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Chris King BB & Sram XX Crank-set (in)-compatibility


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Hi there fellow Hubbers


Anyone came across this specific issue before?


I have searched the interweb and found some other guys having the same issue as i have.


Chris King BB and SRAM XX crankset compatibility issue.

I have installed the CK BB exactly to spec, and then the crankset as well, using the instructions to a T.


Initially, the BB gives as much drag as to be expected from a CK BB, then later in a month or so, I feel a side to side rock / play.

It feels like it is IN the BB bearing, and that after very precise installation, spacing and torque.


My spacing came out to the following:


No 2.5mm BB cup spacers as I have 73mm BB shell.

Drive side; Used all 4x of the CK provided 1mm spacers, disc ring

Non drive side; Used the provided adapter sleeve for the spindled part to go through the bearing spindle sleeve.


PLEASE, anyone came across the same issue, or even better, a possible solution???


Looking forward to hear from you

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