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Found 17 results

  1. EDC stores your essential trail tools inside your steerer tube, right at your fingertips. Whether you're going out for a quick lunch ride or setting off on a longer adventure, EDC has the tools you need to fix almost any trailside mechanical. The EDC tool can also be stored inside one of our new high volume CNC Aluminum Pumps with water bottle mount. Grabbing your EDC tool from the pump is as easy as reaching for your bottle. EDC Tool Spec • 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm Hex • T25 Torx • Tire Lever • Chain Breaker • Quick Link Breaker (10 & 11spd) • Spare Quick Link Storage • Flat Head Screwdriver • 0,1,2,3 Spoke Keys • EDC Top Cap Tool • Spare Chainring Bolt • Sealed Storage Capsule or 12,16, 20g CO2 Cartridge StorageOur innovative 8mm hex design uses the Top Cap tightening tool piece and the 5mm hex to create the 8mm hex. The EDC Tool contains no loose easy to lose driver bits. World's first compact quick link breaker. A small backpack weighs 1.5lbs (680g) completely empty. The EDC Pump and Tool weigh less than 0.5lbs (224g) all in. EDC Pump Spec • 2 Sizes: High Volume 100cc - 246mm length & Compact 70cc - 195mm length (shorter than a 22oz water bottle) • 100cc Pump holds EDC Tool & a 20g CO2 or EDC Tool & the Storage Capsule • 70cc Pump holds EDC Tool or a 20g CO2 • Fast-On Head (Presta only) - No threads or locking levers • Integrated CO2 Inflator head • Fully Sealed, Weatherproofed Internals • Bottle Cage Mount Pump Volume A mini pump might look appealing, but with typical volumes of 30-60cc it will take hundreds of strokes to inflate a new tube and has absolutely no chance of reinflating a tubeless setup. When you get a flat, you want to fix it as fast as possible. At 100cc and 160g our high volume pump has the highest volume to weight ratio on the market.Fast-On Head Firmly push the pump head onto the Presta valve until it bottoms out, then pump. With our fast-on head the valve stem is securely supported so there's no chance of bending, breaking or unseating the valve and no chance of unscrewing your valve core when you remove the pump. How do I fit all those tools in my steerer? To install the EDC tool in your steerer: Remove your old star-nut and tap the top of your steerer tube. This might sound daunting, but we've made it easy to do on your bike, without even removing your fork.1. Remove your bar and stem 2. Use the OneUp star-nut puller to remove your old star nut 3. Using the self-aligning steerer tap kit, tap a thread into your steerer until the tap bottoms out 4. Reassemble your Bar and Stem on your newly threaded steerer 5. Fine tune your headset spacer setup with the supplied spacers 6. Screw in the EDC Top Cap and then tighten using the EDC Multitool, or a standard cassette tool to preload your headset bearings 7. The plastic EDC steerer plug pushes into the bottom of your steerer tube 8. Then simply drop the EDC Tool into your hollow top cap The EDC Cap Kit includes the world’s lightest headset top cap (4.2g), and an EDC steerer plug with drain hole, which keeps crud out of your steerer and prevents the EDC tool from rattling. The EDC Tap kit includes a star nut puller and a self-aligning tap. https://vimeo.com/220875155 OneUp Gear Strap A stretch polyurethane strap with tail clip for neat and secure fastening of your spare tube to your frame. Our strap doesn’t absorb water and mud like a Velcro strap and won’t scratch your frame. Suggested Set-ups I never flat: EDC Top Cap and Tools with Storage Capsule Minimalist: EDC Top Cap and Tools with Storage Capsule and bottle cage mounted 25g CO2 and Inflator head. Tube strap and spare tube. Half Nelson: 70cc Pump with 20g CO2 and EDC Cap and Tools with Storage Capsule. Tube strap and spare tube. Full Nelson: 100cc Pump with 20g CO2 and EDC Cap and Tools with Storage Capsule. Tube strap and spare tube. Super dry: Hip Pack with a Jacket and food, 100cc Pump, EDC Cap and Tools with Storage Capsule. Tube strap and spare tube. Price & Weight EDC Tool: $59 USD - 112g EDC Pump 70cc $55 USD - 132g EDC Pump 100cc $59 USD - 155g EDC Top Cap: $25 USD - 15g EDC Tap Kit: $35 USD EDC Gear Strap (x2): $15 USD - 8g
  2. I've kept an eye out for an 'all in one' multi-tool that includes the tubeless repair essentials, i.e. a plugger & blade, and maybe a reamer. No luck. Anyone seen such a thing? If not in a multi-tool style then a plugger, reamer & thin blade in a fold-out format that's safe for riding with and can be carried alongside a mini-multi-tool in a back pocket. Basics (for a compact lightweight mini-multi-tool):~ Plugger + 3x plug storage (tubeless repair).~ Blade, thin to cut excess plug (tubeless repair).~ Allen Keys: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm & 8mm.~ Torx 25.~ Chain tool + quicklink storage. Extras (for a bigger version):~ Screwdriver, flat & philips.~ Reamer (tubeless repair).~ CO2 adaptor.~ Tire leaver.~ Allen Keys: 2mm, 3mm.~ Spoke keys.
