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Orbea headset

Dustbin Dog

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I have an Orbea road bike (maybe pre 2000) with a Modus H511XX headset that needs to be replaced. Are these headsets still available or would I have to fit an intergrated or semi-intergrated headset. The fork has a 1" steerer tube. What work is envolved?


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You have a problem and a holistic approach is needed.


That is a threaded steerer fork with a 1 inch headset - threaded naturally.


These are completely extinct in South Africa and I don't know of a single distributor that still brings in 1 inch threaded headsets.


Further, you may find that your stem will not come out of the fork - test that first before proceeding.


What you have to do is scrounge around the older bike shops and find a new (old) fork with a threadless 1 inch steerer. You also need a new stem. Then, replace the headset with a threadless once inch headset that is still reasonably freely available. Giant brings them in at a very, very reasonable price. Buy two, since that will give you a spare set of bearings, which are also just about extinct.


Then fit the new fork and a new threadless stem. 1 Iinch threadless stems are also very difficult to find and you may have to use a 1 1/8th one with a shim. These are available and some stems are even supplied with that - like PRO for instance.


You can still find threaded headsets overseas, but be prepared to pay up to R1000-00 for a decent one like Ultegra. Should you go this route, take careful not of your availlable stack height on your existing setup and make sure the next headset doesn't stack too high.


BTW, you don't get integrated 1 inch headset and the integrated(ness) is a function of the frame, not an aesthetic choice.


You are after an external headset which is what you'll get by default.

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The threaded part is on the steerer tube on the fork, the part of the fork which goes through the frame. If that has a thread on and a nut holds it all together it is a threaded headset. From the pics above it looks like your set up is a threadless one (from what I can see of the stem). Here the bolts clamping the stem to the steerer hold it all together. If you replace it you will need to knock out the cups from the frame and remove the "race" - the cone part that the bearing runs on - from the fork. You will get new ones with the new headset. It looks like you have two spacers between the headset and stem so stack height should not be a problem. After removing the cups from the frame carefully measure the diameter of the tube where the cup fits. I think that there is more than one standard for this. Chain reaction cycles carries quite a range of headsets so you might get one there but as Johan says - not cheap! weigh it up against a newer second hand frame and fork (less than R1000). To remove the cups take a piece of metal tubing (conduit or curtain rail) about 30cm long. Split it with a hack saw for about 10cm. Prise the ends apart and pull it into the headtube so that the split ends rest on the internal lip of the cup and hammer out. If you don't have a bearing puller for the race use a flat screw driver and some care.

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You are right Chowder, the steerer tube on the fork is not threaded, it has a spider nut on the ID which holds it all together.


Thanks guys for the input, much appreciated. :thumbup:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Located a PRO headset at Mean Machine Cycles in Germiston. Thanks George!!! and Werner my scout :thumbup: We have one very happy lady.

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