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Rico Racing Strava DH Challenge


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Whats up guys, Im gonna be trying out a new format of DH/Trail racing that I thought of the other day riding. Im not sure how many of you guys use or know about the training app Strava. Currently its only available for Iphone,Android and certain Garmin devices. Basically its an app you use when training/riding, it uses GPS to plot what you have ridden. After your ride you can go onto the Strava website and set specific start and stop points on a specific trail, Once a segment is created your time will be automatically be taken if you are riding using the app. You will then be put in a leader board. What I am doing is running a fun event on 2 of my tracks namely Rico's and Comleys. The way it will work will be that the tracks will be open from Monday the 11th June till the Sat the 30th June. It will be R50 to enter, Once you have entered you can do as many runs as you want until the 30th June.


All riding is done in the riders own time and at there own risk,there will not be marshalls or medics or shuttles, just trail and rider.How you get to the top is up to you.


I have already made up the segments and will make the start and finish markers visible.

Its great fun trying to beat your mates. On strava you can follow your friends and see when they beat your time or if you beat theres. Once you upload your finished ride via your device it will be visible on the leader board.


First place will be 2 floating trophies engraved with the quickest time per track and Name.


All bikes are welcome to ride.


What you will need is:

A Strava Supported device

A free Strava account available at www.strava.com

R50 to get involved


I will post further details later


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cool idea Uncle ... pity you need the apps and associated devices to run it

yeah thats the only problem,but im sure they will release it to black berry at some stage
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Cool idea


For Garmin it is not an app, Strava just pulls the info off of your Gramin via a browser plugin. Also GPS on cell phones are not the a great in terms of accuracy, the Gramin units are pretty good, my edge 500 sits at 3m accuracy most of the time.

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