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Sani2C team swap


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We have a team entry for the Sani2C Trail from 15th - 17th May. My team mate is quite a bit slower than myself and it appears that the "gap" will not be closed before the event.

Is there anybody with the same predicament?

I don't want to be forced to slow down to much, neither do I want my partner to feel pressurized to perform at my level.


Anybody prepared to swap partners to even out the strengths.


My stats are as follows.

Male, 44 Years old.

77kg, healthy and reasonably fit. I am very comfortable racing 60 -80 km marathons, depending on the terrain complete these races with an average speed of 21 - 23 km/h. I have done one Ultra, The Hilton Dirtfest that I did in 6 hours.

I finished the 94.7 in 3 hours.


My partner is female, 45 Years old. I would estimate her riding at about 20% weaker than mine.

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Pics please :whistling:


Why not just ride it within her limits and enjoy the experience or do you have your heart set on racing it?

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