hero Adventure Trails at Rhebokskloof and Spice Route as well as the Paarl Adventure Base trail. please note that on this route you share the road with vehicles , so keep left and be cautious. Link Trails ( Grey Trails ): There are 2 link trails between Hero - Rhebokskloof and Hero- Spice Route that both go up and over the Paarl Mountain reserve . Rhebokskloof - Spice Route Link Trail : 40km Spice Route - Rhebokskloof Link Trail : 25km Both trails have a few big climbs but the rewards are amazing . Hero Adventure trail Park Links: as part of the network we have included all the trail options at both Hero Adventure Trail Parks . opening up a variety of over 40 different trails to select 1 day pass gives you access to over 200km of trails , great venues and endless adventure Access to the trails is strictly through purchasing a day pass , no pass no use . Registration points include : Rhebokskloof wine estate Spice Route Destination Paarl Tourism Office Ridgeback Wine Estate Picardie farm http://www.paarladventuretrails.co.za
  5. I am an average rider and will be doing my first CTCT (Cape Town Cycle Tour). What average speed can I expect if conditions are fair? Riding a Camber Comp 2x11 29er.
  6. Hey guys! ????‍♂️???? I’m new on here and I need your advice. I am currently doing a 3 months internship in Cape Town (staying here until the end of Nov) and I bought myself an SE Lager singlespeed bike. I really like the bike and would love to take it home to Germany with me. Unfortunately, I can’t take it with me on the airplane because I am already exceeding my baggage weight allowance and paying overweight for the bike is not an option. Can you recommend me a shipping company that would ship the bike for me via seaways from Cape Town to Germany? Cheers, Lasse
  7. Hey Everyone, I've been riding a 2016 Giant Trance 2 (140 travel trail bike) for a few years since it was released in 2016. Stay in Cape Town (Southern Suburbs) and ride everything from greenbelts, Table Mountain to Tokai. Also venture out to Stellenbosch, Boschendal, Durbanville, Elgin. So terrain from XC to a little bit more chunky. I've done XC races on it (not for time but more for enjoyment). I do enjoy the downhills and the rougher terrain, want to get better at jumping and drops and technical features as the excitement for me far exceeds racing and Xc type trails. I would like to start doing some Enduro as the uphills don't matter and I can keep improving on the downs. My plan for the next year is where this question comes in. I would like to get a hardtail or shorter travel FS bike eventually for the XC races that exceed 50km and lots of climbing although the Trance for me managed pretty well on races like Fedhealth and such. My main focus would be getting a slightly longer travel bike with better suspension ( not that mines bad but current fork is - fox 32 performance ) , better wheelset as I'm running stock Giants and more focused on the downs. I could upgrade the Trance with a better 140mm travel fork fox 34/36 or similar and get another wheelset on one hand. On the other If I had the money the Ibis Mojo HD4 looks incredible. Unfortunately it's a hard one to get hold of for a test ride so I'm going on reviews and geo which i understand is not the best way to go about it. I see it as a bike that will far exceed what I'm capable of now and I wont have to upgrade anything on it for a long time to come. I do ride smaller jumps, drops and stuff on the Tokai DH lines so not a complete novice but there is always lots of room for improvement. Lots of the reviews are based overseas and the terrain there is a lot different. I'm just wondering if I would still be able to take the bike on more mellow routes (kirstenbosch trail) out climbing, farm rides of 50/80km without it being way too much bike and sucking on anything but the downhills. I like to spend a lot of time on a bike so would like to be able to ride it anywhere. I know it wont climb as well as others but could it be too much bike for local trails and more chilled weekend rides. Any other bikes to look at, comments, advice.. feel free! here to learn from those who have test ridden, raced and tried brands I perhaps have not. Thanks in advance!
