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Interesting Read on Bike stiffness and alu vs carbon...

Iwan Kemp

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Have a read on Santa Cruz's webiste Blog. Some interesting posts by Joe on stiffness, geometry, axle path and couple of other technical matters.




Thanks! Makes for some interesting reading following our discussion yesterday. Liked that Axle to Crown was highlighted as very few consumers are aware of it's impact and even fewer manufacturers ever mention it.


The "axle-crown" heights on forks make a huge difference to how the bike handles. A huge difference. Huge and big.


Depending on the model, you can choose forks and headset configurations that can change the height of your headtube by 50mm or more. That's almost 2 inches, and it's the biggest factor that you should consider when building your new bike. We spend a lot of time tweaking the bikes so they work well for a certain use, and we pick forks to match the bike we've designed. The fork you choose changes almost every number for your bike on our geometry chart. Changing the fork travel changes the bike's effective top tube length, not to mention the bottom bracket height, seat tube angle, head tube angle, and chainstay length. With fork travel increasing by about an inch per year, the new single pivots really needed a complete frame overhaul to dial everything in for the latest travel in lightweight forks.

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