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Another brake question


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I upgraded my brakes today to a nice new set of SLX units thanks to TheV's great prices :-) The back brake started gripping like a demon after a couple of pulls but the front one feels a bit spongy and I have to apply quite a bit of pressure to slow me down. Do pads normally have to wear in over time or should they be good to go from day one?

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If the brake lever feels hard when applied but the brake does not stop "sharp" then it probably needs to be bedded in, this is common with most new brake pads / discs.


The above can be fixed by doing a some firm braking almost to a complete stop from a highish speed (without locking the wheel), repeat this untill the brake action is sharp, usualy takes +/-10 of the above.


If the brake lever still feels spongy or not hard when applied then it is most likely air in the system and needs to be bled out.

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