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Found 4 results

  1. New challenge for 2019. I will start: Mod Update: The New Me's The Bike Hub Challenge for 2019 Spreadsheet. See Post #4 for more details
  2. Hello all! My story began like this.... As I battle with my obese body I recently discovered bicycle touring as the ultimate solution for it as I continue! While commuting on Bicycle, the urge to ride longer and further became my desire as I enjoy it. I asked myself, How come I never realized it all these years. On thinking and pondering on it, I went googling 'long distance bicycle commuting' (bicycle touring), wow! did I not discover so much! I have cycled since my young age though with many brakes in-between. One may wonder how come I discovered the advantages of bike touring only recently? Well, as it were, on that faithful day, I had cycled over 64 kms aimlessly actually; but with intension of pushing my obese body to 'force it' to lose that excess weight that has failed or has been difficult to shed off before. I never planed to ride far, but the urge to keep going fuelled the trip. After the ride that day, the feeling was so ausome! That I impromptly exclaimed and said... "Oh bicycle touring is fun" I truly felt I have found the true solution for my weight loss. The feeling made me think deep and I googled more on 'long distance commuting'. I read write-ups and I also read of other peoples adventures. I also realized the link in the 'Oh' in my impromptu exclamation. From there I adopted the phrase, O' bicycle Touring is fun were 'O' now stands for Obesity! That same day, I decided to adopt the phrase as motivation both for myself and for others for weight loss, and to promote Bicycle Touring amongst fellow obese people as my touring expands. I have now been doing this touring around my neighbouhood on the East Rand of Gauteng as I increase my distances on some days. I have been reading articles on Bicycle touring especially writings on Africa Bicycle Tours and they have been very inspiring and a strong fuel for me. Now that I have also decided to share my new found gold pot and experiences with other obese people, I decided to put up this post as a platform for the purpose. I invite genuine interests from all fellow obese cyclists and everyone with interest on obesity problem solving centered around Cycling and bicycle touring. Well, as I am very committed, only God knows the longest distance I will ride some day, for right now am currently building myself a better, stronger and proper Touring Bicycle as I cycle on! Fellows, come on let's help one another! Let's talk, ride and loose it! Yes we can only if we try! O'bicycle Touring is fun! ...keep pedaling! Dominic-Mary
  3. I have been training 10 - 12 hours per week , watch my daily callories intake and still can not loose weight. I am starting to think my metabolism is to slow , and thus been reading about USN Garcinia Cambogia to speed up metabolism.Does anybody have any take / input on this product specifically for weight loss.I am 1,84 m tall and wieght 94 kg.
  4. Started MTB cycling recently mainly for weight loss. I understand that training for weight loss should be done in the 60% to 70% heart rate zone to maximise fat burning, however, I am not sure of the following and would appreciate assistance: 1. Is it better to focus my cycling on a higher gear with more resistance or lower gear (faster cadence)? 2. Is more shorter length cycles or rather less but longer length cycling more effective for weight loss?
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