  8. We're a group of approximately 30 young adults between the ages 21 - 35 highly excited to cycle the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge in November this year. We are all not professional cyclists but wanting to cycle for a cause, particularly Joint Aid Management http://www.jamsa.co.za - They are also listed on the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge Ride For A Purpose. I write to you to ask whether you would be able to assist us with finding a place for bicycle and equipment rentals leading up to the event. We are also keen to train with any team and join some of the tours you or they may be affiliated with. We would be grateful if you can assist us whichever way you can, even if it is referring us to someone who can add more value to the cause, where you may not be able to. Your ideas, advice and expertise are more than welcome. I hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Khobe 081 728 4002
  9. Help me choose from these 3 options on a tight Budget? Now i got a thight budget, i would have to put spd pedals on, a bike fit and extra inner tubes aswell with this budget. My frame size is 56-58 Which one would you choose taken all factors in to account list 1-4: OPTION 1 - Scott CR1 Carbon 56cm - 105 - year:2006 R 8,500.00 https://goo.gl/roM5qZ - OPTION 1 - (doubdt - cant google or find this model specs anywhere???) Silverback Arizona 56cm - tiagara 9x2 - year:UNKNOWN R 4,900.00 --- can upgrade groupset --- https://goo.gl/Y7dSGv - OPTION 3 - bikebay Trek 1500 SLR 58cm - 105 - year:UNKNOWN R 7,500 https://goo.gl/GuFjmH -
  10. Saw this on outside online, in theory it could work, especially if all 2nd hand sales had access to scanner and all bikes got chipped. Would certainly stop pawn shops selling stolen bikes... https://www.outsideonline.com/2191976/finding-stolen-bike-just-got-lot-easier
  11. Howzit guys, I hope everyone survived Monday. I am in need of advice, more specific on bike cleaning. Just want to state from the beginning that I am sort of a perfectionist for a few things, this includes my bike. I'll spend more time cleaning it that might be necessary. In the summer, I only washed my bike when it is really dirty and re-lube my chain every 70km. I used dry lube instead of wet lube that I am using now for the wet conditions. Here is my washing kit: http://i.imgur.com/hdSJ9m9.jpg Rag is being washed... http://i.imgur.com/4Zhy1SX.jpg http://i.imgur.com/sjxd2RO.jpg http://i.imgur.com/ilVOOtY.jpg After wash, without lube So I washed my bike after Sunday's very muddy ride. I did not do anything after the ride but to bring it inside to put on the wall stand. It stayed there for one day. The mud turned hard so I used the hose to remove the worst of it. Afterwards, I mix medium temperature water with Sunlight Liquid. I always start with the fork stanchions and then my drivetrain. The fork does not take long, but the drivetrain is another story. It probably takes up 70% of the time I use to clean the bike. My process (of cleaning the drivetrain): I try to clean the chain to remove the worst of the dirt with the brush while spinning the chain. I then remove my chainring to clean the gunk stuck between where the bolts screw into the crank. Throw it in the tap and clean it with the brush thoroughly. I end off by drying it off with a rag. I go back to my bike taking the rag to remove the leftover dust from the chain. Put back the chainring and continue cleaning the chain repeating with the brush and spinning of the chain. I do this for quite some time to get the chain as clean as possible. I also use the brush to clean my cassette, although I am not sure it cleans between the teeth. I hose off the drivetrain and proceed to my room for the dry stage. I use an old towel the clean the whole frame, rag for the drivetrain and synthetic chamois leather for my fork's stanchions. To put the cherry on the cake, I have a fan that blows onto my bike as well. This whole process takes me about an hour and a half and is quite draining too. I noted that I really struggle to get my chain clean with the wet lube compared to the dry lube. My questions: 1.) Is my method effective and correct (meaning not harming my components)? 2.) Should I invest in a degreaser? 3.) Should I invest in a chain cleaner? 4.) Should I invest in a brush set? 5.) Should one wash your bike after a muddy ride or can I only hose it off and go for a next ride? 6.) If I take my finger across one of the cassette's teeth, it becomes black. Can I leave it like that? Any other advice/comments are more than welcome. Thanks ~ André
  12. Hi guys, I've got a Henry Dipierre sig professional with campagnolo parts all original parts, great condition 6 by 2 speed, for sale if anyone's interested give me a shout - ameerbrownbmx@outlook.com
  13. I have two "youngesters" who want to attempt the Sun City Ultra Sprint to see if they like triathlon. Neither of them have bicycles and they do not want to commit to buying one until they are sure that they like the sport. Does anyone know where I can rent bicycles from for them to train on as well as for race day? I really want them to try out this amazing sport.
  14. Hi there, I am looking to buy a second hand bike that can do the Argus and some casual trails? Not sure if this is the right place? I haven't been on a bike for more than 10 years and I want to get back into it now. Would you recommend getting something second hand or is it better to buy brand new? Budget = <10k Thanks!
  15. Hi All, Did my intro at the introduction section I'm a complete beginner to cycling and am looking to get a MTB to start off with. I am 1.78m tall and am doing this to get into shape and have some fun on the off road trails. Might possibly just use it also as a road bicycle just to get the fitness in during the week. Budget at the moment is R3000 Any advice on the bike to look at?
  16. I am a newbie riders and I have bought a MTB last month for downhill ride. at the fast time I go for a 3 km trips and I have to cross many small hill. But i found that my legs are limbs and my energy level down very soon. I have bring a local fruit drink with me, but I think that not working well. So which energy drink i should take when go out for a long distance and difficult road on my bike? Let me what drink you usually use or prefer.
  17. Hi, we're going to Hoedspruit in this December holiday and we only have two bikes but don't have one extra for a friend from Swiss and keen to have it for her to joining us in Hoedspruit. Anyone know where can I rent that bike for her?
  18. I've only ever done two non-drafting multisport events. With every race I found myself at some stage coming up to a slower rider that is not keeping to the designated side of the road to allow others to pass. So here's the question: 1. What do the rules allow me to do? 2. Next, in reality, despite the rules, what do you actually do? Do you politely shout at them to move over? Do you pass them on the non-passing side? Do you slow down and lose your rhythm and hope they move over eventually?
