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  1. Welcome back Lerouc - sheez, talk of falling of the radar. I am still at man-size despite many years of trying to look less so. I am also around 125kg odd at the moment. I ride with Cape Storm baggies (2XL) and chamois combo which fits lekker and has enough pockets for all my things and wear any one of three different Mr. P Sport gym shirts that are loose fitting and in dark tones to hide the bulge enough. It works well enough for me.
  2. Banhoek a couple of months ago sessioning a step-down jump. came back up to the point we were launching from and saw this. I am pretty certain it was cape leopard as there is an abundance of game in that conservancy. That spoor is around the size of an average man's palm.
  3. You must come hang out on the farms where my dad farms. Every time I see an animal - and I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME - and I tell them what it is (rooikat, jakkals, puffy, cobra, hare - the DEFAULT response is "het jy oor hom gery?". each time. And each time I say no, then I get the sense I have just dropped a few points in estimation from that crowd of idjits. On another note, I was driving to Contermans one sunny afternoon and by the quarry I saw a huge cobra cross the road. I stopped and got out to have a look at the grace the snake was displaying. It was just heading into the yellow line when a dick in a Audi came around the corner, and when he saw the snake, he steered for it and drove straight over it before racing away. He did that on purpose. No other excuse. The poor snake got head damage and died a slow, agonising death. stoopid fU cks walk among us.
  4. That is so sad to hear. Bat eared foxes eat insects...they don't catch live stock like the jackals do. I was fortunate to see a pair of bat eared foxes at Contermans a couple of months ago as I was descending the revised dh line and forgot to turn in to Black Rhino. I stopped on the contour before the last plunge into the singletrack and heard a scuffle in the bushes right by me, and then these two leapt out and scampered away. Awesome to see. People killing animals with a car are a special kind of messed-up. (This is a family site, but I am actually refraining to say what I really think)
  5. Why people feel the need to kill a snake wherever they see them is beyond me. That puffy was not threatening anyone and it has a very specific purpose in the eco-system. These same morons who would drive over a snake will decry other forms of eco damage all the same. Truly, the mind boggles. The snake is not going to bite you when you are safe in the confines of your vehicle, or even if you stop your bike a meter or two away. If you try pick it up with your bare hands and you get bit, that's entirely on you...(talking in general, not at you Copperhead)
  6. As you exit the tunnel on Paarl side coming to visit from Jozi this will be the first view you see of the Cape. As you leave the Cape on the way back home, this is the last view you have of our beautiful metro
  7. When I was starting out at replacing my HT with a full-sus, I began by regularly informing my wife that this is what I was planning on doing and showed her how I was saving up towards that goal. Then in the next phase I started pointing out all the bikes that were at least 25k more expensive that what I was planning to spend (which I never divulged to her), then in the final phase I went and bought the bike when the time was right, and proudly showed it to her that evening. Of course she was horrified that I would spend R75 000 on a mtb and started ranting like mad. Only until I told her I was not insane and only spent R40k which instantly pacified her and she felt so much better about it. *It goes without saying not all wives will fall for this stunt, but mine did...
  8. Okes taking chances. I bought a wheelset recently and on my first ride it sliced my rear tyre. Turns out the inside edge of the rim where the bead grips had a sharp edge. So sharp it cut my skin when rubbing it. Wheel manufacturer says old tyre (only 7 months old at the time), riding damage (first ride - really?) , not his problem. Cost me a new tyre - R1200 Spez Butcher - and some 600 grit sand paper to gently rub the sharp edge out. The wheel is fine since, but clearly people are not prepared to cover shoddy workmanship anymore. Suppose I won't RAPIDLY be buying anything from them again...
  9. Maybe those bakkies make one somewhat less of a man. Kind of like shaving with Gillette apparently. Woke bakkies... ( insert comic sans font before some antie takes exception and wants to moer me with his, I mean her, handbag)
  10. I have a strong suspicion that this thread had a role to play in changing minds of certain stakeholders. I'm excited to see the trajectory Meerendal is going to take now that Patrick has a fresh canvas to go ply his trade on judging by all the excitement he had recently been unleashing on the rest of the network of trails. Well done Tygerberg MTB club for stepping up to the plate when it mattered. This is why the club is such a roaring success.
  11. @BigDL you perfectly sum up what I think we all feel. Cois is a perfect gentleman when ALL the chips are down, and I can only hope to be half the man he is in the midst of this fight if I'm ever faced with his battle. Francois, you are changing lives my friend. Really, I mean that. People are being impacted for the better because of you. It sucks that you are the one having to fight this battle, but you MUST KNOW that you are making a difference. Its not all in vain.
  12. Some spots are generally less safe to ride solo than others, much like anywhere really. I used to ride the Tygerberg trails solo all the time and never had a safety issue. Crashing alone is another story though. Done that, got the scars. If you do come you will find a crowd of willing Hub members who will gladly join you on rides, me included. That way you get shown the bits you might otherwise miss.
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