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BActive Suncoast Triathlon 8 Jan - thoughts?


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Hi Guys,


I would like to get some more thoughts on the Suncoast Traithlon from 8 Jan.


I had a pretty good race, although it felt like the effort did not translate into a afster time (Did 2.28).


The late start was frustrating, but I accept that this happens. was interesting that the organisers kept referring to traffic delays, when 5mins prior to the scheduled swim start, the buoys were not in the water. 45 min delays aside.


the swim start was tough, and a struggle in the conditions, but made for an interesting swim! actaully quite iked it. bike route was cool, reasonably marshalled etc, so al good. run was cool, lots of public on the course, but againto be expected.


what did frustrate me was that the proganisers again ran out of water. this happenned at teh Midlands ultra last year and the suncoast in dec 2010. so of the 3 Bactive ebentsd I ahve been 2, all 3 had water shortages. to the organisers creidt they tried to get more water, but it was bottled and flavoured!


but what really frustrated me was seeing them implement a 3.10 cut off for the olympic distance. this seems very short to me! it was heart breaking to see quite a few people have numbers removed and forced off the course.


I dont think I have ever seen an amateur race in SA enforce such a short cutt off. surely 4 hours is fair? if you loook at results from 5150, other events etc, a large portion of teh field take over 3.10.


we wnat to get people into the sport, this was not an elite race and should have been mopre forgiving on time.


again, I think that the same organisers running out of water time and again, is unacceptable.



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