  3. Building a bicycle wheel can be a tricky task and is often a job left up to a professional but there are a number of knowledgeable home mechanics up to the job. For those looking to service their wheels at home or on the move, the Super B TB-PF25 provides a compact solution at a reasonable price. Click here to view the article
  4. A professional truing stand is expensive and takes up a considerable amount of space with the idea of having a permanent place or being clamped to a work desk. The Super B, however, is all about convenience and cost savings. Unlike a cumbersome professional stand, the alloy and plastic Super B stand folds flat, which means you can store it easily as well as conveniently pack it for a trip. When extended for truing wheels, the Super B stand folds out on to two flat legs with foam rubber pads to help hold it in place. The wheel axle slides into two orange plastic holders at the top of the stand which rotate to fit front and rear hub sizes. Extending from the longest upright are the gauges used to measure and true the wheel: a set of caliper-like pins to assess lateral true while a plate is used to pick up any vertical bumps in the rim. The Super B stand accepts wheels of varying sizes from 16 inches to 29 inches. The axle holders are designed for quick release axles with thru axle standards requiring hub adaptors. This is a bit limiting with most new mountain bikes and even some road bikes now coming with thru axle wheels. The knobs, dials, and tightening mechanisms felt solid and are easy and intuitive to operate. The only problem were the pins used to check the lateral true. They are pushed through rubber o-rings which can be sticky, making small tweaks cumbersome compared to a design with controlled adjustment. The ends of the pins have plastic caps to prevent scratching the rim. The stand is not perfectly stable. I am a bit clumsy and knocked the wheel in the stand a few times during operation which caused it to rock. It is possible, with some carelessness, to accidently push the stand over while working on a wheel. It’s not only the compact nature of the Super B that makes it appealing to the home mechanic. With a retail price of R799, the Super B TB-PF25 is considerably cheaper than other truing stand options. Conclusion The Super B might not be the perfect wheel truing stand but comparing it to professional stands would be unfair. It is designed to be light, compact, easy to move around, and reasonably priced - with this in mind - the Super B performs well and is a great tool for any mechanic, at home or while on the road. Pros:Light-weight (in truing stand terms) Folds flat for compact storage and traveling Does the job Priced for the home mechanic Cons: Limited axle compatibility Operation can be a bit tricky Potential to topple over if knocked
  5. Howdy Hubbers, First off, I'm going to ask silly questions, if you're unable to help, please don't comment with rubbish as I'm trying my first ever build since swapping BMX frames in high school. Right, so I have a donor bike which is a Silverback Sierra 26" (Assuming a 2010 - 2012 region model), I bought her used a year ago after my entry lever Silverback Slade 4 650b was no longer doing the trick for me and upgrading components would have costs more in the end, unfortunately the frame was a bit bent at the right chainstay (I bent her straight and rode like that for a year until now) Then this week, I bought a Mongoose Meteore Comp Frame 26" G7 alloy, the frame is in amazing condition but I have no idea of the year model. So in my innocence I assumed it would be a simple swap between two 26er frames, this was not to be as I found out after stripping the Silverback almost bare (excluding the BB as I'm still deciding on buying a tool or not) * My first issue I bumped into was the Seatpost Diameter - this was sorted by picking a used one up from a friend, easy peasy. * 2nd issue: The headset diameters seem to differ, the silverback is a 44mm and the mongoose looks like it used just over 41mm headset It never came with headset caps so now I need to know, where do I get caps from and do I buy new bearings too? When taking the old setup apart, the top of the headset used a cartridge bearing and the bottom had a loose pack bearing with a little plastic frame to hold them (this was a surprise as I spent some time hunting down all the bearings after them spilling out when I removed the fork) Can I at the same time "upgrade" the headset to take the cartridge top and bottom or do I stick to the current setup? There are also several of these metal and plastic o-ring type of things, should these be replaced too (and what order do they go back in, I forgot because I was chasing bearings across the floor)? Further upgrades I'm planning. 1. Upgrade rear derailleur to a Shimano Zee with a 10 spd shifter (on back order) 2. Upgrade to a 10 spd casette (will deore be fine or is slx the way, 36t or 34t?) 3. Ergo - fit bike setup and new saddle (looking at the WTB options) So that's where I'm stuck at the moment, where to go next, any other issues to look out for?