  19. Hello So I've been doing indoor spinning for 5 months now,and I'd like to join the group who goes mountain biking over weekends for the real deal. First I need a proper bike,before going shopping for a bike,I'm trying to figure out what size I should be looking for. I'm 1.61m and my inseam is 72cm. Thanks in advance
  20. Good morning fellow hubbers, I'm not one to complain, and I'm writing this not to complain, but rather out of concern. So we've been planning on going to the Hakahana Trails for about 2 weeks now, and I'm saying planning, because it’s difficult to get everyone’s schedules aligned to go out as a group. I woke up yesterday, and everyone seemed quite excited to get going. You usually feel this way when going to a new trail for the first time. It’s quite a drive there and toll gates are only R7.50 combined (paid this with a smile). We got there at about 8am, and there were only 10 cars or so parked. I thought it’s still early, so more people would start arriving soon. To my surprise, half of those cars started packing up, ready to leave in the next 5 minutes. I thought nothing of this, and continued unpacking, and paying the fee at the office. Checking out maps with all the routes, we decided on the Purple route first. This is about 5.5km, first going uphill and then coming back down for the “downhill” part. The problems started as soon as we started the route. It started out with having to cross a stream over a bridge, this was easy. But having to manoeuvre across the bridge through knee-high foam that smelled like sewage was the difficult part. The route was rough, with the constant issue of having to dodge loose boulders on the track, low hanging branches and so on. But the worst part is that we had to turn around 4 or 5 times on the purple route, because the track leads directly into a barbed wire fence, or a locked gate. None of the routes are marked properly. So you basically look for the track that might be the easiest to continue on, only to find you’re heading directly for a line of trees. Turning around again! After about 1h30min we were done with the purple trail. Seeing as we only did 5.5km, we thought we’ll do the Green trail. This, according to the maps at the office was also a bit more than 5km. it started out fast, no rocks or boulders to worry about. I started to enjoy the ride. Heading to the woods, I had a smile on my face. All of a sudden, punctured tyres! We rode straight over a grassy bit with some rocks, but when we walked back a few metres, we saw the barbed wire lying on the ground. I was looking for the track where we should have turned into the woods, only to find a small path that looks like it’s what the horses use when roaming the farm. There was no indication that anyone has to turn in there with a bike. This was the last for me, and I walked back to where we parked, clearly frustrated with the morning so far. As I said, I’m not one to complain. But this was a total waste of the morning. It’s fun trying out new trails, but not under these conditions. Hakahana has great potential, and at least 50km of trails to enjoy. This is my opinion, and some might not feel the same. But I am concerned that under these conditions, they might be losing out… Thanks A Concerned Rider
  21. Hi All SSC will be doing a training ride in prep for the CTCT on Saturday 13 Feb starting from 5:15am . You are all welcome to join. Please feel free to visit our website for more info: http://ssccapetown.co.za/event/ctct-training-ride/
  22. Morning all, So I bought a bike from the the classifieds in Dec 2015, and the bike means more to me than my car. I read a thread recently about the weight issues on bikes and how to make it lighter, if possible. I am still new to all of this, and for me to go and change whatever, might cause more problems. Yesterday I decided to put the bike on a digital scale, and I almost fainted. I know that I am a rookie, or even less, but the bike weight should surely have something to do with your ride. The weight on the scale was showing as 17.5kg Below is what I bought the bike with. Please suggest what I can possibly change to, in order for me to shed some kg's. Thanks
  23. Mountain bike trials, also known as observed trials, is a discipline of mountain biking in which the rider attempts to pass through an obstacle course without setting foot to ground. Derived from motorcycle trials, it originated in Catalonia and is said to have been invented by the father of Ot Pi, a world champion motorcycle trials rider. Pi's father had wanted his son to learn motorcycle trials by practicing on an ordinary bicycle. Trials riding is an extreme test of bicycle handling skills, over all kinds of obstacles, both natural and man-made. It now has a strong though small following worldwide, though it is still primarily a European sport. Skills taken from trials riding can be used practically on any bicycle for balance, for example controlled braking and track standing, or balancing on the bike without putting a foot down. Competition trial bikes are characterized by powerful brakes, wide handlebars, lightweight parts, single-speed low gearing, low tire pressures with a thick rear tire, distinctive frame geometry, and no seat.
  24. Hello New to the site but wanted advice on the new gadget I have seen advertised(dont want to use the trade name in case I got into trouble). It is fixed onto the bike on the handle bar to provide a bit of cushioning/suspension when going over lumps & bumps on rides. I get quite sore thumbs & elbows after these sort of rides as I suffer from some arthritis. It looks good & would pay for it but wanted to hear what others say if they have seen it or have one. Thanks Captain
  25. Are you new to triathlon? Are you wanting to get involved into the most incredible sport? Why be master of one sport when you can be a master of three! For all your triathlon gear and advice, from road bikes, to time trial bikes, from wetsuits to race suits, contact us and we will be happy to show you the right gear for you! We are centrally located in Green Point, Cape Town, so feel free to visit us at our Concept Store: Shop 5, Portside Main Road Green Point Tel : 021 439 5116 You can also visit us online at http://www.fluidlines.co.za/
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