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  1. Hi Hubbers As I am sure everybody has been doing, I have been keeping an eye on indoor trainer prices, as the cabin fever is getting to me. A week ago, most online retailers had the Wahoo Kickr 4 at R19 999. This week, it is priced at R24 999. That is a 5k jump. I understand the R/$ exchange rate and then some, but in the last month (I take it that stock will be ordered systematically), the exchange rate only changed around 12%, and that is far from the 25% on the trainer price jump. 16th of March 2020 it was R16.63 to 1$ 16th April 2020 it is R18.74 to 1$ Seems excessive. Anyone else noticed?
  2. Hi guys Anyone with a claim experience from Cycle Sure here?
  3. Hi guys. I have trolled this thread, and a question to ask. I am looking to change from outsurance to Cycle Sure. Must say, had a claim on outsurance for a frame and went flawless. Just asking who here had procecced a CLAIM from Cycle Sure? I know all the limitations, excess payments and exclusions, but would like to know how easy the claim process was? Did you have to jump over the moon and through 1000 hoops? Was it many ifs ands and buts? Testing, checking and wanting many explanations? Or was it straight forward as supposed to be and made to sound? Hope to hear from someone who had a claim with cycle Sure. Cherio
  4. Looks nice, but sure once the shock pressures are tuned in they are tuned in, and you can dot them down and top up to that. Don't quite understand how this will be something fitted permanently on a bike...
  5. Hi guys I fitted this to my Ninrt RKT http://www.invisiframe.co.uk 4hr job, but >80% of the frame covered and protected. Will do it again as it gives a lot of peace of mind on these expensive carbon beauties. Have fun
  6. Hi there Could also be a worn out "stretched" chain, or worn out cogs. Make sure both chain and cog are new when fitting. Slack chain also "jumps". Chainline is SUPER important, so get it 100% aligned. 8/9 speed chain is all you need. Hope you get this sorted, as it can be soooooo irritating. Happy hoopin
  7. Try the fugly TEST saddles first that Fizik offers. I like Ailante the most for MTB. Test as many as you can before forking out that much for a saddle. Cheers
  8. It's been done many times before. Just set your chain tension at the ovals's highest point. Hav fun riding SS
  9. Crank spacing is incorrect, so the crank "binds" on the bearings. Remove some spacers and tighten to spec. Check for play, Ad / remove (depending if it still binds or there is play) some spacers and tighten to torque spec. Repeat until no play between crank en BB bearings
  10. Hi ASG Maybe a Regale Racing Protek saddle, wide and black? Thx
  11. Hi there Have a look at this bike... https://www.bikehub.co.za/classifieds/208313-dual-suspension-bikes/ Let me know
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