  6. Super B have been involved in hand tools for 20 years, with 10 years engaged in the bicycle tool market. Super B claim to produce quality products, with a focus on research & development and quality controls. They currently offer over 200 items with 20 to 30 new products being launched every year. TBA-500 27pc Tool Set If you plan to work on your bike, having the correct tools for the job is essential. Yes, in many instances you can make a MacGyver plan but it can be potentially damaging to your bike and often time intensive. We'll be testing Super B's 27-piece set to see how well the selection covers our everyday bike servicing and repair needs. The tool set includes: 1-Pedal wrench 15 mm 2-Screwdriver, size: Phillips 2 and slotted 6 1-8 mm hex key & 1/2" Dr. adaptor 3-Tire lever 1-2 in 1 cotterless crank tool for standard square type crank & Shimano® splined octalink and ISIS Drive®, with 14 mm box wrench 6-Hex key wrench, size: 2/2.5/3/4/5/6 mm 1-Chain rivet extractor, for 8, 9 & 10 speed chains 1-Double-ended wrench, size: 8/10 mm 1-Freewheel remover for Shimano®, SunRace®, SRAM®, Chris King®, SunTour® and similar cassette lockrings 1-Freewheel turner for 1/8" fixed gear sprockets 2-Hub cone spanner, size: 13/14/15/16 mm 1-Crank installation tool for Shimano® Hollowtech II compatible crank adaptor 1-B.B. wrench for Shimano® Hollowtech II, Truvativ® GXP, FSA® MegaExo, Campagnolo® Ultra-TorqueTM and similar external B.B. cups with 16 notches 1-O-shaped spoke wrench, size: 9 G~15 G 1-Cartridge B.B. tool for Shimano®, ISIS Drive® splined 20-tooth bottom bracket cups, FSA®, Race Face® and Truvativ® 1-Patch repair kit 1-Torx® 25 wrench 1-Blow case This starter kit sells for around R849. TB-32900 Chain Maintenance Set Only the most enthusiastic perfectionist can derive joy from cleaning a chain, so for most people finding a shortcut is always welcome. The chain cleaner is the liquid box kind while the folding brush helps getting into those hard to reach areas around the derailleurs, it also includes some teeth to get in between the cassette gaps. The pricing of this set is around R310. In the box: Folding brush Chain cleaner Environmental friendly degreaser Chain lube TB-TW20 Torque Wrench 3-14Nm Torque wrenches are essential for getting the correct force for the proper functioning of some very vital components on your bike. You don't need to look further than the torque readings on your stem and handlebars for an obvious example. Features: 1/4" Dr. torque wrench Bit socket: Hex2 / 2.5 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 8 / 10mm, T 25 Pricing: around R1,369 TB-WS20 Home Mech Work Stand Aimed at the amateur mechanic, the work stand has 360 degree rotation to allow you to work on your bike at any angle. Features:Weighs: 5.4kg Clamps adjust to fit tubes from 1” to 2.5” Adjusts to fit tubes of various shapes Tool tray is included but tool bag for traveling is optional Very easy to open for storage or maintenance Pricing: Around R1,799 TB-PF25 Home mechanic wheel truing stand This wheel truing stand promises to be foldable and easily stored making it useful for home mechanics and pro mechanics on the move. Fits wheelset sizes 16” through to 29”. Recommended retail pricing is around R829. TB-CC65 Universal 5-11sp Chain Tool The Super B chain tool claims easy use with an intuitive 3-step operation. The tool supposedly works on any chain including 3/32" ~ 3/16" single speed and 5 to 11 speed chains. Recommended retail pricing is around R289. TB-3323 2-in-1 Trident Master Link Pliers Super B thinks so much of their Trident Master Link pliers that they've had it patented. The pliers assist with the removal of master links by hand. The high grade hardened steel promises resistance to wear. Recommended retail pricing is around R119. TB-DS20 Table Top Digital Scale That special something for the weight weenie in your life. Make sure those manufacturer claims are accurate. Features: Measures and displays kilograms to 0.01kg (0.01k g=10gram) Basic measurement for 0.1 oz (1 oz=28.35grams) The Weight limit of the 3 KG (1g inaccuracy) Pricing: around R360 TB-DS10 Hanging Digital Scale The digital scale is designed to measure accurate weight of bikes, frames, and components.Measures and displays kilograms to 0.02 kg (0.02 kg=20gram) Basic measurement for 1 oz (1 oz=28.35grams) Silicone coated hanging hook , plus a dual position The Weight limit of the 50 KG (10g inaccuracy) Batteries are not included it (2pcs *4AAA battery) Pricing: Around R439 Super B tools are available from bike shops nationally, including the dealers listed here.
