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  1. Some solar for you from sunny Ireland. Feedback into the grid so no battery's for now.
  2. You can digitally sign on Adobe with a trusted certificate and it shows if it’s edited afterwards.
  3. Same product but cheaper: https://m.takealot.com/logitech-bluetooth-audio-receiver/PLID34199478
  4. Yes you get them. I think incredible connection should have them. Or any hifi store.
  5. Haha. Probably. Really enjoying it. Better coffee than some coffee shops. Worked out it will pay itself off in 3-4 months.
  6. Same guys from Crown. White vw transporter. If one of the persons had long hair or was a female then its definitely the same people. Glad they got nabbed.
  7. Very sad for them, I hope these buggers get caught.
  8. My running problem is that I can't run around where we live. Currently too much ice on the roads in the morning. Very slippery. Need to try running during my lunch break or straight after work.
  9. The things us saffas are grateful for. Glad you got it back.
  10. Vitamin b injection. Just ask the doc if that would help. Keep moving as it helps recovery.
  11. So, having just moved to Ireland we got a notification from our bank about using apple pay. We now have apple pay and google pay on our phones respectively. It works wonders, never need a card except for when filling up with petrol. Surely the banks in SA have this function or is it still being implemented? I never looked into it when we were in SA.
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