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  1. Funny that. I had the same problem. My alarm also started buzzing at 5am and I heard the wind, and realized I'm still over trained from the weekend and I had better stay indoors to protect my chest after being caught in the rain on Saturday. One can't be too careful, right? ahem.
  2. The wind on Saturday past was so bad over Chapman's at times it was so strong I couldn't pedal into it. It was moving my bike around something fierce. Then it started raining for the last 30 km. Whatever happens on the day, I'm ready. Just not heat. Please just not heat.
  3. On my return leg on Saturday I was caught in what was by then settled rainfall. I was heated from my ride so not too fussed. What caught my attention was when I was navigating the pavement in Seapoint (lack of pedestrians and cars driving like chops in the rain) and saw a homeless guy taking shelter from the rain under a bus shelter while bundled up in what little he wore and trying to sleep. It made me realize how fortunate I am and how easily things could go pear-shaped, and what makes me any different to that poor soul also just trying to stay warm, and dry, and wondering where the next meal is coming from.
  4. That out and back took me just shy of 7 hours for 103 km. Now, doing it on a set of Assegai and DHR is not wise, but I am teeing up a new set of Rekon Race tires, but sheez even on that gravity rubber it was still super slow. Glad to know I wasn't the only one. I was starting to think I'm broken or something.
  5. Filling up the tank in Simonstown for the return trip. I'm going to require a refill again on Sunday 10 March.
  6. Desperate times, desperate measures in guessing.
  7. I did the run from the V&A to Simonstown and back over Chappies yesterday and apart from the mad wind and rain, I had a handful of close calls with traffic on Chappies. I was riding the extreme left, hugging the barrier wall trying not to get blown off the cliff. Most cars either slowed down or waited patiently to pass. I would acknowledge them with a wave. Some cars just passed so close I thought their side mirrors would smash my bars. And then some cars just try and race up that hill. I am reminded again why I prefer to rather ride trails. The next time I ride there is on the cycle tour and then I think I'm done for a while. Road riding stresses me out too much.
  8. This morning riding from Seapoint towards Victoria drive as you take the turn by the bus stop to head up towards Main Road three "characters" were heading down the hill. The guy at the front saw me and lifted his hand to take a swing at me while he veered towards me. I made eye contact and sussed out his two buddies already starting to unclip and getting ready to transition into extreme violence mode. In my head, during that split second it took, I was able to dismount and grab the leader and either fling him head first into oncoming traffic or again head first through the passenger window of the closest parked car. Just as I decided to go into action mode and start dishing out the hurt he suddenly decided to let go and carried on down the hill. I finished my ride albeit with some close calls due to traffic and the wind over Chapman's trying to chuck me over the edge. Just another day in Cape Town.
  9. funny story. So circa '98 I'm instructed to go get the Siementhaler bull out of the Friesland camp where the neighbours cows are grazing. Haute as he was named decided to jump the fence, all 760 kg of him. I arrive to find him doing his best to the cow who was properly half his size. I start yelling at him to dismount and of course he ignores me. I grab the closest thing I can get which is a green fence spar and start rapping him on his flank to get off and get out. It was at this point he knew he had mucked up Haute decides to dismount and drop his head and charge right at me to gouge me into oblivion. I have never run as fast in my life and leapt clean over the 5 foot fence in one clean swoop. Old man and his boet are standing in the road howling with laughter at me while I'm running for my life in 42 deg C heat. Got to the farmhouse, grabbed a Castle dumpie from the fridge and chugged it in two sips. I believe that was the day the boy became a man.
  10. good luck paying for a surf at one of those. the price per wave is something stoopid. I'd rather go surf somewhere exotic like Cloud 9 in Fiji if I were to spend that kind of money.
  11. NOTHING comes remotely close to feeling the sting of the spray as you exit the barrel in the midst of the blow-out. Billabong coined it when they said "Only a surfer knows the feeling". If you've experienced how time slows down inside a tube then you know, and you are part of a very select few lucky people on earth. For the rest, they will forever be chasing something they don't know they need.
  12. There are few things in life both as satisfying and infuriating at the same time as golf.
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