  7. First Look Friday is an introduction to the products that we are currently testing for review. This week we're featuring a selection of workshop items and tools from Super B. Click here to view the article
  8. Hi fellow hubbers.. Am looking for some advice on purchasing maintenance tools. I can do some basic repairs on my bikes, but recently decided to learn how to do more repairs & servicing on my own bikes. I purchased a bike maintenance work stand last week, so now looking at some essential tools that I would need to get started. I have some basic tools, but thought I'd build up kit, but without breaking the bank :-) I've been looking at this option for a starter kit below. https://www.buycycle.co.za/workshop/tools/super-b-professional-27-piece-bicycle-tool-set/ Would you guys go for this one, & if so, what other essential tools would I need. I would think a torque wrench kit, but not 100% sure on what to go for as they are rather costly, & also not sure what NM I would need to go for, the Ryder torque wrench are R220 for a 5nm or 6nm. (so was thinking of getting both) Do most bikes use 5nm or 6nm...what would be the highest nm one would need in a torque wrench. I was looking at this torque wrench as well @ R899 up to 22nm, but not sure if I would need it. https://www.easybike.co.za/mighty-torque-wrench-set-2-24-nm.html Please let me know what you guys think, would appreciate your advice to get my little home workshop started. Also any other tips or tools I would need as essentials. Thanks in advance,
  9. Specialized's Zee Cage II is a side entry cage that's available in left or right versions in both carbon or reinforced composite material. Apart from keeping the bottle in place, the cage is compatible with SWAT solutions for tool and storage integration. Features:SWAT technology design allows for storage and tool integration Reinforced composite material improves durability without adding weight Side-load design for easy in/out accessibility for frames w/ compact bottle mounting area Left-hand loading on the downtube; right-hand loading on the seat tube Minimalist, sleek design with razor-sharp graphics EMT Cage Mount Tool with 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm, T25 Torx, and #1 flathead screwdriver Accepts MTB XC Kit Storage Box (only on applicable Epic, Stumpjumper HT models and Diverge) Only 43g Pricing: Zee Cage II: R249.00; Zee Cage II Carbon: R749.00; EMT Cage Mount MTB Tool: R619.00. On The Trail: Available in both in left and right side entry models the Zee Cage is great for use on a seat tube or in a full suspension frame where space is tight. The cage is stiff enough to keep your hydration of choice in place yet flexible enough to get bottles in and out easily. I haven’t lost a single bottle yet. Although very basic the multi-tool has the essential bits. In order to keep weight and size down the multi-tool is rather small resulting in little leverage and even less reach to get to some bolts and keep clear of your frame or fork. I don't see that as a major problem though as it's not supposed to be your primary multi-tool. Verdict: The usual Specialized standard of quality is there as always. If, like me, you prefer not to have tools in your jersey or short pockets and don't like all sorts of bits and pieces strapped to your bike, the SWAT range of gear is worth a look. Some clever out of the box thinking on the part of Specialized to offer solutions to riders.
