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Training or Coach needed

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So after 3 years off the bike I restarted cycling with my first ride being the Argus 2011 with no training etc (very last minute).


I have since been training and had a great time for the Knysna Cycle Tour considering my seeding.


Now I would like some sort of a training schedule as right now I just go out and ride.


I tend to do: a 60 - 70 km ride and a 90 - 100 km ride on the weekend and several 55km rides during the week time and weather permitting with Friday (can be more than one day) being a rest day to make sure I am ready for the weekends rides with my club.


Any training programs or coaches per say that are willing to help me out?


I was supposed to get a good base but when riding with a club that doesn't always happen.


This week: + - 55km's sat, 105km's sun, 55km's mon, 55 km's tues 55 km's wed. Yes normally same 55km route as know how long it takes etc. Currently Averaging 800 km's a month but can vary.


Your help or input would be appreciated.


Edit: I'm roughly 21 - 22 years old.

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I am a cycling coach at Totum Sport Science. Email me at maryke.verster87@gmail.com if you are interested!


Hope to hear from you!



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I'm in Potch. But I have a lot of clients in the Cape and I correspond with them via email. So I basically send them their programmes on a monthly basis and follow up with them weekly.

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