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Selle Italia SLR's - different setup?


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Changed saddle from Selle Italia SLR XP flow to a SI SLR Kit Carbonio flow. The latter has a lower profile.


Getting some ITB issues after raising the seatpost to compensate for the lower profile, maybe too much. Set it down a bit yesterday - and also realised the saddle does not sag as much as the older one. But I don't want to potter around with saddle height for weeks - always tend to "find fault" once I start and never settle.


So do I set it to the same seatpost height (marked that beforehand) as the old saddle or do I set it a bit higher? Or, at this stage of training, do I say stuff it - wait till Dec or April and then put on the new saddle to give myself time to adjust. Already doing hard training for DC and ITB'ing every weekend is not helping.


I am leaning towards going back to the old saddle, since I am also adjusting from hip release treatment (both chiro and muscle release work - old injury). Just to give me one less thing to get used to, since the hip now feels much better and I am wondering whether the different action I may now have, may not be affecting the knee.


Last thing is my cleats are starting to be a bit worn, but I don't think that's a factor - and don't want to change to new ones now and add yet another adjustment factor to the mix.


As another option - I can get the setup double-checked (with the new saddle). Anybody in the northern suburbs/Boland doing Ergofit setups? Going to dr Swart, where I was initially, is just a bit of a mission due to my location, otherwise I'd have gone straight there.

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I'm not a setup guru, but, if you are moving your saddle up, you should move it slightly forward to compensate as well.


Also, the Kit Carbonio Flow does have a narrower profile than the XP Flow. I went from a SI Max Flite Gel Flow to the Kit Carbonio Flow and had to raise my saddle almost 10mm. The "wings" (for want of a better word) also flex less than some of the bigger SI saddles.

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You need to know what your saddle height is (ALWAYS). That way when you make a change like this it'll be a quick job. For now I would recommend popping into your LBS and have a proper setup done. Make not of your saddle height and reach lenght and remember that for future changes.


There's no reason to move your saddle forward when raising it AS A RULE. When having the setup done ask them to explain to you why for and aft. Also remember that saddle adjustments shouldn't be made to compensate for reach.

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I do know (had Ergofit setup done many many moons ago) my seat height, set it to that and now the ITB issues popped up. Was wondering whether the fact that this version SLR flexes less than the other will have an effect - leading to me being "higher" than with the old saddle. Also, the sag over time on the old saddle may have been a factor and I may have gotten used to riding with a too low saddle, even though the height was correct.


But I did find a place in Northern suburbs that does Ergofit - popping in there soon to get them to double-check everything. Had some flexibility changes for sure, esp. after the hip release - and age may have decreased it somewhat. :rolleyes: So I'm actually quite curious to see whether the values will differ - and like you said, why...

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