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  1. Thanks my bru...well Seattle is exactly 4.5 coincidence I think not
  2. Dont want to sound like an idiot here...what are the exact rules regarding riding...something like 10km radius from your house or something like that?
  3. lekkers....mmm regarding full face, my ol tld will have to do. Will just have to take it slow on the sketchy sections then
  4. You can guage someone's character by the way he treats animals. RIP tumbleweed....
  5. Basics chain whip cassette lockring remover Good set of torx keys(dont skimp, you use these alot) Good set of allen keys(dont skimp, you use these alot) Chain measuring device using inch rule to guage wear Wrap around BSA BB tool...parktool's one is the best Cable cutters...note not side cutters Shock pump Quicklink removal tool Chain breaker High volume floor pump Crowbar(green) tyre levers 1L stan's / locktite / lube / brake pads / chains / rim or gorilla tape / race face frame protection tape Valve cores / quicklinks Pliers...different nose types Parktool chain cleaning device Cable outers Cable inners Intermediate Bleeding kit for your brakes Dot / Mineral oil Suspension oil Nylon hammer Suspension servicing kits Headset cup press Advanced Wheel truing stand Spoke wrench Beer fridge Radio playing mix fm
  6. life is too short for that..... you are going have to trust me on this.
  7. 29er, steel, hardtail, short chainstays, relaxed front end, bsa BB.....the best a man can get
  8. rebuilding / servicing one, even sillier and exactly why I got one of these....thusfar, not an issue
  9. And there is your answer OP didnt want to say it...but if you look at presence in the thread as well as their reputation its a no brainer. This is in the unlikely event that your trainer needs a service / fixing / support. My cyclops trainer has been going strong for of years now....not a single issue to date, nice to know that their distributors have my back should I need something though.
  10. Something else to consider is backup, when it comes to laying out the amount of randelas for either pieces of kit. It's all fun and games until it stops working / needs servicing.
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