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  1. At least now I don't have to worry about sitting on the top tube anymore. Phew.
  2. You're right. My bad. I confused him with another guy for a second. Thanks.
  3. On Sunday I rode without my trusty camelback for the first time probably this year. Every time I wanted a sip of water I reached for the tube only to find it was missing. I felt naked. And afraid. And alone. But mostly like some part of me has been amputated. I had bottle remorse the whole ride. I love my camelback. I also have mates OFTEN asking for a top up to their bottles when they run dry. Now my bottle cage is there for no real reason. Perhaps I should take it off and clean the bike up some.
  4. I used to surf Vic Bay with Bianca's old man Colin back in the day. It was great to see him supporting her to become the fantastic surfer she is today. I remember her as this gangly little grom with arms and legs all over the show when she was running up and down the point road towards Rod Hossack's spot at the top of the point where everyone would jump in. But the moment she paddled for her first wave you just knew she was onto something great and had a bright future ahead of her. Its so awesome to see the fulfilment of that career resulting in an Olympic medal. Colin would have been super proud of her. She must be missing him something fierce today. indeed, GO BIANCA!
  5. I do plenty city driving and I would love an auto box in mine, but I've gotten used to the regular shifting. I mainly drive around no higher than 4th in town and only find the higher gear on the freeways. Ja it does not have a 6 speed box but I've never felt I missed a gear. I have plenty torque all across the gear ranges and at varying speeds. You will surely not go wrong with either. If you do end up going Dmax is it the current iteration, or are you going to wait for the '22 model, which may be delayed thanks to Covid and lockdown? You may even end up getting a deal on the existing range. I have a 2017 Dteq 250 and its solid. I even had to tow a bloke out of a ditch last week at Hoogekraal after driving his Fortuner into it. He dropped the front wheels into mud and just sank onto the hubs. I gave him a solid yank and he was loose. All the toyota and ford manne just stood watching. Like I said, beast mode.
  6. I got knocked of my bike onto a kakkie bonnet a week before level 5 lockdown last year. Thankfully my bike (or so I thought) survived and I got no injuries. It happened ON a cycle path of all places. The chop in the kakkie decided he was not stopping for me and proceeded to drive straight into me. I was so mad I started shouting at him threatening him with serious bodily hurt and before my rage went completely unchecked I yelled at him to vark off. A week later I noticed my wheel bent in its moer. [kakkie is a bakkie that is too small to be called a bakkie, like a corsa utility or a nissan np200] - hence, kakkie
  7. I'll DM you my wife's boss contact details. He is a rider as well and he lives in George and he is often crossing the Montague pass. I'm sure he'll be more than happy to point you in the right direction, or even to accompany you on the day.
  8. I ride 120mm front and back. I have not come across a trail that I felt I need more. Yes, I'll be the first to admit that no-one rides Status Quo on such little suspension travel, but I'm not a lunatic either. If you are doing 90% of your riding on flat gravel, then you'll find the comfort a trail bike gives much more appealing than riding a very uncomfortable XC bike by comparison. You will also not regret buying trail oriented if you end up doing W2W, Sani etc. The LBS oke telling you you'll be overgunned on a trail bike should be given some sympathy. Obviously he's not ventured anywhere beyond the dust bowls he rides daily.
  9. Sometimes one has to stop and just drink in the view. On the way to the top of the Bloemendaler.
  10. None from Redberry Farm side. You will be passing through the heart of the trouble from there if you ride through Blanco / Golden Valley. The yellow line takes gravel roads to a contour forestry road. From there you can ride across the N9 to the Montague. The red line should be avoided as it will set you up perfectly for everything you want to avoid. The blue line is somewhat safer as it passes through town and hence cars will be there to kind of keep you "safe" (unless they end up being the risks), but in all these lines you are at risk riding alone, especially on the yellow line. Speak to Mark at Redberry Farm. He rides MTB too and will be able to provide you with tons of advice.
  11. I rode a hardtail for a few years before pulling the trigger on a full suspension. I weigh ~120kg, but when I started it was more. I popped a few spokes on the HT but that was due to riding single-track and jank from the start and being a general wrecking-ball on the bike. The bike is still hanging in the garage and is due for a groupset upgrade, but that due to all the miles it burnt. your buddy should be fine on a proper HT from classifieds as long as he effectively stays on road / gravel for a start.
  12. Good to see my local LBS get some well deserved airtime. Top service by top folks. A recipe for success.
  13. And having a chin wag session is the reason we ride, is it not? I am dropping mine out of habit when I dismount as it is just so much less effort to swing tired and hurting legs over the seat in the raised position. And ja, after a good ascent, or even descent, I am just plonking down on the lowered seat to have a good ole' gesels with whoever is near.
  14. When I started riding it was mostly solo, and the odd occasion I had company it was with folks who would balk at a berm. Hence I would ride techy stuff but had no one to push me towards progression. This all changed towards the end of last year when I found myself a lekker group of likeminded riders who also prefer the fun side of mountain biking rather than the torture side. The skill set of the group as a whole has made massive leaps in terms of progression over the course of this year, and I have upskilled more in the last 9 months than the preceding 9 years.
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