  10. A bottle cage is often the unsung hero on a bike. We expect it to just get on with the job, but picking the wrong cage can be a frustrating affair. Click here to view the article
  11. Hi guys Need some advice... I'm looking to do more of my own bike servicing and therefore need to build up my tool kit. I'm looking at getting quality tools, so probably Park tool? I currently have the following : Chain Whip Chain Breaker Cassette removal tool Allen key set (Park Tool) External BB removal tool Pedal spanner Cable cutters So, I am able to remove and reinstall a crank and cassette, looking at doing more stuff like servicing my own hubs etc. Road and MTB Where do I start? PS I have a Tork bike stand, which is pretty crappy so looking at an alternative there as well..
  12. Hi Not sure if this is the right place for this post... but, here goes. I am looking for a Freelance Cycling/Sport Product Rep to promote/sell products nationally. I have 2 well known international brands to sell. If you are interested send details via pvt message. Thanks
  13. Howdy guys. It seems I will need an 18, 22 and 23 mm cone spanners to service an SLX Shimano through axle hub. Am I right? Fanks
  14. The A5-sized carrying case, which measures L22cm x W15cm x D5cm when zipped close, is made from durable Cordura with neoprene sleeves on the inside for the tools. The neoprene sleeves are tailored to fit the tools and are all marked with a graphic of the tool inside for easy identification. As the name suggests it is intended as a portable tool kit, but it has served me well as my main tool kit whether at the trail head or doing basic maintenance at home. Such is the quality and the range of tools that can be found inside. The first multi-tool has Allen keys from 1.5mm to 6mm, with the addition of duplicate keys for sizes 1.5mm, 2mm and 2.5mm, that are right-angled in addition to the straight keys for those hard to reach bolts. The second contains Torx drivers from sizes T6 to T30. The third multi-tool has a Philips and flat blade screwdriver head, an 8mm Allen key, 8mm and 10mm open ended spanners, a tyre lever that is ideal for freeing the bead on tight fitting tyres and, of course, a bottle opener. There's also a disc brake wedge for prying the pistons apart when replacing pads. Clever stuff. As a showcase of just how much thought went into every tool, the remaining tools all have multiple functions. There is a high quality chain tool with replaceable pin driver (a spare pin is included). With the pin chuck removed, the tool’s body becomes a spoke key with 3.22mm and 3.45mm wrenches along with small and large Mavic spoke wrenches. The two 15mm spanners have tyre irons at the opposite end, for those extra stubborn tyres, plus more bottle openers. I suppose you can never have enough of those when working on your bike. All of these are high quality, solid tools. Lezyne calls them ‘block tools’, meaning the tool’s body is made from a single moulded block of alloy, machined to leave a bracing bar connecting the two sides. This makes the body stiffer, providing ample leverage for the tool bits when in use and in turn ensures they will outlast most other tools. On top of that there is a traditional puncture repair kit, with glue, patches, chalk, a pack of glue-less patches and a pair of high strength plastic tyre levers. Finally there's a small zipped-up mesh pocket for extra bits and pieces like quick links, brake pads and bolts. You are well and truly covered for just about any road side repair. In the endThe Lezyne Port-a-Shop is a compact yet comprehensive travel tool kit with thoughtfully designed pieces that sets it apart. It occupies a market niche as there isn't much else quite like it. Even so, no shortcuts were taken and no effort spared to ensure every bit of space and metal is used to it's fullest.It won't suffice for the avid home mechanic, but it will provide the majority of cyclists with enough tools to look after themselves in one neat and tidy package. The RRP of the Lezyne Port-a-Shop is R1100.
  15. Lezyne's Port-a Shop Tool Kit has been designed as a cycling specific tool kit that is small enough to take traveling, yet functional enough to use in the garage. Click here to view the article
  16. D.I.Y. COMBO DEAL Available now! While stocks last.
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