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Hybrid 26' 18s Patriot Trailblazer Tricycle


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Yes, I bought an adult tricycle. :blush: Please don't laugh too much ;-)


I am a novice rider/trike owner, nervous, unfit and overweight, but determined.


And except for the mods, I mostly have a mountain bike with a third wheel, limited to a front brake.


My darling hubby is a longboarder (the downhill kind) and knows nothing about my new chosen, ahem, sport. (I am still terrified of my trike so there's nothing sporting about it yet!)


So I found a seat wide enough for my ample derrier.

But, I had no idea my hands would be bearing so much of my weight!


I need advice on finding more comfortable handle bars and also tips on how to adjust the trike to my short legs and heftier load. Basically, I need more comfort to ease me into this new world of, well, 3 wheels.


Any advice on how to learn when to change gears for a goofy ungainly and petrified beginner would be most welcome. :P

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Get hold of rad006 on this forum by PM. He rides a tricycle at the big races, 94.7, Amashova, etc.


I'm sure he can help you.

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