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Need help with a spinning program


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Hey guys I need your help to set up a spinning bike for trainingCurrently i will be working on a boat so i can cycle; i am very much running fit and want to improve my cycling fitness with what i have available to use.I have never really spinned since i prefer the forest or the outdoors to the gimI am 1.93What distance should my saddle be, say fromThe pedal when it.s in the lowest position up to the saddle_from the centre of the pedals where it go into the frame to the saddleHow far should my saddle be or how far back; measuring it down to the bb(think that's the right word)Anything else i should knowThanks

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Rule of thumb - top of saddle = level with top of hip bone

Tip of saddle = 1 arm length (including outstretched hand) from handlebar (NOT stem)


tweak as desired. Sitting up, you should JUST be able to see your toes when looking down at your feet, when feet are arranged @ 3 & 9.

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