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  1. Anybody here part of a motorbike or outride club?
  2. I'm not 100% sure of the weight limit, what I do know is it is less when moving. So, yes you can sleep in a rooftop tent and be safe, but you can't have that same weight loaded up while in transit.
  3. As far as I am aware it needs to be separate shipments as well. Everything to build a complete bike in one shipment = a complete bike by import definition.
  4. This disproves your initial statement as what you're saying here is Giant is good value for money and good quality. Something costing R10 can be bad value for money, something costing R1m can be good value for money. It's not the ZAR's that matter, it's the value coupled to those ZAR's that matter. To the OP: Titan is a good brand, you can't go wrong.
  5. I have no hands-on experience with Marvel so can't comment on them. Another option would be a Westfalia rack. I've been using one for over a year now and it's right up there with the mighty Thule. https://positivesportssolutions.co.za/westfalia/ A bonus feature that I like is that it can fold right down for easy storage.
  6. Review here: https://granfondo-cycling.com/treefrog-racks-model-pro-2-bike-rack-test/
  7. Take a look at TreeFrog. https://positivesportssolutions.co.za/treefrog/ I see they have a lefty mount listed.
  8. You're comparing the 2021 WC to the 2022 SL. What is the current SL's price?
  9. I see Scott is teasing a new MTB #FastIsFun. Nino and Kate have posted about the launch this afternoon at 4pm. Can only be a new Spark RC then right? https://www.instagram.com/p/CP3L810HTp0/
  10. I've been switching between these two from Extreme Lights. They've been holding up great, good visibility and lasts long enough. The BackUp looks and feels a bit more premium - not sure if that'll faze you. https://www.extremelights.co.za/collections/bicycle-lights/products/phoenix-usb-rechargeable-rear-bicycle-light https://www.extremelights.co.za/collections/bicycle-lights/products/backup-rear-bicycle-light
  11. "For the Elite Men, Nino Schurter loses the title of national champion as a hard-charging Mathias Flueckiger takes the win today by over one minute." 😵 Nino saving himself for the Olympics?
  12. Only thing I would say is that if you only need 15m, then only get a 15m cable. HDMI doesn't like a long cable unless you go with an Optic Fiber Cable - which is expensive.
  13. Not cheap, and to be fair I've stopped trying our sunnies since I got these, but these are GREAT. https://community.bikehub.co.za/features/_/tech/review-oakley-jawbreaker-sunglasses-r4111
  14. Mercer Hungry Monkey. Handmade steel frame from Cape Town South Africa. Perfect for XC and Trail riding and you'll be supporting a local artisan. And save quite a bit of cash that can be used for an epic adventure.
  15. Also look at Westfalia Bike Racks: https://positivesportssolutions.co.za/westfalia/ And Treefrog suction mounts: https://positivesportssolutions.co.za/treefrog/
  16. By chance spotted this now when I replied to the Helmet wrap thread. Here's a lid Armour Ride and Hasie & The Robots did for Garlicki.
  17. Armour Ride wrap, Hasie & The Robots design on this Leatt for Garlicki. You can also ask Bogus Designs to spray a helmet for you.
  18. Also working on a custom snare with Hasie & The Robots and dD Drums https://www.instagram.com/p/CNeU7ytFo1f
  19. Working on a new EP with some fellow musicians. https://www.instagram.com/p/CMhDdvshOBU/
  20. They closed a long, long, long time ago. Nothing to do with Covid.
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